Monday, September 5, 2011

More California Fun!


Did all that BLING catch your attention? IT DID MINE!!! And I can tell you Ms Sandy is a BLING kinda girl! From the treasure box above (this was on a shelf in my room) to her clothes, car & I guess her whole world… I wanted to share a few shots of the treasures she has created & placed in MY ROOM! FABULOUS is her word & loved the feathered fan & FABULOUS BLING pin.

Fabulous collage

Here’s a sweet shelf on her bookcase with her Vintage Glam book which was a class she taught. Some sweet little shoes, some wooden spools… shelves of treasures!


A photo of her Momma, a sweet “Nest” sign & the soap… ELLE like my sweet puppies name!


More treasures are stashed above… the feathered crown (from Gilded Life Event when she came to see me in Texas), some wonderful cabinet cards (oh I want copies of some of those), a cute soldered box (we crafted one whole day & made a smaller version of that) & that glittered cone on the left was amazing! Yes, Sandy that’s the little girl I love to the left of the cone…. And that’s her grandparents wedding photo on that amazing piece on the cone. She did those in a class by Deb Hodge at The Urban Barn a few months back.SONY DSC


Her Manni with another crown from a Gilded Life class we did together & more of her jewelry draped around the manni’s neck. Even her bra is BLING!

While there she was the hostess with the mostess. We went so many places (I have shared 2 posts already about some of the places so check them out) & on day 2 after Urban Barn we went to Laguna Beach & drove around to see how the “elite” live. And then we went to see The Pageant of The Masters (click on title for a link to see the site)which is an amazing outdoor performance where they use human actors & put them INTO works of art creating an amazing 3D piece of art on stage. The theme this year was “Only Make Believe”. Complete with fire breathing dragons, fairies, knights on horseback… So much fun! And before we went to the show we stopped at a cute 50’s style burger place & the view below was from our table on the rooftop.SONY DSC

Looks like a burger place view where you live doesn’t it???? Yeah… I told ya this is how the elite live. Day 3 we hopped in the car & headed about 4 hours north to Morro Bay to shop at Lina G’s . If you click on the name/link you will go to her FaceBook page & on the left column is her EBay listing link. She has lots of things for sale. Happy Hunting!


A TINY shop PACKED to the gills with vintage trims & treasures. From floor to ceiling STUFFED!!!!!Ball Fringe collage

Trims, Yarn, Silk Flowers, Beading, Buttons, Lace...Lace collage

And display cases FILLED with tons of stuff…Display Case collage

BLINKG studded buckles, lady head vases, vintage beaded flowers, spools of gold thread & a derringer. YES! A GUN! I’m telling you she has everything you can imagine & then some.DSC04647

I don’t think I have ever seen such an eclectic mix of treasures before! Hope you enjoyed this little part of my summer California trip. NEXT will be my PMC Silver Clay Class with Diana Frey! Be sure to come back!

Have a safe & Happy Labor Day!

HUGS! Charlene


Anonymous said...

Oh my.... bling & glitz & glamor!! What eye candy!!
Great Post!!

Createology said...

Gracious me you had a wonderful time amongst all that glam and glitz and bling. I am swooning over every single thing I see here.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhh my word!!! I drove over to Morro Bay just to eat on the bay one evening and turned around and headed back inland ~ Not even knowing that amazing shop is there! AHHHH!!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Oh my goodness! Such beautiful eye candy!


Jan said...

WOW! I need some of these vintage trims..badly! Just beautiful :)

bunny said...

Hey! I'm gonna be selling my wares at Urban Barn in October...kinda scared but I'm gonna do it. Hope your doing well...seems like it's been a while. Have a wonderful week ahead of you.

love ya,

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh my goodness, Charlene! SO much fabulous giltz & glam! LOVE that box filled with sparkle and the vintage china doll's head (those are just about my favorite things in the whole world!)

Thanks for your visit, sweet friend! I DID come and see you last week on your first California post--you must have missed me! So enjoying hearing and seeing your visit--I really wish we could have gotten together--next time, for sure!

I'm going to have to find that shop in Morro Bay--too incredible--what joy! Did you have any money left when you got back home?!?!?

Hope you're having a fabulous day, my friend!

Julie said...

Beautiful stuff! But that first pic is just gorgeous.

Kim Hanauer said...

Hi Charlene!
Love, love, love all your incredible photos of your trip! Can`t wait to see more!

Kim Hanauer said...

I can finally comment on your blog!
Blogger has been hard to deal with.
Love ya!

Cindy Craine said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, i just fainted, now I'm back. Nope swooning again! Somebody get the smelling salts I can't stand it! OK we're going someday, somehow! Sandy's room for you was so beautiful, I love all of it. She just knows how to give everything that little tweek of bling and magic! Loved the post!xoxoxxo-cindy

Riki Schumacher said...

Ohhhh, Sandy is holding out on us, look at that bling, (drooling now). Too much fun, love Sandy's place. I could live there! Glad you got to see Lina G's, too amazing isn't it? Hugs, Riki

Sandy Navarro said...

You know my motto, "go big or go home" and I had to pull out all the stops for ya! So glad you enjoyed all the FabUlousness; it truly is my happy place but even happier when you're here. I know Lina G's will be on the list the next trip to SLO and yes, I WILL have a plan next time! LOL

Diane said...

Oh my...can't believe I drove past that shop (sort of). I heard it was great, and it sure looks GREAT! And, Ms.Sandy sure has A LOT of BLING! I had no idea...

Maggie said...

Hi Charlene--so nice to read your comments on my blog! No, haven't tried ollaberries but they sound YUMMY!!

I need to come back over here and paw through your old, fun stuff to look at and fun adventures. And all the bling in this post has me drooling!

Thanks for visiting,


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note.... I am having a Halloween Giveaway... Come on over!!

Maija said...

Oh Charlene!! What a wonderful adventure!!!! Sandy is really a living "Bling Baby"!!
But what did you come home with?!?!?!

Lisa said...

My heart skipped a few beats. That box of jewels, wow. Her creations & above all....that shop! I would book a ticket & fly there just to shop amongst all those laces, trims & babbles. Sandy is such a sweetheart, I can only imagine the fun you had.

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