Monday, May 2, 2011

Clothes & Jewelry… Can There Ever Be Enough?


OK! I know Round Top is an Antique Festival! But, honey let me tell you there are some 2DIE4 Jewelry & Clothes sold here! Let’s check this out. Starting with none other than Paris Montana. SHE IS A HOOT! Travels in a vintage Air Stream Trailer filled… with treasure!

Paris M Air Stream collage

Here’s the CRAZY IN TEXAS GALS (see Karen D. PROOF you were there)all admiring the whole scene. Don’t you love the cow skull on the side of the trailer? And the manni’s dripping in corsets/jewels!


Lady of the hour… Paris Montana & our own beautiful Joy! The outfits Paris had on each day were so much fun. One day she had on the most amazing FITTED adorable burlap wide legged pants I have ever seen. AND I’M NOT A BURLAP FAN!

Inside paris collage

A peek at the inside of the trailer & some of her wares.

Paris M Necklace I LOVE

And the sweet baby above almost went home with me!


Do I have your attention yet? Not all of the jewelry was on this level but, there was such a wonderful diverse selection. Let’s leave Paris & go look…


Out in the fields I found this old vintage trunk full of necklaces made from old keys & other treasures. And Sandy found the goodies below.

Jewels collage

And then at Marburger’s we always love to visit…

Skip 2 My Lou

Cindy says this talented designer is out of Tyler, Texas. She uses vintage counter cards to sell/display all of her jewelry.

Jewelry collage

The photo on the left shows this artist’s wicked sense of humor it’s titled SINK YOUR TEETH INTO IT! Yep, real teeth on that piece (YUCK) with the sail boat… Now onto CLOTHES! And it could be no one other than

This gal is what legends are made of… Her sense of style is amazing. A bit unusual, off the beaten path, wacky, fun but, most of all comfortable! It’s not for just anyone… And I heard a few of the California girls say “I couldn’t wear that out in Cali” but, I KNOW some went home in suitcases. The booth design is always over the top. The manni’s created from metal, wire & vintage parts. The one on the left is sporting metal pantaloons. Can you see the ruffle? And the one on the right is a dress with wings that contains a pair of white doves.

Manni's collage

The tent poles were a high point in the center with the grapevine creating a canopy. And flowers made of fabric, paper & news print hung everywhere.

MP Flowers collage

With the most unusual birds made from old books.

Book Bird at MP Booth

Let’s move on to some of the designs for the Spring Collection.

Pearl Bloomers

LOVE the dark colored bloomers in the photo above. And how many “Hand Embroidered Purses” for $400 each do you need? Below, one of a kind pieces…

Clothes collage

And this cute little pill (our own Ms Cindy) is SERIOUS about buying her PEARL! Here you see her with Robin’s (Magnolia’s) husband John who is always sure Cindy has her bags full when she leaves. YOU GO GIRL! Shop till ya drop!

Cindy collage

And here are some of the other CRAZY IN TEXAS GALS doing Pearl! Ms Sandy with Robin herself. Susie & I are with my sweet Krista that always manages to get into my pocketbook for a couple of Pearl Pieces.

Crazy T Gals w MP collage

See………. And she got Riki too!


I think I’m worn out now. And the thunder boomers are making so much racket that I think I better turn this computer off! Hope you enjoyed a little fashion & jewelry fun from Round Top. Come back soon to see a bit of home decor & other vintage finds that we all loved.

HUGS! Charlene


Anonymous said...

All I can say is....
OH.... WOW!!
Have a Great Day!

Karen said...

Yay! Proof I really was there! There are just no pictures of me - anywhere.
Loved it all.
I wish I could drive back and buy all the things I shouldda, woulddda, couldda.
I think I need to start saving my pennies again...
Love and hugs! Karen

Alisa said...

Love it!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh darlin' NEVER enough clothes, jewelry or SHOES :))

You look like you are having a great time too (())

animal print gal said...

OMG, how dreamy!

Theresa said...

Oh I am soooo JEALOUS! I wanted to be there, especially when I knew OUR friend Karen was going! Maybe next time I can enjoy all of the beautiful friends and shopping too!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment!

Have a blessed day Charlene! HUGS!

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL, you KNOW I love the piece with the teeth!!!

I just adore Krista and Robin...they truly are remarkable women. I love my MP tops I have.

I am doing Round Top with you next spring come H E Double Hockey Sticks or high water!

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics!


"Create Beauty" said...

What a delightful time you all had!!! Talk about eye candy!!!!


~ Violet

basia said...

What beautiful things.... I would have a hard time choosing what to buy. Everyone looks so happy and how wonderful is that.... thanks for posting.

susie said...

Soooooo funnnnnn!!!
Is it time to go back yet???
Once you've been Texasized, it's hard to go home...unless you live in Texas of couse!! ;)
Hugs to you CP & all my love,

Monica@The White Bench said...

OOOOOHHHHHHHH Love those clothes!!!
Hope little Princess is well, thinking of you.
Monica and Kim xoxo

MaygreenFairies said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog... I am so glad as now I have found you!!! What a super blog and I adore this post, particularly the Magnolia Pearl photos... gorgeous!! I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x said...

What pure gorgeousness!

VictoriaLeigh said...

Ahh Janet's jewelry!! Skip to My Lou is the greatest! The lady I work for is best friends with her!

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