Thursday, February 10, 2011

8 Things You Might Not Know

001 B

Last week my sweet friend Cindy from Lilly’s Lace gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. THANK YOU sweetie! I don’t usually “Do Award"s” or participate in this sort of thing because you are supposed to choose 8 people to pass the award to. I CAN’T or WON’T choose just 8 of my precious friends sooooooooooo…. I choose all of you! In accepting the award you are also supposed to revel 8 things that many people don’t know about you. Opening up to the world is kind of unnerving isn’t it? But, here in Blogland I have so many friends & think that something like this would help us get to know each other better. Sooooooooooooo here goes my 8 things & I challenge you to pass this on to anyone you want to share it with. IF you take up this challenge please let me know you are playing along because I would LOVE to come & read your answers.8 Larry & Char in Gruene

#1 I married my Sweet Hubby when I was just 16 years old. And I feel like I have been blessed to GROW UP with my best friend by my side. Yes, I know that photo is about 3 years old & my hair is a different color & short now but, we don’t have any current photo’s of us & I LOVED these so….. 7 Kissy Kissy on swing in Gruene L & Char

#2 I always wanted a daughter.


God had other plans….

2 Peas In A Pod Sean & Coop August 2010

I had 2 boys! But, I think GOD was wise. Since having my boys I have seen many little girls that while cute when young… I think I might have killed while going through the teenage years. Hubby say’s that since I am the only girl “You can be the only princess & be really spoiled”. I think I like his thinking.

#3 I wanted granddaughters.DSC00092

Again, God had other plans. All 5 are BOYS! But, oh what fun they are. We rough house, build “forts'” in the living room & I have taught them all sorts of boy things like when you are wet from the slip-n-slide… pee on the fence. Of course they all adore this & want to do this event even when they aren’t wet. IT’s A BOY THING & it drives their mother’s crazy! Hee Hee! My favorite motto is “sugar them up & send them home”. They LOVE to come to Nonna & BopBops house. And many times there are TEARS when they have to leave.

#4 I am very tall.

Group Picture X Jen's

At 6 feet 1 inches tall I have learned that in a group photo I will ALWAYS be in the back! Yes, that’s me back row center! Something you already know… I LOVE taveling to Art Events. And #5 This was my first big Art Event in spring of 2010. It was Petticoats & Parasols located in Savannah, Georgia & put on by the sweet Southern Belle Jenn Hayslip. Since then… I have become addicted to these events & go as often as I can. Jenn…. I’m BLAMING YOU! And YES! I plan on attending the one she is hosting this October in Ashville, N.C. The button for it is on my sidebar! Who can resist Fairy Tales & Castles?

#6 I am a Gemini. Twins! Two very different personalities. One very frilly & full of color while the other often prefers calm, neutral, soft… Never ask me what my favorite color is because the answer would have to be “Today my favorite color is_ _ _ _” (fill in the blank).

#7 I WANT TO LEARN DIGITAL ART/DESIGN! I am sooooooooo not good at this but, it is a burning desire & something I AM going to learn this year.Home is Where 11-24-2010

My friend Jill from Feather & Flight is the most AMAZING artist in this area & I have fallen head over heels in LOVE with her style & all of her work. She has promised to help me with this passionate desire to learn so I can also create beauty as she does. THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND for your sharing spirit. PLEASE go visit her (HERE) & fall in LOVE too.

~Christmas Banner 2010

Are you hooked yet?

~The Writing Desk11-2010

She has just been selected to be featured in Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2011 with this amazing piece below. Jill I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!! You deserve this!

A Perfect Melody 1-2011

#8 I have a serious addiction to COLLECT STUFF!!!!!!!! The most recent addiction is really an OLD one that has found a new form. BUTTONS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BUTTONS!

Blue collage

From the time I was 2 years old my precious Grandmother would let me play with her button box. I would sit for hours touching, sorting, looking at all the different colors, styles & textures.

Little Girl Button

My favorite is Mother of Pearl! Really, almost anything Mother of Pearl… Lately EBay has been my favorite source for Czech Glass Buttons. Between BUTTONS & VINTAGE BLING my EBay account has been kept BUSY & my checkbook relieved of excess cash.

2 Pinkcollage

OK! I DID IT!!!!!!!!! Did you learn something new about me? Or did you already know all of this? What did you find the most surprising? Hope you’ll play too. Share yourself with your blogging friends. It helps to get to know each other better. Tell me 8 things about you (in your comment or on your blog). Have a great weekend!

HUGS! Charlene


Anonymous said...

That was an incredible way to be introduced to you!! This could be an extended about you page! I came by to see your blog via Rosie and Josie' your sense of style and taste! Looking forward to reading more!

Blondie's Journal said...


I was amazed at how many things I DID know about you, especially your fantastic artistic side, but I didn't know you have been married so long, have 2 boys and 5 grandsons! What a blessing. I have two boys and two girls and I admit that the girls gave me headaches sometimes!

I'd take you up on your offer to reveal 8 things about myself but I think I have the type of blog where I reveal 10,000 things about myself with each post!!

I hope you are stating warm...I hear you have been having some cold, snowy weather down in Texas. Is it in your area?


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Fabulous Miss Charlene!! I love learning new things about friends. Your ALL boy family is beautiful (wink!) ,your button collection is FAB!
So so happy you will be joining me in Oct. Sorry I got you hooked. Tee! hee! ;) XOXO,Jenn

Sandy Navarro said...

Because I'm "family" I already know these wonderful things about my sister! I just love the fact that with heels & hair I'm almost at eye level with you!

Love ya!

Jan said...

Loved reading the 8 things about you :) You do have a sweet little girl...she's furry and adorable :)
Have a beautiful day :)

Anonymous said...

Now that wasn't so hard was it? I wanted more "dirt" but am proud of you for telling what you did. Just think of it this way, if you had girls you'd still be paying off the weddings!Love ya , you long legged goddess you!-c

The French Bear said...

How lovely's always so nice to learn more about you....although I know you are very generous and warm and kind hearted and a wonderful blogging are very creative and talented......have I missed anything? Ha ha...I did not know you were so tall, I love that!!! You can put the stuff away in my craft room that belongs on the top shelf!!! We can work together very well if we ever get to meet and make creative projects together...cause I am the one closer to the ground!!!!
Margaret B

Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Miss Charlene!
You are so Good to Me!!! You certainly know how to make a Girl feel Good about herself! Thank you so much! You are Truly the Sweetest Thing!
I am looking forward to visiting with you next week!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Great Big (((Hugs)))

once in a blue moon said...

that was fun, i think its great you were married at 16 and still going strong :)

A Vintage Chic said...

Wonderful, Charlene--all of it! Loved learning these things about you!

You were 16, I was 26!

I got the girls for you--3 of boys for me (but I wanted some!)

LOVE that you're 6'1"! I'm 5'11" & am usually the tallest--hope I get to stand next to you in a photo some day, my friend!

I want to learn digital collaging, too--I'm fascinated by it!

Mother-of-pearl buttons are my absolute favorite, too--can't get enough of them! (I need to get some more--I'm running low!)

Thanks for all you share, dear friend--you're amazing!


Monica@The White Bench said...

Lovely to know more about you, Charlene! Sorry if I am kind of absent from the comment section, but the deadline is faaastly approaching- I'm going to leave this house in less than 2 weeks! Hope I can rest a bit then!
Hugs to you and sweet pup.
Monica xox

Karen Valentine said...

I had no idea you have been married that long!!! That is just amazing. 16? Wow. The fact that you married so young, I mean before you even knew the kind of adult you would be, and are still married after all these years is a real testament to both of you.

As far as the boys... I think raising boys IS easier (but I am secretly hoping for a granddaughter too someday)

The rest, I pretty much knew... I mean one can look at your blog and see the amazing talent that is behind it.

I can't wait to discover even more tidbits come March!!!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Well I didn't know you had married soooo young ... I was a much older bride at seventeen :)
You forgot to tell how wonderfully elegant and chic you are so for anyone who hasn't met you "up close and personal" I'm gonna tell ...

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

What a great post!! You've have a beautiful and interesting life. I love that you have all boys in the family. How cute is that?! I love collecting buttons, too, but most of mine are all rhinestones. I love shiny!
Patricia :o)

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Well I just wrote a big comment & it got lost. I hate that! So NO, I knew all of that..hee hee. When you spend a lot of time in the car together there is a certain degree of intimacy. LOL If you want some girl time I have a small one here with a big sassy attitude who I'd be happy to loan out. (I did not say that) There's something wonderful about boys, they are so loving & Mommy is their 1st love.
Ellie looks real cute too, she needs some bloomers with a tail hole so she can rock RT!

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Charlene ~ So fun to learn more about you and what you love.

Happy Valentines Day!

~ Violet

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