Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Room Decor & Sirene of the Sea Coussin by Holly

I tried to do this post last night but, at 12:30 in the morning... Blogger would not SAVE this whole post & it was lost. Sooooooooooooo I am going to try again to share with you the beauty of the decor & the first class at the amazing event in Manhattan Beach, CA put on by Kim Caldwell. Doesn't that sweet Sea Horse above just make you SMILE? SHE sure does me. And below is Lola (Kim's mannequin & MUSE) all made up in Mermaid Style. I had heard that Kim's events are DIVINE but, that word doesn't even begin to describe the beauty & attention to detail. Come along with me & let me show you more of the wonder.
Lola & the SEA HORSE were just part of the decoration. Below is the MAIN TABLE & the elegant MERMAID that graced it. I captured this shot at Vendor Night & loved how the glow of the lights made this beauty even more magical.
And this was the table with adorable galvanized buckets decorated with a sweet Starfish on the front complete with a beautiful pearl right in the middle. Each bucket had a name on it & some yummy snacks as well as a can of Izzie Tangerine Soda. A TREAT for sure. And to the far left of the snack buckets you can see the net of the beautiful mermaid from above. She was that tables centerpiece for every occasion. Above the window was a shell garland spelling out Les Sirenes.
And this is a shot of the room as you entered for class the first morning. I LOVED the Art Glass on that one wall. It reminds me of one of my favorite Glass Artist Dale Chihuly. Have you seen his work? If not click HERE to view some. FOR ANY OF THESE PHOTOS CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE SO YOU CAN SEE BETTER DETAILS.
And a view from the other side of the room looking out over the peaceful courtyard, with the sun shinning in the windows & a slight cool ocean breeze wafting through the open doors. If you look to the top right that was my table. TABLE 2 ROCKED!!!!
You see in the photos above that each chair back is tied with a big BURLAP bow that was so charming. Below is a close up of the detail of the chair decor. I told you this girl doesn't miss a thing! That is a GIANT SandDollar surrounded by shells.
And this was our table centerpiece. A huge shell shaped container sat on a sheer sparkling layer of blue fabric & was filled with shells, moss, mermaids, & a large piece of fan coral. Each table had an arrangement & these were surrounded by beautiful candles & jars of more pearly shells. At the end of the event Kim was so generous as to raffle off the centerpieces in a drawing. I loved it but, was thankful to not have to pay to ship it home to Texas.
This is a close up of a bit of the table detail (candle cup).
And let's talk about door prizes. Kim had some amazing ones. The crown you see below was won by my precious friend Joy. This stunning creation was made & donated by Debi Beard owner of Out of the Blue which is a store I have been dreaming of visiting. She also hosts The Mermaid Mercantile once a month at the store & I MUST attend that event ASAP. Click on her name to hop over to visit her site you won't be sorry. I got to spend time with this talented sweetie on the Sunday shopping/flea market bus tour. Debi your crown was FIT FOR A MERMAID QUEEN!
When I walked in for class on Friday morning this is what I found. Mermaid images, an event schedule, my name tag (enlarge to see the detail which is amazing), a purse full of goodies from about 15 different vendors, and on the chair is my supplies for my first class. All that stuff on the table had been set up during the wee hours of the night (after Vendor Night) while we had visions of mermaids dancing in our heads... Kim & her fairy helpers were setting up this room so we would see all this beauty when we walked in. Let me tell you I have LOVED using my new purse with the lace & shells that hang from one handle. I think of this magical event & SMILE every time I see it Kim. THANK YOU!
I wanted to share the photo below & introduce you to all of the amazing teachers. From left to right are Jenny, our hostess Kim, Julie, Melissa, Holly & guest speaker (on Saturday) Jenny Doh.
Each precious soul added her special MAGIC to make this a complete DREAM WEEKEND! I want to thank each of you for the sharing of knowledge & supplies, for the time, talent, patience, & the beauty you brought to each of us. WE LOVE YOU!
OK, the words CUTE & TALENTED don't even begin to describe these two souls!!!!! As you can see by the adorable Mermaid jeans they just happened to "whip up"... these two are just too cute for words. Let me introduce you again to our event hostess (on the left) Kim & my friend as well as for the first morning... our teacher Holly Stinnett. The name of her class Sirene of the Sea Coussin. She designed the cutest little pillow for us & she is holding her class sample here in this photo.
A TREASURE CHEST of goodies provided by Holly to help us create our beautiful little pillows of Mermaid Dreams. She was so generous with her supplies, kind words of support & help as she went from table to table. Don't you LOVE these RED Starfish she brought for us?
My friend Cheryl that I have told you about before, shared a number of these photos with me & I think this is her finished pillow below. The finished work is beautiful. The use of supplies enchanting but, most of all her photography & photoshop skills leave me breathless. Oh I have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing Cheryl. And also the others that shared photos with all of us to be able to do these posts to include all of you in our adventure.
And here are a few of the other girls finished pillows. Holly, I think these Mermaid did you proud honey!
Don't you love the feminine beauty of each one? And I do LOVE the little Sirene! She is simply stunning.
It's a good thing to have these wonderful images to look at & remember as I share them with you. I hope you aren't tired of hearing about the event. But, I just wanted to show you the wonder. And to make you feel like you have been there with me. Also, these memories make me happy as I pass the time waiting for Hubby's open heart surgery. The fact that I got to go to the event was a BLESSING indeed. So until the magic carpet comes by to pick us up again... ENJOY & come back to see the next classes. In the meantime... would some of your MERMAIDS send some of those cool ocean breeze's to us here in Texas!!! We are into over a week of over 101 degrees & I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart & soul is indeed on the Pacific Coast. Have a great weekend. HUGS!


Sandy Navarro said...

It's all so gorgeous! Makes you want to live in that world all time! I know you still hear the waves calling your name, girlfriend!

Honey Lamb and I said...

So glad that you had such an amazing time! I love the crown!!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Charlene!
All of your photos and posts of your Cali weekend makes me feel as if I were there!!!!
Thank you for taking me along :)
One day when I "get big", I want to attend one of Kim's classes too!

I'm still praying that all goes well with your husband. I hope you both are hanging in there. I'm thinking and praying for you often :)

Will I see you in a couple of weeks at Chantal's????
Miss you~

家唐銘 said...


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

I LOVE that you are sharing with us but I really hate that I missed this event ! Nothing like this was around when I lived in California.


Lisa said...

Oh my! What fun!! I love it. Very summer! Glad you had a great time ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Linda said...

Lots of gorgeous creations~ pure eye candy! Thanks for sharing this special event, Charlene!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics. That must have been an amazing time. Everything looked so perfect, thanks for taking me with you.
Hugs, Pat

Diana said...

Well, you certainly had a fantastic time, Charlene. The attention to detail that was put into the event is quite evident. They really made you feel special....which you are my dear. Thank you for sharing. Dennis and I are thinking about you and Larry and praying the surgery goes well.

Thespa said...

What an amazing event to attend! How fun are all those great decorations and classes and supplies. Wish I could have been there! Love your blog. I think you are a kindred spirit!

Vintiquities Workshop

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a lovely post Charlene. Thank you so much for mentioning my class! The whole event was just so much fun and I'll remember it forever.

Big hugs,

Melissa Manley said...

I KNOW how you LOVE mermaids so I can imagine how much fun you had! I would have loved it too. I can't wait to make mermaid jeans! Also Lady, you do not know how much I missed, and consequently appreciated you at this Phoenix Art Unraveled gig! I thought back to Houston and how you were there with the luggage cart on many occasions!!! So I miss you this go round. Talked at length with Rice FZ... it was a fun gig though even if you weren't there! xo M

Tarnished and Tattered said...

What memories (and art) your making Charlene! I know your having the best year ever as far as traveling & learning goes. Just sorry that Larry's health has put a scare into it all. Lisa

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