Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PMC Silver Clay & The LOVE of Diana Frey Continues!


There are times that God intervenes & puts you in the right place at the right time. And that happened when I met Diana Frey March 2009. I had been through a rough time & I needed some new friends & a hobby that I could sink myself into. I had just started looking at Blogs (& had started mine) a few months before. And I saw this…

077 Shaker Doll #1

It was LOVE at first site! I had never done jewelry design before. I HAD DONE SOLDERING… I had taken (& since have taught) soldering. So that little charm with the music note (in the necklace above)… NO PROBLEM! But, the rest of it… Virgin Territory. I signed up for Diana’s class, bought an airline ticket, rented a car, talked a friend into joining me & we were off on our adventure (go HERE to see that trip).

017 Necklace on Lace Redone

I made mine (above) & have been a Diana Frey Fan ever since(Note: Sandy is obsessed & NOW MUST HAVE ONE TOO). I have been blessed to have taken MANY classes with Diana since. And BEST OF ALL to be blessed with having her as my FRIEND & MENTOR! She then introduced me to my precious friend Diane Cook here in Texas because she said we needed Art Sisters closer than California to tie us over between visits… Since that time Diane & I have become so very close & do a lot of things together (although we do live 5 hours apart) in Texas. Diana also introduced me to Riki who lives near Diana. Riki has become a dear friend too (she came down to go to Round Top with us). And precious Susan Hunt who took care of me in that very first class in 2009. Oh my California sisters of the soul how I LONG to be closer.


So when Diana (Ms Cutie herself in photo above) offered a PMC Silver Clay Class in her studio… Sandy & I were all over it! The plans began to come together. On August 27/28 we had the privilege to spend 2 days in the wonder of it all.


The tray above FILLED with the beauty of her work…


Pieces like the Copper Tube Bead (above) that she created in a class she had taken… And the bird house that reads “BLISS” Oh yes, it is BLISS to be around the talent of this magical soul.

Heart collage

This heart from another class where she worked all day on this one piece (it is hollow on the inside). Front Above.




So the students (there were 8 lucky girls – Back row right is Susan, next to her is Sandy & I’m the tall one in the back) came to The Master to learn…



The bezel (right)created with the silver from the syringe & resin poured to fill & protect the image… You might think “oh that’s easy” NOT!!!! The box made with individual flowers that had been molded & then applied… DSC04707

And this piece… THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF WORK that went into this. Each piece molded & applied.

Raw piece collage

The whole process is… you take a piece of clay (tiny VERY expensive package) & you roll it out or put it into molds & carefully work with it until it has dried, been sanded (in a fragile green ware state), fired, cleaned, hardened, & polished. It is then ready to hang your crystal bead below it & your post above it to create a pair of earrings that you will be proud to say “I MADE THIS”. Or for the pair on the left (that I did) set a stone in before it is fired.


Which ended up looking like this (I don’t know if these are mine or Sandy’s as we both did a pair).


There’s never a minute she doesn’t look like a million bucks! Here’s Diana taking a bunch of our goodies out of the kiln. Oh yeah… ANOTHER TOOL NEEDED!!!!! And baby, that’s a BIG ONE (price wise). The PMC Clay is made of ground silver, a binder, & water. Once made into the piece & fired it comes out to be 99% silver.

Bracelet collage

Is your heart beating a little faster now? While looking at that bracelet above? I have begged Diana to teach this bracelet class again. Sandy & I want to do it & know that Cindy Craine & Charlotte Perez NEED this class too. Diana, that’s half a class already full… GIRLFRIEND DO YA HEAR ME NOW???? Hee Hee!


And this is a ring (left) made by an artist Diana & I met at Adorn Me. I LOVE IT & NEED ONE! Diana please send me her info. And the piece on the right is one that was on the tray as an example & for some reason it calls to me. Now, let’s look at a few of my pieces that I made.


A bracelet focal point.


A beautiful bird soaring with wide spread wings.

Take Flight collage

Some small pieces on the left that will be used on other things & on the right a piece for a necklace “Let Your Heart Take Flight”.


Another pair of earrings. And below, is Sandy’s AMAZING piece. It is large & made to go on a necklace. Each thing you see is an individual piece that has been layered onto that base piece. Instead of making a lot of small components, she made one MAJOR FOCAL PIECE! GOOD JOB!


And then below is my friend Susan’s pieces for the bracelet she is going to make. This was her second class with Diana & gives me much hope that I too will be able to master this with some more practice. Susan, I can’t wait to see this finished & envy you being able to get together with Diana to play since you live so close. Although after all the tedious cutting out & stone setting on these pieces she assured me she would NOT be playing with PMC Clay any time soon.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the things from the class. I had such a great time being there. I am off again for another class this weekend with Diane Cook. Hubby is pouting about being left home again but, it’s a quick trip to Austin & back. Pray that the wild fires have been controlled & we have a safe trip back… Next week I’ll do a post about Diana’s studio & some of the treasures to be found in there. Also, I hope to have some photos of the class with Diane. Have a great weekend.

HUGS! Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

These are stunning pieces, Charlene. I'm so glad that you met Diana just when you needed someone like her and in time to discover your passion. I am always amazed at all the traveling you do, but you rock, girl!! Have fun in Austin!


Sandy Navarro said...

Yes it was love at first site when I met you wearing your secret shaker doll necklace - Thank you Diana! LOL And now my obsession has been fulfilled; pics to be posted at a later date. PMC was an absolutely FabUlous class. I think everyone did an amazing job. All the pieces were so different. And yes Diana, PLEEZE offer the bracelet class again next year!

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, my GOODNESS, Charlene! I need to come and take classes from YOU!

Love each and every piece, but I gotta tell you that your first one with the vintage doll head just absolutely stole my heart! Those are my favorites--you've GOT to tell me how to make something like that!

I'm all inspired now...need to go & make something!

Can't wait to see what you'll be learning THIS weekend!

Sending lots of love your way, dear friend...


Kim Caldwell said...

Gorgeous Charlene! Art friendships have saved my life too!



Jan said...

be still my heart! what a great time and you're so creative and talented with making jewelry...GORGEOUS pieces...each and every one!

Maija said...

OMG- what fabulous photos from your amazing class!! PMC is such a fun medium, and you created beautiful pieces!! I read back to your post from your first class with Diana. I remember the first time I discovered Diana was when I saw the shaker doll head necklace and I, too, was hooked on Diana.
Have so much fun with Diane this weekend! Be safe!

Leaping Frog Design's said...

Oh Charlene!!! Thank you for sharing. I have wanted to play with this clay for years and years but never worked up the courage. Your pieces are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am inspired...

Shari Replogle said...

Wow! All of those yummy PMC treasures. They are absolutely Gorgeous ,every one !
Have fun on your next adventure this weekend Charlene ! Can't wait to see.

Have a safe trip.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh man your creation is SO lovely. (You should link this up!)

I would love to spend the day doing this.

Well done my friend.

Diane said...

Stunning work Charlene! PMC is indeed addictive, therefore, I MUST not even think about it twice =) Okay, maybe I will take the bracelet class with Diana...lets get her to do it in JUNE???? xo

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Beautiful work and that sure is a lot of creativity all in one place. It looks like you girls not only create stunning pieces, you have a ball doing it. Have fun on your next adventure. Blessings, Tia

Really Rainey said...

Those are all so beautiful! I use PMC clay but my pieces don't look anything like those... wow!

Rainey @ The Project Table

art takes a village said...

Charlene, thank you for sharing more of Diana's work and your gorgeous pieces! I will have the pleasure to meet Diana at Art Is You in Petaluma, CA ~ Sept. 22nd -26th! We will be taking JoAnn Perotti's classes together...I can't wait!
I would love to learn this design medium ~ i'm definitely in for the bracelet class. Pllleeeaaassseee Diana!
I've been so crazed these past month's creating and maintaining my Etsy. Thank you so much for your kind words of support on my upcoming event at Tinsel and Treasures. I am hoping to breathe a little after it is done. :)
I miss you dear friend and have been without my cell phone for the past 3 month's ~ lost your number! :(
Oops! I'm sorry for the LONG comment...just so much to say! I love you and miss you sooooo much dear friend!

art takes a village said...

Me again Charlene, blog account is having issues and showing that Romancing the Bling is "Art Takes A Village" ~ I hope this didn't confuse you. :( I'll deal with it later!

Romancing the Bling

Cindy said...

I think Diana's art is just amazing. Such a talented gal, looks like this was a great class, you all created some really beautiful things.


Rebecca said...

Amazing Charlene! Oh my gosh! Everything is just stunning! LOVE IT ALL! don't look old enough to have been married 41 years. NO WAY!

You must be livin' right!


Cindy said...

Now that sounds like fun! Beautiful jewelry and fun with friends...doesn't get any better than that! Thanks so much for visiting Diana and for your sweet, sweet comments!

Joy Marie Jones said...

Hi Charlene! OMG! My heart just skipped a beat looking at your beautiful creations and what a great class! It's so hard to find great teachers and workshops where I live and I think I need to start traveling the country to learn a new trick or two. Thanks for sharing ~ xo ~ Joy

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Sweetie,
Yep... you got me! I am drooling and I got the chills too! I just love Diana and have followed her work for years. I hope to meet her and take her class one day too!

Thanks for sharing all these gooooorgeous photos! Ahhhh....


Maggie said...

HOLY TOLEDO, I love it all!! I stalk Diana's blog and DIE over her flickr pics. Love her work so, so much. And yours is all so wonderful too! How inspiring. What an awesome trip/class to take! Looking forward to seeing more.


Mary said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time creating! Those fires are so distressing & devastating~ Hope you stay safe!

Cindy said...

Charlene, I sure enjoyed traveling to CA via your blog post and sitting in on the PMC class with the fabulous Diana Frey! I too am a big fan, but unfortunately have not taken a class from her. you think she'd consider teaching online classes so those of us over on the East Coast could join in?? :-)
Your PMC pieces are simply stunning. I am in awe. The detail is amazing...and that charm bracelet is out of this world. You're one lucky lady...taking a class with Diane Cook now this weekend! I can't wait to finally meet Diane in a few weeks. And I'll finally get to be a student! :-)

Kay Ellen said...

oh my goodness that jewelry is just stunning Charlene!!
I loved Diana's jewelry the moment I saw it too~~!

What a special class and art-filled day!!!
I am going back for another look at your blog entry...!

I Loooove this jewelry!!


susie said...

OMG Girlfriend...these pieces y'all made are FABULOUS!!!! It makes me want to take that class too!!! So unique & personal, each one with it's own special beauty. I may be hooked!!
Hope the wildfires are calming down around Austin, I've been so worryied about all my fellow Texans in jeopardy. {I do think of myself as a Texan at heart, lol}
Miss you friend, I'm so glad we had a chance to see each other while you were here, I would drive anywhere to getme some CP time!!!
Big Hugs & I can't wait for the next installment..

Lorena Angulo said...

What a wonderful experience !! I will love to be part of that class !!

Thanks for liking my ring, I am very happy Diana likes it too.

Hola from Texas !!

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