Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Were Just KIDS! My Love Story

Love-Story-Linky-Party Karen Valentine

A Day Late & A DOLLAR Short… that’s the story of my life! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I was gone over the weekend to my class with my friend Diane Cook. I will share about that later this week but, I missed doing the post for Karen’s My LOVE STORY Event. You were to share your love story with others & I really wanted to do this. So, I’m late by a day Karen but, here’s the story…

I met my sweet Hubby when I was sixteen years old. I grew up in a household where I adored my precious Daddy(who was gone a lot for work) but, had a very “DIFFICULT” (I’m being very nice here) Mother. I was very unhappy at home & when I met that 20 year old, handsome fellow at the Pal’s Drive In (one of those old time hamburger places with car hops… oh my I am dating myself) I was intrigued. He was driving his metallic blue convertible Mustang & I thought he was pretty cute. After a bit of a conversation I found out he was in the Army & just back from Vietnam. I was out with my friend & her boyfriend (the two guys had gone to school together & her boyfriend is the one who introduced us) & we were supposed to be at a party somewhere else later that night. We said goodbye & I thought that would be the last of the handsome soldier.

NO! The next day he rang my doorbell. We sat out in my front yard in his “COOL” mustang & talked for hours. The letters began that week. He could only come home on weekends because he was still in active duty. The summer crept by & the weekend visits continued.

The very first date we went on he said to me “I’m going to marry you” & I thought he was the silliest boy I had ever met. By Fall I had began to think that maybe he was right. We did get married much to my parents chagrin & I moved off to be with him to finish his stint in the Army. We lived off post in a mobile home on the side of a rock hill in the central hill country of Texas. BOY DID I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN!!!! But, you know what… we grew up together. We made our way. We returned home the following Fall & I returned to finish my senior year in High School. Yes, with a husband & new baby I went back to school. He had to sign my report cards, call in if I was going to be absent… the whole nine yards. Easy? NO! But, again… we learned & grew together.

Forty years later… we’re still learning & growing & I wouldn’t change a thing. He is the kindest, most generous, sweet soul I know & I was a lucky girl to find him! And inside… I sometimes think we are still that 16 year old girl & 20 year old boy just looking for an adventure. How blessed am I? Thank you honey!!!! I’m looking forward to the next forty years!


HUGS! Charlene


Linda said...

This is a lovely story, Charlene! My husband and I grew up together, too...it bonds you and gives you such a history together...

Nan said...

This is a sweet story and the one below too. We go through a lot with long term marriages don't we. We work our way through the hard times if we have someone who is basically a good and kind person. why stick with someone you hate for instance. We'll be married 50 years this Sept and we continue to work things out as we go along. Yep I can say my husband is my best friend ever.

Victoria said...

Better late than never, I loved your story! That is so cute that he had to write your absence excuses for school, love it!!! You were very lucky to find 'the one' at such a young age:) Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

A Vintage Chic said...

What a beautiful story, Charlene--I loved it all! So glad you and your sweet Valentine had such a lovely day yesterday!


Roselle said...

Your story is sweet. You two are lucky to have found each other and to have been together so long!
Thanks for sharing!

Maija said...

Thanks for sharing your love story!!

Jan said...

A beautiful LOVE STORY :) You're blessed to have one another!!

Cindy Craine said...

And he even gave you a fuzzy baby for Christmas!!!! Love your story, love ya-c

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

That is a beautiful love story and a romantic evening too.
My Sweetie taught classes until 8:00 but we had celebrated Saturday,, did some slow dancin'. It was a good thing.

Robin Thomas said...

Oh Charlene, this is so very dear. I bet you have some stories to be sure. This I so very inspiring.

I am so happy to know you are still in love after all these years.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Awhhhhhh...the sweetest, most romantic story ever!!! I think you're pretty lucky to have found BF too!!!
Luv ya both...
Big Hugs,

Miss Sandy said...

How precious Charlene! I love a really good love story and yours is really good! My aunt was in the same situation as you, married at 15! and my uncle had to sign her report cards too! I am glad you and your honey had such a wonderful evening.

Lynn said...

Charlene, I always wondered how you met your hubby and when. Now I know. Totally not what I expected, but wow do I admire you even more now! What an inspiring story you two have. Thank you for sharing.

Diane Mars said...

Charlene~ So nice to meet you, seems we have some of the same Blogging friends, what a lovely story about your chance meeting with your husband... very cute. It is nice to meet you too. Hugs from Diane in California

fairyrocks said...

Charlene, So happy to meet you. You tell a wonderful Valentine' tale. Yes Karen did my blog, I see her hand in many of my favorite blogs. We were apart Valentines day. He was touched by my post, Love that guy.

once in a blue moon said...

i just love stories with happy endings~

Karen Valentine said...

That is a perfect romantic story! To be married so young, and grow "together" and not "apart" is truly wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to join the party!! And even happier that you found your one true love at such an early age! Can't wait to meet him!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene~
Glad you stopped by my blog as well via Diana Frey!! I love that woman and all of her creative sassiness!

And I really loved reading your love story :) So beautiful and heartfelt.

peace, love & heART to you,

Feathers and Flight said...

Hello Miss Charlene!
You never have to apologize!I understand.Our Families are First!! As it Should Be!My Katelyn has had a High Fever these last couple of days. She seems Better today. I am Relieved and Hopefully she is on her way to getting well. Looking forward to our Visit and No Worries about when it Happens!
Happy Wednesday Dear Friend!!
Ps I would be sewing my own bloomers too! I hope you take many Pictures of your Adventure!

Shirley said...

Dear Charlene,
What a wonderful story. Filled with so much love. I recall my brother was just about to be sent to Vietnam, his troop next to be deployed when the war ended. I don't know how you managed as a young bride with her loving husband in war. I'm so happy that it all worked well for you.
Your love will last forever I'm sure..just like mine..going on 39 yrs. here..
Yours Sincerely,
(who is now following you) :)

Joy Campbell said...

Charlene...love your beautiful story....Since I am married for a second time my story is not romantic..especially since we met on Match.com.....but I would not have met him if not for that our paths would have never crossed. I do feel very lucky at 40 something to have found the man I want to grow old with..that is if he keeps me! Ha!! Thanks for sharing..


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