Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leftovers Antiques Brenham TX

What did I do this weekend????? I went with Hubby to Houston. Originally I was going to go down & take Deryn's Resin Class with my buddy Diane Cook. But, in packing the supplies I thought "WHY are you taking another resin class you've taken THREE"(well learned to work with resin in three different classes with three different teachers). But, in talking to Diane she said "come on down anyway because I've got the guest room all ready for you". And then she suggested we (Hubby & I) go with her sweety to shop for RVs. We have been looking for one & since they have one... there was LOTS of "nuts & bolts" the guys needed to discuss. The picture above is a shot of the outside of the one we have chosen. See that outdoor kitchen? I think Hubby will be "Grill Daddy" even on vacation. Hmmmmmmm I'm seeing us parked along the central coast of California, Oregon & Washington staying cool during the summer while it is so HOT here! Do ya see it happening?
And this is the inside. Now, all we have to do is get the offer accepted (they were off by a bit more than Hubby is willing to pay). And if we can't get them to come off their price the hunt is on to find one at another location. We looked at probably 50 or more different RVs & let my aching legs & feet tell you that is a lot of climbing stairs IN & OUT. And Houston was HOT & HUMID! But, we had a wonderful time. Thank you to Diane & her Sweet Hubby for their hospitality. OH MY HER HUBBY IS QUIET THE COOK FOR BREAKFAST! Two days of huge breakfast & then lots of eating out for lunch & dinner I can tell you I didn't work off any pounds tromping through trailer lots but, I did have a blast!
After we left their house late Sunday morning we headed to Brenham, TX to go back to a shop we saw a few weeks ago. LeftOvers Antiques is amazing (click on the name to visit their site)! Diane showed it to us when we were down there for our class (HERE & HERE) & I know Theresa also did a post a week or so ago so be sure to visit her & see more. The photo above & below shows the entrance into this HUGE store which is full of treasures & wonderful displays. I hope you enjoy the tour.
As you walk into the entry that beautiful vignette with the bed is on the right & you can see how deep the isle goes into the next room.
To the left is there kitchen. It is a working kitchen (so it wasn't staged for a photo shoot meaning... please disregard the box, coffee pot etc) yet, has been decorated with such CHARM! I LOVE all the vintage plates & tableware in these amazing cabinets. Click on the photo to enlarge it to really see how wonderful these are.
Here's another shot to enlarge & see all the details. Isn't that light fixture great?
And this room shows different beds dressed in a few of their wonderful lines of specialty bed linens. They have an entire department for this so check out the website. I loved the bed in the middle. The blue & brown comforter & pillows were wonderful!
And oh so LOVED this white linen set.
See all the pleats & ruffles. All soft WHITE LINEN! Love it but, not practical in my ALL BOY WORLD!
Loved this linen slip cover on this chair. Click to enlarge & see the details!
This wonderful shelf runs alllllllllllllllllll the way across one LONG wall & is covered in amazing goodies! I wish you could see the detail on these items. Some great cake stands & brown transfer ware.
This is a shot going into the opposite side of the store. This area has more rustic things. See the BIG canoe in the corner? It is tipped on end & shelves have been added to make this a display unit. To give you proportions... that chest on the very left side of the photo - the top hits me at about mid shoulder. AND I AM six foot tall. Now do the math on that canoe all the way across the room. I would guess no less than 20 feet tall.
And a bike hanging from the ceiling with that wonderful rock fireplace in the background.
I thought this little guy was a hoot. You know my feelings about stuffed animals from the previous post but, he was soooooooooooo cute & they had a pair of glass perched on his nose. Better than a huge buffalo staring off the wall at you................................
And this vintage bar had all sorts of old goodies. For those of you who know me well know that my Hubby LOVES Jack Daniels & has quiet a collection of things. This bookend set was unusual & is in the "to be considered" category. It is white limestone carved with Jack's bust in one side. A nice accent to his collection don't you think? Go HERE to see his goodies.
Speaking of Hubby... Here he is petting Gracie. She is the stores Mascot. What a sweetie she is for sure. Since loosing our sweet Sheltie in February we pet every fur baby we can & Hubby was loving sweet Gracie. I tried to take Gracie's photo with Pat (the manager of the store) whom I really enjoyed talking with.
I hope you enjoyed my post with all sorts of things. Sorry it is a bit long but, it's been over a week & I had a lot to share. Next post I hope to show you the treasures I have been buying over the last couple of weeks. Have a great week. HUGS!


Honey Lamb and I said...

Looks like you had a ball! Yes going in and out of all those trailers is exhausting. How fun though?!!? The thought of cruising to the coast or to the mountains sounds so fun! Love all the pretties you shared with us too. Love the big ole doggie!! Looks like you are having a fun summer!!! ~Shelley

Diane said...

Oh, you sweetie! I wish I could have seen you climbing in & out of those RVs but I am so glad I wasn't there~I know how hot it was. I had the best time pourin' resin though. Yes, my Cook is quite the cook. You think his breakfast is good, well...let me tell you about the rest of the meals =)
Leftovers....ahhhh! LOVE it, love IT, LOVE IT! I want to see your goodies.....


Charlene! Gee - looks like the best kind of weekend! Love the trailer! And Leftovers looks like such a wonderful place to totally get lost in shopping! Looking forward to seeing you real soon! ~ Angela

bunny said...

busy busy woman! RV's, antiques, hubby and Jack...makes for a whirlwind weekend.

Gonna RV through California?


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad you went to Leftovers, I love this store, but I did show photos of the inside, there were 4 of them? I can't wait to go back and check it out. Thanks for the mention, Theresa

Blondie's Journal said...

Did you have fun or what?? I envy you, I always wanted to travel the country in an R.V. Of course, hubs would never let me do the driving!! lol! She is a beauty. I hope your deal goes off without a hitch ;-D

The antique shop is very cool. I fell in love with the bed made up in white linens and ruffles. That is me all the way!

Have a great week, Charlene!!


Anonymous said...

Love the RV...we will just let you buy it and come for a visit!! Also, love the pics of the place in Brenham.
Jo Ann

Cathy said...


You are having one hec of a time traveling around with hubby. And these amazing shopping spots. I'm really enjoying visiting along with you on your blog.

The RV is 2DIE4. I hope you get it. You will have such a blast driving around the U.S. You'll have to come to visit me and we can all go to Brimfield.

You need to focus on our mermaid event really soon my sweet. Let's get the glue and glitter out honey bunch! Can't wait to see you.

xo Cath

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, that RV is like a mansion on wheels! Hope you get it at the right price.

LOVE the Leftovers pics!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

What an RV. Man, you could get lost in there. Thanks for sharing you trip with us. Some great pics, so glad you had a good time.
See you soon, I hope.
Hugs, Pat

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kindness. I love this trailer/RV hope you get a real good deal on it. :D

Linda said...

Hi Charlene~ hope the RV deal works out for you~ it looks like a lot of fun! That shop looked like a lot of fun, too!

Riki Schumacher said...

Girl, you guys get that RV, hook up Diane and her honey, and c'mon to CA and WA! Let's let the boys grill & cook and we girls PLAY and shop! What do you say? Hugs, Riki

Lori said...

that RV looks amazing...i hope they accept your offer...how fun to cruise around in one...maybe when i retire...i would love to come out west and drive around to see the sights...that antique shop looks wonderful, thanks for giving me the tour:)

Anonymous said...

Where to I start with this post. Oh My Goodness. The RV is bigger than my first apartment. TeeHee!
That shop is amazing! I would totally go nuts there. I would need that RV to haul all the booty back home.
Thanks for stopping by and congratulating me.It means so much. I so enjoyed meeting you in Savannah. I want to go to another event soon!

Dayle Allen Shockley said...

As one who lives here, Houston stays hot and humid until about December, or so. :(

Love that RV. We've been avid campers for many years now. It's the way to travel. Hope it works out for you.

DeeDee said...

Wow...looks like a fbulous week indeed...love that get away trailer too...nice...

I stop for all furbabies...love them...

I am about to try resins on my own...wish me luck k...hehehe!

thanks for sharing your funtimes Charlene..I will be waiting for the treasures

June said...

Oh my Charlene what an amazing shop this is!!! I'm sure I would be in Heaven in there. As I would in that RV you have chosen. We have a small one, and leave tomorrow to take it out to a family reunion. I love having it to see and stay places that we might not otherwise see.
Oh yes, I can see you escaping the heat and going to a cooler climate in this little treasure.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
eeekk so much eye candy.
looks like you had a great time.
i love your trailer. so fab, doesn't even feel like "camping" tee hee.
cant wait to meet you too.

vintagesusie & wings said...

OK girls..it sounds like you 4 had toooo much fun!!! I love RVing...your new one looks fantastic, my hubby would LOVE it!
Right now we RV in a little ole vintage '58 Pathfinder trailer. It's cute & quint but I think we'll need an air conditioner before we come to Texas in Sept. I hope I see you then friend!

Tarnished and Tarnished said...

It looks amazing! I think we would be quite comfy for RT! Hope you can make a deal. I've had Leftovers on my to do list for awhile, thanks for the great tour. Lisa

Violet said...

Hi Charlene! What a great time you have been having! When you take off on your trip, be sure to go to my favorite Oregon Coast town, Cannon Beach. Wonderful beaches, great shops, and beautiful flowers. And cafes. And lots of dogs about! We take ours there and enjoy the beauty almost every summer.
~ Violet

Violet said...

Hi Charlene,
Loved your comments! You have Blue Danube china too!!! I also like dishes and china and have several that I use... mostly the plainer white or cream. But years and years ago I bought some B.D. because my mother-in-law had some and I loved hers. Since then I have inherited all of hers, and she had many serving pieces. Then last year I was GIVEN many more pieces that someone found at an estate sale, including that tea pot. The pieces are quite pricey if you can find any now, so hang on to yours that are in storage!!! I need to use mine more often. For the family Christmas dinner, and Thanksgiving... I often don't want to use blue though... But how pretty it is on a white tablecloth.

This is too long, I probably should have emailed you!!!
~ Violet

Denise said...

I'll be in Houston the end of July, I need to see how far it is and visit that wonderful shop. It looks amazing. I would take that pretty trailer and head for the mountains! It's beyond humid here too! Miserable!

Karen said...

A FELLOW RVer! Welcome! We love our coach - we've always had one RV or another. Started with a tent trailer and never looked back.
And us yeah - the coast sounds good during the summer months - make sure you make your reservations VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!!

I am soooo lovin' that antique store. It looks like I could cause a lot of damage in there . . . to my credit card that is.

Have a great weekend! Karen :)

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Hi Charlene!

We visited Leftover's beautiful store last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it! Then, in November, I had the pleasure of meeting the guys, they are absolutely charmiing!

Thank you for visiting my page so I could find your lovely blog! We have two locations in Canton, one in the Arbors and a permanent storefront on Hwy 19. Both locations are only open during First Monday. I hope to get to meet you in person one day, be sure to let us know and introduce yourself!

Enjoy your Sunday!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Btw, I love your photo of Gracie, she was one of my favorite things in the shop! And, your tribute to your sweet lil Reba made me cry. But, she's not gone, she's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.

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