Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader & Remembering 9-11


I’m just back from a jewelry class in Austin, TX with my buddy Diane Cook. IT WAS A GREAT CLASS!!!! And when Cindy & I got home this is what I found…

Daddy & Elle collage

Daddy Darling & Ms Elle (dressed in her Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit). Daddy Darling is of course in his LAZY BOY LOUNGER (On the phone as always) & Elle is resting at his feet. Everyone that knows us knows Elle has quiet the wardrobe & Daddy isn’t afraid to show it off (ever seen a big guy push a pink dog stroller through Lowe’s???? I HAVE).


And Momma’s not the only one with new jewelry from “Aunty Diane’s” class as Elle got a new black (above) collar with BLING & a new white one (below). No! Not from class but, from the groomers.


She’s one fancy/spoiled little Havanese don’t you think?

Now, on a more serious note… I want to say how today makes my heart hurt… Remembering 9-11 & the loss our country suffered. The loss of lives of so MANY souls. The loss of FREEDOM as we knew it! Almost a loss of innocence. Oh how false our sense of security was. I still remember where I was, the shock, the horror… But, I never want to forget… WAKE UP AMERICA! Thank you Channel 11 news for this photo I borrowed to remind everyone to remember… to come together as a nation & to be proud of who we are & what we have.

I will be back in a few days with the last post of my trip to California & give you a peek into Diana Frey’s AMAZING studio & then share the class from Diane Cook. Have a great week.

HUGS! Charlene


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Charlene....your little Elle is a precious cheerleader!!! I love her new collar too ~ you always have the most fun!!! We're all remembering those precious souls that were lost today, it's so heartbreaking even after ten years, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Riki Schumacher said...

I can't believe how light Elle is!! When did that happen? She had a lot of black on her, now she's a beautiful grey, toooooo cute. Love the outfit, that Daddy is whipped! Love the new collars too, can't find there here, so Mad has no jewels right now, oh no! Yes, hard to believe 9/11 happened, seems like a bad dream, only not. Many hugs, Riki

Lynn said...

I tried to make Lexie wear clothes but she would have nothing of it. She does have several collars, however. I have one that is her nome collar and one that says "I am visiting at..(address & phone #) for each of my sisters and my daughter's house. Just in case! She is chipped, too, of course! Don't we love our babies!

Cindy Craine said...

I think as skinny as Riki is she should get cheerleader outfit too! I had a wonderful time in Austin with you and the rest of the Diane Cook gang. Spending time with you and wonderful new friends was a bright spot on an otherwise very sad, very heartbreaking day. Big Hugs to you and fuzzy face. Oh Elle too!!xoxoxox-cindy

Rebecca said...

What a DARLING cheerleader. Now...if you get time sometime tomorrow stop in and see my post. I have something CORNY planned! :) Your post reminded me about it!

Beautiful post. Blessing~Rebecca

The French Bear said...

Ha ha, she is adorable and that's what happens when you leave Papa in charge!!!! So sweet! I have missed you too my dear, it has been a long hard summer, but hopefully I am back to blogging!!! Gosh, I have missed so much, you are so talented, and all those wonderful girls you have been hanging out with, my goodness you are all so creative, I love it!

Diane said...

What a spoiled little princess she is! That something else!!
So glad you and Cindy came to Austin to be with me~you are just the best.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Wish I could have gone with you girls! I am back from the Soiree and am so tired! I need to rest for a few days!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Elle's little outfit. This does NOT surprise me in the least that she and her Daddy were up to frivolity!!


Maija said...

Little Elle is so darling in her cheerleaders outfit!! I'm also loving all her necklaces!

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