Friday, July 9, 2010

Some More Paper Cowgirls Fun

I hope you aren't sick of posts from Paper Cowgirls! Since all of Hubby's Health Issues (see July 8 post if you don't know) I have been sooooooooooooooo far behind on everything. So, please humor me & let me share the classes I took or in the case of these first few... I helped my good friend Lisa of the amazing blog Tarnished & Tattered with her class (her first time to teach & I was so very proud of her). The photo I really wanted to share of Lisa's amazing class project display (which lucky Jodie got to buy that gorgeous frame) is loading side ways in Blogger (who knows????) even when it's not side ways in my photos. So here is a close up look of Lisa's THREE tags that she taught in this class. Each one is a little piece of wonder all in it's self. Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the tags better.
This is a shot of part of her display. Amazing old sheet music & a vintage suitcase full of lace for the students to use while creating.
And this is what the students place setting looked like. At each place was an amazing pocket containing class instructions & images. An adorable notebook, pencil, ink, a little bunch of fresh herbs tied together with a little string (you should have seen the carpet in the hotel room where we all gathered to visit while she created these... what a mess but, it sure smelled good) & last but not least... in the top corner of this photo you see the candy bar she made for each person covered in the cutest western image. Isn't she just too clever?
A little mosaic of a few of the class kits. EACH ONE UNIQUE! And she hand made each one. If you go HERE she does a tutorial on how to make these amazing creations.
A close up of the notebook created for each student to jot down tips & ideas in.
Here are a few of the different completed projects by some of the students in class. The one at the top left is one of my favorites. I can't remember the artists name but, this is a photo of her Dad when he was in the Navy. And the sheet music she used to place under the transfer was titled A Sailor's Song. LOVE IT!!!!!
Here is another favorite of mine. I THINK the artist was my friend Cathi Bruhn (who was so much help to me in my Digi Girl Class later the next day). I ADORE the photo of the little boy on the pony. Again, I believe I remember her saying this was a family photo also. Cowboy UP! Great job Cathi.
And here are the two beauties created by my sweet friend Pat of My Tattered Elegance. I LOVE how they both turned out.
And sweet Keely did an amazing job on her project too! Well, darn it... I had a photo of my friend Anne's treasures & project but, in trying to load these (too late) last night & my hubby coming in to bug me about "is it time to go to bed yet"... I guess I didn't get it loaded. Sorry sweet Anne of Fiona & Twig it was beautiful (maybe I'll do just a teaser post with it one day).
On to my class with Laverne Johnson. Here she is getting ready for class. What fun we had. We did a pocket book project in her class. Did I finish????? NO!!!!!!!! Of course not. But, it was a fun class & maybe while Hubby is recovering I'll get it finished. Below is a collage of some class shots. The top left being the teachers finished book.
The bright yellow seed sacks were cut to be used as place mats at each table. And then Laverne stitched each of us an adorable bag to be used & to hold our class supplies & notes. CLEVER GIRL & she must feed LOTS OF BIRDS at her house. Love that up cycle idea. And in that bag was a zip lock bag of the best Texas Trash (yummy snack of pretzels, nuts, M&M's all covered in melted white chocolate). She shared the recipe with us in an email after class. I'll ask her if I can pass it along to you.
That sweet smiling face is none other than Mendy Mitrani that taught the MUCH NEEDED Digi Girl Class. What a patient, kind, BRAVE girl she was to take 19 of us computer illiterates & put us in a class to teach us Photoshop Elements. To say she had her hands full was an understatement. But, she was amazing!!!! Thank you Mendy!
Hard at work! Yep the photo below is me working on the post card (photo below) & banner that I designed in class. You can see the banner HERE.
Using a few skills learned in Mendy's class this cute post card was created with out very much hair loss (from pulling it out of my head since Photoshop Elements still frustrates the bejebbers out of me).
Thank you for letting me share a few more shots & fun at Paper Cowgirls. Thank you Cindy for putting together such a fun creative time for us to get together & craft. As well as make & meet some wonderful friends. Have a great weekend. HUGS!


Cindy said...

Charlene, this event looks like it was SO much fun!!! Your pape Cowgirls are amazing...I'd love to join in on a workshop like this - nothing better than some vintage lace, old photos and papers!!! And that digital class is exactly the thing I need too... lucky lady to be at these workshops!

Honey Lamb and I said...

Love it all! Really am jealous of the digi class and so want to learn to do that!!! I am drooling over the box of laces you have there too! So glad you had fun and hope to meet you there next year for sure. Maybe you guys will have your fabulous RV by then and we can camp in it!!! lol! So tell your man to get better so we can camp and craft!!! :) ~SHelley O.

Karen Valentine said...

It looks like you had such a wonderful time!!! I'm seriously going to try to go to next years event! I can't have all my friends having all that fun without me!!!

Lisa said...

What fun! How great you could take a class on Photo Shop!
Hugs, Lisa

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh keep 'em comin' Charlene! I love reading about the Cowgirls! It just looks like such an amazing FUN time! I realy do hope to go one day. :)
See you very soon!!

Anonymous said...


Diane said...

Oh, looking at all these pictures made me want to be right there with you Charlene! Lisa's class goodies look amazing, to say the least! Wow!
You really look happy in Mendy's class...yes, PSE CAN be ALOT of FUN! Trust me!

mendytexas said...

LOVE your sweet post Charlene!! I finally got over here...WOW!! Your pics are superb. Now that you started photoshop, you can do that awesome layering technique with your hands and on the computer! I love doing both. Can't wait to see what you are working on next. Keep in touch my friend! HUGS! Mendy said...

I'd love to learn how to do those transfers, they are really nice!

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Love all the postings for Paper Cowgirls. It looks like everyone had a great weekend. So sorry to hear your husband has been sick.
Miss you,

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh Charlene...
Your Paper Cowgirl Event looks absolutely MARVELOUS!!!!
So many wonderful projects to learn & with soooo many fun friends, I know you had a blast!
Please know dear friend, my thoughts & prayers are with you & your sweet hubby through all of his upcoming tests & eventual surgery.
He is right, you should go to your birthday classes & really enjoy yourself, because recovery is a slow & gradual process. Just like with my Daddy...a little better everyday makes alot better at the end.
Stay strong friend & remember we all love you & are holding your hand. {& we've got your back if that's needed too!}
Smiles Sweetie & Hugs to Hubby,

cindy said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time, (your banner turned out way cute too! I wish I could have taken several of the classes, LOL, that's the downside to being the organizer!). Enjoyed chatting and getting to know ya better too!


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh I wish I was there!! What fun classes you took. I am so envious. Love the photo transfers, lace and cabinet cards, so much fun. And seeing you on the computer in class, very cool! You go girl. Proud of you. My best to you and hubby! hugs, Riki

LaVerne said...

Charlene, Your pictures are great...didn't we have a great time at Paper Cowgirl this'll be hooked now and will want to attend every year. I wanted to take every class. And as for the Texas Trash, please feel free to share the recipe with whomever. If you make a batch and want a "sample taster" send it on to me and I'll be happy to provide free "quality control" services.
I hope everything goes well with hubby and that the rest of your summer is restful.

Alisa said...

Great stuff!
I love that little pocket book you made with Laverne!

Sylvia Smith said...

Charlene, Oh such pretty things. I love everything! You take very nice photos. How wonderful that you have an Art group. It looks like Fun! Love Sylvia

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