Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally I Can Tell You About Round Top Antique Festival!

Blog Party from Susie

Do you see this group???? It’s all the CRAZY IN TEXAS GALS (Except sweet Karen who was back at the hotel not feeling well/next morning got to take a trip the ER). I did a post earlier to tell who was who but, let me re-introduce this group of amazing friends/artist. Everyone but, Rita has a blog so if you click on the gals name you will link with her blog. SOME GREAT FRIENDS ARE WAITING TO MEET YOU! Front row (l to r) is Rita (& Karen is going to do a blog for her because this is one talented lady), Cindy Craine, Riki Shumacher, Diane Cook. And back row (l to r) Sandy Navarro, Me, Susie Hebdon, Karen Valentine & Joy Campbell. We came from near & far all to meet in a tiny town of 77 people. Well, 77 when there aren’t thousands (no exaggeration there) visiting!

Smack dab in central Texas between Austin & Houston. The fields were in bloom with bluebonnets everywhere & the Texas Longhorns let the girls stop & take pictures but, I doubt they knew what they were saying to them while there were out there snapping photos.

Bluebonnet  collage

We started the party out with The Blog Party at Theresa’s booth on Sunday night. (Karen V, Susie, Joy, Karen & I all shopped Friday afternoon & Saturday prior to the party. And I picked Sandy up at the airport in Houston Saturday night so she could join us. Riki came in Sunday with Diane whew……. it was a technical nightmare to keep it all organized). The photo above (first one) is us at the party.

Theresa  collage

Theresa Campo is the hostess with the mostest & she takes lot’s of photos of guests at her party. THANK YOU Theresa! And her booth looked amazing! Below is the Junk Gypsy Gals & the antique wheelbarrow full of goody bags they brought for everyone! THANKS Gypsy Girls!

Junk Gypsy Goodies collage

I met some really great gals & got to visit again with others I had seen last fall. Below is Jolie (left again one of the Junk Gypsies) Suzanne & Tracy of The Rusted Gingham (they have a barn sale I NEED to check out & they are here in Texas too).

Jolie Suzanne & Tracy from Rusted Gingham

And I got to meet Wendy Parker from Alabama. She is the owner of the store where my friend Heidi works(Heidi & I were roommates at Petticoats & Parasols).

Charlene & Wendy Parker Heidi Meyers Boss

And I wanted to show you the outfit I had made for this party by my buddy Deb Hodge (I pre-ordered it & picked it up while I was out there for Moulin Rouge Art Event). LOVE the western top… and my awesome boots (last years BDay gift from Hubby). I am standing there with my precious buddy Joy (it’s sad we live so far apart). By the way, Deb made Joy’s jacket too & Joy made her adorable purse. To see more of Joy’s work she has just been featured in Somerset Magazine Haute Handbags current issue. I’m so proud of you sweet girl for you deserve to be published for you are so flippin talented!


And talkin about talent… Sweet Sandy made each of the CRAZZY IN TEXAS GALS a little purse that we could use that weekend or as a nametag for the Blog Party. She won 2nd place for this design. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Told ya she was GOOD!


And then a special guest for the party was none other than my uber talented friend, teacher, mentor (two peas in a pod) Diane Cook. Below is her pretty booth set up that night for the party. Doesn’t she look darlin with her sweet daughter Melanie by her side? Love you both!!!! You’ll see more about Diane in another post as she also set up at Marburger Farms to vend for a week.


WHAT FUN THE PARTY WAS! Well, before the girls came they asked about weather & all the Texas gals told them be ready for anything. And we had it all… Saturday was HOT & HUMMID! Like 94 degrees. Sunday not as bad. Monday COLD & DAMP! We told Sandy (HAIR QUEEN OF THE AGES) that it was “spit in” she said what??? Not really rain but, not dry… “Spit in” girl. We have some funny saying down here & the Cali girls all got a kick out of them.

Let’s go out in the fields & see what I mean about row after row in the fields… Below left is a photo taken from the 2nd floor restaurant where we ate Monday lunch & you can see the field, the tin roof of the barn where vendors are set up & the cold dampness with the beautiful LONE STAR FLAG flying high in the background. Next is the vendor stalls housed under that roof I spoke about. And then just another typical row of vendors. Kind of gives you a feel for how it looks… 45 miles of this ladies. SHOPPING HEAVEN!

Barnscollage OK! This will wet your appetite for what is to come in the next few posts.

Right now I am off to watch some more of the Royal Wedding!!!! Oh how I love all the pomp & splendor! I am a HUGE DIANA FAN & I can’t believe her baby boy has grown into a man. I think Kate is adorable!!!! I look forward to seeing happy days ahead for both of them.

And tomorrow… Cindy & I are off to Oklahoma City to visit Jackie (Good Grief Gerdie) for the Glitter Market. And Daddy will stay home & take care of a sick little puppy Elle. She had blood work done today so I’ll keep you posted.

HUGS! Charlene


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You've really done a lot of traveling. I am still remembering how awesome good the chicken and shrimp salads that you made for the party. They didn't last long did they :) Thank you again for doing this, I so appreciated it. I still can't get to my show pics as my other computer has been down and it's the one with all the great pics on it. Hopefully soon! Have a great trip and will be watching for more posts. Have a great weekend, T

Sugah Beez said...

You Texas gals looked darlin'! Such fun! So glad you were able to meet Wendy. She is one of the sweetest! xxoo Heidi

Ricardo Miñana said...

Un placer pasar por tu blog, si te
gusta la poesía te invito al mio,
que tengas un feliz fin de semana.

Jan said...

I'm so jealous...what a bunch of beautiful and happy women :)
not to mention all the goodies :)

Tracy said...

Charlene, it was great meeting you and your gang in Warrenton! I love reading everyone's account of their experience. All different, all FUN! Thanks for the blog link. We'll be posting about the party soon!

Sandy Navarro said...

Seems like yesterday I was by the side of my very best friend. How I love ya, girlfriend!

What time do I need to be ready for Glitter Market?? Gotta make sure the hair is done I got my glitter on! POUT POUT!!! Have a great time and call me from the road if you can.

Love ya lots!

Blondie's Journal said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures and hearing about the wonderful time you had at Round top. I am sure you had enough for 10 posts! You look fantastic in your outfit...a true Texan. Of course, I am happy you had such a great time!

Wasn't the wedding lovely? What a precious couple!


Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

AND she is off again! :)

I miss you sweet girl! I can't wait to hear about all the fun you and Cindy will be having!
Thank you for introducing Cindy to me ~ I can't wait to design her custom piece when she returns!
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photo's of your last adventure! You gals had sooo much fun!
I hope sweet little Elle feels better soon ~ i'll be looking for an update.

Hugs to you and Cindy,


Karen said...

We did have such a good time. I could've done without the allergic reaction though. But hey...I really only missed 1 day and 1 night. Course it was the BIG night - sniff.
I still can't believe it's over!
I miss you too!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh my goodness...what fun, Charlene! Love your gorgeous bag "nametage"--what a fabulous idea! You all look like you had such a wonderful time together!

Have so much fun at the Glitter Market--I'm so jealous! (but so happy you're there!)

Enjoy every moment, dear friend!


Kim Hanauer said...

Hi Charlene,
Thank you for your sweet comment! Just a month and I will be in Texas. LuLu and I are looking so forward to spending some time with you. You look adorable in Deb`s creations! I still want to order some things from her. I wish life didn`t get in the way!
Blessings sweet friend~

Brenda Brooke said...

Hey there! I'm the girl (Brenda) at the Cloverleaf in Ardmore, OK. I love your blog! You girls look like a FUN group of ladies!!!! Come back and see us the next time you roll through town!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Great post Charlene! Love seeing everyone's smiling faces again, miss you all! Thanks for letting me revisit the whole thing all over again, loved it all...rain and hot weather. Who knows, just might make it back there again one time?? Have a ball on your future travels, and bring that 5th wheel somewhere I live! Hugs to Elle, poor baby, keep us posted. Maddie sends licks. Riki

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