Sunday, May 16, 2010

Parasol & Silhouettes at Art Event

Parasol, Silhouettes, Mannequins... fun classes taught by amazing teachers.
Sweet Tiffany beginning the instruction for her Silhouette Class which was the third art class of the day.
A cute example of one of the finished projects. I'm sorry to say I don't know who did this adorable creation as we went around ohhhhing & awing each others work.
I do know that this is Jody's amazing silhouette next to Rosayln Sue's manni because I borrowed this photo from the amazing event photographer who was none other than the same Tiffany. See she is talented in soooooooooo many areas. Thanks for the photo loan Tiffany!
This was one of the example parasols done by our teacher & the Amazing Event Hostess Jennifer Hayslip. I love that she used a vintage linen dresser scarf with the belle in her petticoats for this. For the Vendor night I wore a jacket made from vintage linens which had a Belle on it too.
I borrowed this photo too & I think it is Amada's silhouette. I had to borrow it because I wanted to showcase her parasol next. I was just blown away by the talent of this sweetie. She sat at the table directly behind me so I kept having a chance to watch & photograph her artistic progress through out the day.
Here she is with her parasol. Isn't she a doll herself? Just had the sweetest soul & TALENTED BEYOND IMAGINATION! Her finished parasol! I love the fabric she chose don't you?
My friend Sylvia's parasol. Hope you go & visit her. She is new to blogging & home recovering from some surgery. So, I KNOW she would love a visit from you.
And Shelly's bright red white & black parasol was so different from any of the others. Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see the lady with the red feathered hat (lower right corner) & the vintage glove she added to give her creation Pazazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Good job Shelly.
And this is Cathy Scallise's parasol. Such pretty soothing pink & green colors. My parasol is not completed yet but, the fabric & trim is the same as Cathy's because we both borrowed from Jenn. I had so carefully packed my things to use on my parasol. I chose pink & green & had lots of buttons, vintage crocheted trim, lace, vintage gloves, earrings etc... all packed to go. Laying in bed the night before my flight I couldn't sleep & decided I would change my mind & do my parasol in black & white thinking that it would work better for a jewelry display at an upcoming show. I unpacked all the pink & green/packed black & white.... While visiting the Juliet Lowe Home on Friday, I even bought black lace gloves to use instead of my vintage tea colored gloves. Then the day of the Art Event I packed all my supplies into my tote bag. Well, I thought I did... When we got ready to pull out the supplies for the parasol class... I had left my fabric in my suitcase back at the hotel. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so, sweet Jenn loaned me supplies & I ended up with a PINK & GREEN Parasol after all!
My sweet roommate Heidi hard at work on her parasol. Love the vintage soft colors she chose.
Remember in the last post I told you about the amazing Halloween Loving Kris Hurst? Well here's her parasol. Are you surprised that the COVEN is present here? She promises these vintage witches to be on her new Halloween CD in the fall. I can't wait Kris!
Hope you enjoyed another view of some of the projects & fun at the Art part of Petticoats & Parasols Art Event. Thank you to all the teacher for wonderful classes. And for the amazing art work created by so many talented friends. For those of you who loaned photos... Thank you again.


Jan said...

I'll bet this was a class you'll always remember. Just beautiful!

Honey Lamb and I said...

What a great pic of Amada! I love looking back at the event because I forgot/didn't see some of them! You did a great job getting pics.


Charlene, thank you for sharing these photos from your retreat. I love the amazing variety of creations. It is so fun that a group can attend the same class and all come out with very personalized treasures! Have a lovely week! ~ Angela

Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Dear Charlene

Wow, what a wonderful time you must have had...and all the talent! I am so amazed of all the talent out there! I must admit that ever since I started blogging I became aware of all the talent people have.....isn't it amazing!? I love your pin and green parasol, it is gorgeous! What a lovely post...!

Debby said...

I never tire of see the gorgeous photos from this event. Those parasols are all amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

How great are these!! I love them both! I am so glad you had a great time on your trip♥
Hugs, Lisa

chicroses said...

I know Ive been here to visit before but never found you here I the umbrellas..what a neat idea.. Sorry about your little is tough to loose them...our Hank died last year and we still suffer his death. Just stopped by to say Hi...sally

Linda said...

More wonderful projects!! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Oh, my! What fun you had! LOVE all those photos...and the silhouette pieces...dreamy! I keep wanting to play with silhouettes...great inspiration!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Paula said...

Wow Charlene...that looks like so much fun! Love all the parasols!
I'm loving your new blog look too:)
very pretty!

Karen said...

VERY FUN! Love all the pictures. I loved all three of our classes . . . I was wondering what I would do with my parasol when I finished it ~ and I am thrilled that it looks wonderful up in my studio. Not finished yet ~ but HEY! Rome wasn't built in a day! But I did finish up my other two projects over the weekend! YAY!

I had such a fun time at this retreat . . . but it was over waaaayyyyyyy too soon.
Have a great week! Karen

Riki Schumacher said...

Well how fun is this? Looks like you ladies had a blast creating sweet parasols. Good for you Charlene! Love them. Hugs, Riki

stefanie said...

all the parasols turned out sooooo gorgeous!!!

DeeDee said...

OY! so many lovely things for my eyes to see...looks like a simply fabuloous time indeed...thanks for sharing your fun times...and new friends...and special moments.I love this kind of crafting..

diane said...

What beautiful work! Thanks for sharing Charlene =)

Carol Mae said...

What lovely parasol's I would not have a clue how to make one. But I sure would love to someday. Have a wonderful day, Carol Mae

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene,
You are SO SWEET to say such nice things about me. I loved meeting you. Isn't that the best thing about these kinds of events. I am afraid I may be hooked :0
I am enjoying all the new blogs too. Stay in touch sweetie

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