Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mail LOVE!!!!!!


What did you do this weekend? I helped this “Little Cowboy” celebrate his 6th birthday! And we looked at Travel Trailers & found a fifth wheel we really like (fingers crossed the “deal” will go through).

But, I couldn’t let another day go by without saying thank you for some treasures that arrived this past week! Don’t you just LOVE MAIL LOVE??????????? You know, when you aren’t expecting anything in the mailbox but, BILLS! And then low & behold treasures!!!!!


Like this little parcel of love from Susie of Vintage Susie & Wings (otherwise known as Susie Pearl to me) After her visit to Texas & her first visit to Magnolia Pearl’s booth at Marburger Farm Fall 2010 show, Ms Susie was star struck with Pearl & she still is as shown by the way she wrapped this treasure she sent using some of her much loved lace found at this years Round Top adventure.

Goodies from Susie collage

Inside was all sorts of wonderful paper ephemera. Old religious cards, vintage birthday cards & a couple of great old cabinet cards. Also, she hand made me this sweet chandi crystal that says THANK YOU! Thank you indeed Ms Susie! You are a dear & I will treasure my goodies but, most of all our times spent together. HUGS SWEET FRIEND!

And last then a surprise from my new friend Jill of Feathers & Flight.

I hope Jill doesn’t mind me “borrowing” her photo of the work of art she created for I am sure she did a much better photography job than I would have. Last week she posted HERE that she had made this beauty for a friend & I left her a comment teasing her that I sure would love to be the friend that received this…

Sure enough when I opened my package of beautiful Mother of Pearl buttons

Sally Sitting  By The Seashore Antique Hand Carved Mother Of Pearl Buttons

I had ordered from her shop Junkin Gypsies she had included that beautiful little canvas named “Simply Sassy”. I was thrilled beyond belief. Jill does the most beautiful digital art work & I know I have shared it with you before with dreams of learning to do the same but, she is such a talented sweet soul in soooooooooooo many other mediums too. So be sure to click on the links above (any name in orange) & it will take you to the blog(person) or post talked about. Each of these gals are a friend just waiting for you to meet & love. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT OUR BLOGS & ART EVENTS WHERE WE ARE BLESSED TO MEET “LIKE SOULS”?

~Junkin Gypsies~

So, as Coop blows out that candle & another year starts for that sweet boy that Nonna loves so much… I want to say THANK YOU SWEET FRIENDS for being in my life & my heart. Mail love is sweet but, not nearly as sweet as the sweetness of the friend behind it. I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIENDS you give sparkle & life to my days!

Have a wonderful week!

HUGS! Charlene


Karen said...

Girl! You are so deserving of all of your wonderful gifts. Very, very fun! I am so glad you shared!
An RV huh?
YAY!!!! Here you come! We'll take you somewhere special for sure!!!!
Big hugs! Karen

Maija said...

You are so delightful Charlene! I feel so blessed to be your friend-I adore you!! Oxox

Dorthe said...

You have been blessed I can see-dear.such wonderful gifts,all.
I totally love the beautiful tag you recieved .

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what lovelies you have shared here! you are so lucky to have received the beautiful tag that Jill made. I also love that birthday cake - how cute! Hope you have wonderful Monday!

A Vintage Chic said...

What lovely gifts, Charlene! You are such a sweetheart...of course everyone loves you, my friend!

What a sweet little grandboy you have--happy birthday wishes to him!

I just love Jill, too--so very talented & generous!

And while you're thanking your girlfriends, I want to also thank YOU for being one of the bloggy girlfriends that make this world so sweet for me...

Hope your day is gorgeous in every way, my friend!


susie said...

Hey Miss CP,
1st I must say Happy Birthday to your most adorable Birthday Boy!!! :)))
But 2ndly I must are soooo LOVED! By everyone you meet, by all that have been touched by you, by your sweet & honest & lovin ways.
We are the ones who are blessed to have you in our lives...can ya tell I'm a fan??
Hugs girlfriend, I miss you already...

diane cook said...

How sweet and how blessed you are my dear friend! I hope you get that 5th wheel, so you can pull it down here in a couple of weeks!!
I would so love that. And, you & Larry can come along to Concan in August.....Parkview Riverside RV Park ~ August 26- Sept 3...we always go just before Labor Day!

mendytexas said...

OOH such pretties Charlene! Love your entry today!

Feathers and Flight said...

Good Morning Miss Charlene!
You had a Wonderful Weekend Celebrating your Little Grandson's Birthday! I LOVE the Cake!
You are So Good to Me Charlene! I feel so Very Blessed to have Met you and now call you Friend!I Am so Happy you Love my Little Simply Sassy Girl!
Happy Tuesday Miss Charlene!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

beautiful treasures from friends you treasure...what could be better? Only helping a little Cowboy celebrate his birthday...what a good week you have had !

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Obviously my wrapping job on the books didn't hit any of your readers heartstrings..........

hey, you, I love, love, love that box and the tag, too.
I should have sent my books when I first got them so they wouldn't arrive the week you get such pretties!

You deserve all of the gifts you ever receive because you are so sweet:)

See you soon, maybe!!

Alisa said...

Such lovely mail, Charlene!f

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Gosh girl, you've been busy! Can't believe how much Elle has grown & the bunny ears class sounds like so much fun. And Moulin Rouge...oh my!

Hope Cooper had a wonderful birthday! Would love to see you sometime...have a wonderful Easter!

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