Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artistic Affaire Moulin Rouge Post Two

make & take collage

Today is kind of dreary outside & my allergies & asthma is acting up (thanks to the smoke from the wildfires) so I think I will stay inside & work on another post from Moulin Rouge. The beautiful photos (I took many & I also want to thank you girls that shared your photo on our Flicker Group) cheer me up & bring back such sweet memories. Above is the beautiful & talented Christine & the beautiful Make & Take she shared with us.

Table 5

Above is our table. TABLE 5 Rocked!!!! We had such a good time together. All happily crafting together for two creative filled days. Front & center, then to the left Sandy, me. Debby, Kim, Lulu, Holly, & again Christine.

Necklace close up collage

Classes… Four of them! Above is Debbie & Shea’s class. This is a photo of the finished piece (thanks Cheryl because I did not finish mine). Next wasa class by Jenny & Aaron.Jenny & Arron collage

And day two was a great message board

Class with vintage music roll

as well as a class with the amazing Colleen Moody for this little can can doll on her tiny stage. Again, I didn’t finish a thing in class & have borrowed photos of the class projects.Doll class collage

Let’s move on to the swaps!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Be Still My HEART the swaps were wonderful! I only participated in two of them but, let’s peak at what was offered.


Above is my two swap gifts ready to be taken downstairs. Go HERE to see the post about the Jewelry Box I created for my partner Dorothy & HERE for the pillow created for Robin. My dear Sandy was the hostess of the Vintage Pocket Pillow Swap & she did a FabUlous job as she does in everything. Below is Sandy & Kim after Kim opened the pillow that Sandy made for her.



This is the pillow Sandy made for Kim & each of the swap participants donated something to put in the pocket. And below is the back of the pillow as well as the beautiful case Sandy made to present it in… I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!Sandy's Pillow for Kim collage

My Pillow

Here is the pillow I received from Robin! The photo on the right is of the case she made to put it in! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Pillow by Robin collage

Here is a table full of beauty (sorry the lighting wasn’t better).DSC03827

Some close ups of a few favorites (click on on photo to enlarge).4 pillow collage

The pillow below was made by my precious friend Joy. I LOVE the silver in the pocket.SONY DSC

But, I think my favorite one of all was this one. I wish I knew who made it.


I think this post is long enough. Are you still with me? Well there is still the jewelry box swap & the shopping trip. I promise they will be worth a looky loo. Soooooooooooo be sure to come back & I’ll try to get that posted this weekend. Tomorrow, I keep my oldest son’s children for the day & I’ll be pooped for sure.

HUGS! Charlene


Jan said...

LOVE all this vintage goodness :) My mouth is watering :) LOL! Looks like everyone had a great time and what a swap! I always get a little pooped out when the house is filled with little ones :)

A Fanciful Life said...

Too much fabulousness! All the items are just wonderful - what a memorable time you must have had there. Looking forward to more photos.

Sharon :-)

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Thanking for taking me back down memory lane of Moulin! We all had such a wonderful time!
I'm sorry your alergies are bothered by the outside elements and wildfires :(
Enjoy the kidlets tomorrow ~ I miss you my sweet friend!


Sandy Navarro said...

Did we have a good time or what! Can't believe it been over a month already. Sure wish I didn't have to wait til August to see ya again. Are we there yet?

Love ya!

susie said...

Just love that you & Sandy get a chance to go to all the classes, they just look like so much fun!!!
Everything looks delicious & those pillows are sooooo yummmmmy!
Hugs CP & stay away from the smoke, I'm worried about y'all & these terrible know how much I LOVE TEXAS & my friends that are lucky enough to live there!!!

Kathy said...

Hello Charlene, so glad I stopped by. I feel for you. My husband and all my children have allergies - and my youngest has asthma - It would be very difficult for them with all the wild fires.
We have enough with the blanket of pollen here!
Looks like you all had a fantastic time - so much talent!
Thank you for sharing this -
your newest follower,

Karen Valentine said...

Wonderful eye candy my friend!! Every time I see you post photos of these events it makes me think... Hmmm.... maybe I should sign up one of these days!! It was great to see pics of everyone! Hope your allergies etc... don't get to bad. Have a wonderful Easter sweetie!!

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