Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me !

These boots were made for walkin... Well, that's what the song said. I had read a post on my friend Deryn's blog a few weeks after ADORN ME & she was telling how she had fallen in love with not ONE pair of Cow Girl Boots but, TWO! And how she bought them both(& I just read she found a vintage pair so that's THREE). I LOVED the Teal colored ones she got & sent her an email/comment on her blog that I wanted new boots too. Not long after that Hubby & I were down in Brenham, TX & while browsing in a cute little Western/Design Shop I spotted a pair of boots that I totally fell in LOVE with. They had a HEART & WINGS! And I love both of those things so this was a total meant to be!
But, they didn't have my size (yes, size HUGE). The person helping us found out that the boot was made in my size & that a store in the Stockyards in Ft Worth had a pair.
When I got up this morning..... I HAD A PAIR!!!!!!
What do you think Deryn? And of all things, I MIGHT be going to College Station to take a Resin Class with Deryn this weekend. Want to guess what I'm wearing? And won't they be grand for Paper CowGirls Art Event in June (check 2 posts back for information on that if you don't know about this fun Texas Event). And the boots were just a surprise gift... Look below for the BIG GIFT! I'm fainting & screaming with happiness!!!!!!!!
This gift is THE ONE that I had on my list for #1 most wanted thing for my Birthday.
As anyone who knows me well KNOWS I LOVE MERMAIDS! I always have but, after falling in love with the Central Coast of California last year this has become an obsession! And when I saw the Artistic Affaire LeSirenstalked about on Kim Caldwell's beautiful blog I wanted to go so badly. But, I had just returned from Petticoats & Parasols in Savannah & didn't think I could ask to go to LA, California & another expensive but Soul Inspiring Art Event. When sweet Hubby asked "what do you want for your birthday" I sheepishly replied "truth" & he said "Of course" to which I said "to go to LeSirens Art Event" I had to explain that one but, once he got past the name He said "OK" SOLD! The next day I went to Kim's site & signed up. By the way, she is closing registration this week & there are only two spots left so if you are interested in joining me hurry over. Once again, I can't believe I am blessed enough to be able to go & I am simply OVER THE MOON WITH EXCITEMENT!
Sweet Christine from Dollybelles (you met her in my posts from Savannah) is hosting a Mermaid Necklace Swap that I am so excited about. We are to make 7 ribbon flowers & send those plus some bits & bobbles (mermaid based of course) we have & she will combine six different swap partners items together & create a ONE OF A KIND necklace for each of us! THANK YOU SWEET CHRISTINE!
And then there is this adorable button to add to my side bar because Joy & her roommate Terri are hosting a cocktail party in their room which sounds ever so FUN! Mermaid Martini's oh I can't wait!!!!! I love the art work & think I need a shirt with this on it.
Now, I want to share a couple of cute things I had found about aging... all in the fun of this birthday you have to look at things in the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE! Hope you get a chuckle out of these as I sure did.
1. You believe in Santa Claus.
2. You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3. You ARE Santa Claus (in my case Mrs. Claus).
4. You look like Santa Claus (again... Mrs. Claus).
At age 4 success is... having dry pants.
At age 12 success is... having friends.
At age 17 success is... having a drivers license.
At age 35 success is... having money.
At age 50 success is... having money.
At age 70 success is...having a driver's license.
At age 75 success is... having friends.
At age 80 success is... having dry pants.
Since we are taking care of Hubby's 87 year old Dad with Alzheimer's I KNOW how very true this last one is. It is funny when you read it but, oh so very true & sad. So, since I am pondering my age today & reflecting on how wonderful my life is & so very full of blessing... I just want to say THANK YOU to my precious Husband for the gifts he gives me every day. For his love, his laughter, his kind & giving generous heart. And to each of you my friends that share my loves, life, interests, & adventures. I look forward to another year of sharing fun & ideas with each of you.


Jan said...

Great new cow-girl boots!! How sweet of your hubby!

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Birthday, Charlene!! I love, love, love your new boots. I'd love a pair for myself!! And I am so excited that you get to make the trip to the art event. You really have so many fun and creative interests! I totally enjoyed your list of the stages of life...So funny!!

Celebrate, my friend! :-)


A Vintage Chic said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Oh, my! I'm so JEALOUS of your boots! Those babies are gorgeous!!!

What a wonderful hubby you have! So glad you get to go to Les Sirenes, too--can't wait to see what you learn & create there!

Hope your birthday is filled with the most beautiful surprises, Charelene!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh Charlene ! Girl I am so excited for you being able to go to that event !! I cannot believe how many amazing things you get to go to ~ Maybe if I stand really close to you then some of it will rub off on me :)
I am dying to hear all about it when you get back because you know my heart misses being there so very much !
I love your boots !! They are awesome !

Nan said...

Dear Charlene I'm so excited for you Happy Birthday and I know you will get so much out of the Mermaid workshop. Please keep us posted with photos and what you make.
Have a great trip.
Hugs Nan

Diana said...

Wow those are fantastic boots!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Charlene!!! Your hubby certainly showered you with gifts....lucky girl. Give yourself a big birthday hug for me.

Linda said...

Love the boots, Charlene~ Happy Birthday!!

Really Rainey said...

First off Happy Birthday Gurl!
Second those are the MOST amazing pair of boots I have ever seen! Now I gotta see a photo of you wearing em!
Have fun on your CA trip! Take lots of photos Hon!


Diane said...

Charlene....I absolutely love them! I want a pair! So, you stopped at the Brenham Saddle Shop, or one of the shops in town!
Happy Birthday my sweet friend! I can hardly wait to see you .... in 2 days????
Yipeeee......We need to talk =)

Honey Lamb and I said...

Ok LUUUUV the boots!!!! Always awesome to find fun boots!! Happy birthday girl! Finally, I am so jealous of you getting to go to the Mermaid event!!! Post lots of pictures! I want to see everything you do and make!!! ~Shelley

The French Bear said...

Charlene, I love the boots, they are sooo you!!!!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Great presents, both of them!
You are so blessed to have such adventures!!!!
What fabulous gifts, oh my, you will so filled with creativeness after all those classes and meeting other artists!!!!
Keep us posted!
Margaret B

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Congrats on the great pair of boots. I know you will love them!! They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!
Also am glad you are going on another fabulous venture. That I know you will enjoy too and can't wait to hear all the details.
What wonderful birthday presents, you must have been a GOOD GIRL this year. Happy Birthday girlfriend. Wishing that all your dreams come to pass. And if you stay good I think they will. LOL
Hugs, Pat

Riki Schumacher said...

Hey Charlene, happy birthday wishes my friend!! LOVE the boots, you lucky dog. You can kick up some dust with those, paint the town...do it all. Deryn, eat your heart out! Ha ha. You are a follower on my blog, giftcottage, right? And it looks like your followers button is working great. If you want to see who's on there, you can click it, or go to your dashboard and look. Just click on followers in there.

Yes, we lost some soul mates with our little furry friends, didn't we. The pain will never all go away, but you're right, its getting better everyday. Take care, miss you. Riki xoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlene. Your boots are fantastic.

I am so glad you are getting to go to Les Sirens! My friend Holly is teaching there. You will have so much fun. I am sending press kits to this event.

I am catching up on my Blog visiting since I am still stuck indoors recovering from pneumonia in both lungs. I am on the mend though. I have missed you!


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got the gift you wanted, because then I'll get to see you in CA!!!

Monica@The White Bench said...

This post is SUPER!!! Happy birthday dear Charlene, from sweet Kim (sending puppy kisses) and me (sending hugs)!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I love love these boots...when you mentioned Brenham of course my eyes got bigger since that is where I live. lol
Happy Birthday to you and I hope you have many more happy ones like this one.
Loved your post

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday to you! I would love to see a picture of you in those boots- I imagine a really neat skirt with them- they are darling!

Denise said...

LOVE those new boots! sounds like you had a perfect birthday!

once in a blue moon... said...

yee~haw happy bday!

Cathy said...



xo Cathy

p.s. I'm really diggin those gorgeous cowgirl boots!


vintagesusie & wings said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!!!!! I am now going to sing to you my favorite birthday song from Sheriff John!
Put another candle on your birthday cake, your birthday cake, your birthday cake. Put another candle on your birthday cake, your another year old today. Happy Birthday to you! Your another year old today, hooray!!!
I ADORE & COVET your boots, wings & hearts...I gotta have some!!! Have a wonderful time at your Art Class too, what a lucky little birthday girl. Your hubby is amazing!
Smiles & a Birthday Hug & a pinch to grow an inch...

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh my Charlene ! I am sorry I am late wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY but I can see it was a VERY happy one !!!
There isn't much bettah than a sweet pair of cowboy(girl) boots, other than going to Mermaid event that is.
I have a cousin or two that live in College Station.

Violet said...

Between you and Deryn I am really thinking I need to become a cowgirl. Boot envy!!!

Happy Birthday Charlene!
~ Violet

basia said...

Great boots charlene! Who makes them?

Lynn said...

Hey belated Happy Birthday! Love those boots! Always too hot here to wear boots, for me at least. Hey take a pic of you in the boots! Your hubby is a very generous, loving guy, but then he has you so makes sense.

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Happy belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a great one. I want your frequent trip miles. You are always on a new adventure.

DeeDee said...

WOW!...you classy lady...I love those boots...Happy Belated Birthday.....hope you had a wondeful day....

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Gotta love those new gorgeous boots! Boy do we have the same style. I would have FLIPPED for them too! Just scrumptious!! Are you bringing them to California? I know... not very mermaid-y but still... they are adorable and a must-see for all of us!

So happy you'll be joining us at Les Sirenes. What a darling hubby you have.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Girl, those boots are

Love those!


Charlene! Happy Birthday to you!! Those really are the most fabulous boots I have ever seen! Can't wait to see 'em in person at Paper Cowgirl!!! And your upcoming West Coast adventure sounds divine! You oughtta have those boots good and broken in by then! See ya soon! ~ Angela

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