Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KC Willis Collage Camp in Ft Worth


Who needs the added stress of a 3 day class the first week of December????? Anyone who LOVES KC Willis! Yes, this Cowgirl rode her horse (OK! It was a blue pickup truck) from Colorado to teach her AMAZING Collage Camp! There were 7 LUCKY girls who spent 3 AMAZING days with KC!


Carole (front left) arranged for us to hold the class in North Ft Worth at her Country Club & it was a perfect location! THANK YOU Carole (be sure to click on her name & you will link to her site Flights of Fancy where she sells amazing fabrics & trims)!!!! And next to her is my pal Jan who drove up from Kerrville & surprised me! Next to her is KC, Diane, & Debbie(from Oklahoma City). The girls in the back… Kristi (up from San Antonio), Me, Cindy, & Jan. Monday night we left the club & headed for dinner at a local Mexican food place where we talked & talked. WHAT FUN!


The class had 3 projects & above is the class sample of KC’s Alter or Shrine. Only Kristi & Diane finished theirs in class. Jan, Cindy & I will be getting together after Christmas to complete ours. Below is Cindy’s partial Alter (I think…) I WAS A DUMMY & FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA so the photos I’m sharing were taken by Debbie or Cindy. Thanks for sharing girls! Anyway, KC has AMAZING Images & Quotes to go on the work. Also, we had a creative writing exercise to help us “learn to listen” to what your image is saying. GREAT EXERCISE!


I think the one below is Debbie’s because the pin says “Mother” & she used a family image. It was very difficult to photograph anything as the room was a bit dark & you HAD to use a flash (which burns the photo) but, you can get an idea of the COWGIRL GOODNESS!


KC brought a HUGE amount of stock to sell to stores she has accounts with & she let us dig through them & get first pick…. Sorry the fireplace was kind of messy but, you can see there is one piece of wonderful after another.


Here are some of Cindy’s examples of the wares available…

blog -kc 2nd entryx3[1]

Don’t you love the piece on the left with the old buckle? It was from a ranch in Colorado that burned & in the barn KC salvaged all sorts of burned/rusted tack which she used & had in the “stash” for us to pull from. I got an old sleigh bell that was from a harness in the fire & I plan to put it on my Shrine (I’ll share photos later).

blog-kc x4 first entry[1]

Again, look at the fabulous mixture of fabrics, images, lace, metal findings… YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT FOUND OBJECTS THE SAME AFTER A KC CLASS!!!!!


One last image (above) of the class KC will be teaching in Oklahoma City next spring. Go visit her site & find out where this gal is teaching & get to one of her classes as THEY ROCK!

Now, it’s off to finish with some more Christmas prep. Are all of you running as far behind as I am? ENJOY THE SEASON & don’t just rush through it checking off your list. Listen to the sounds of the season, smell the smells, enjoy every single magical minute! I’ve missed you sweet friends & hope to get around to visiting you soon since I think I’m about to catch my breath a bit.

HUGS! Charlene


Lisa Phillippi llelsik@aol.com said...

Hey Charlene! I just went to the KC Willis 2 day workshop in San Angelo...that a few ladies (I won't name any names) were going to, but switched to the Ft.Worth workshop! :) I am glad yall had a good time. I loved our class,on the fabric book!So glad I went! Have a Merry Christmas!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh what fun you all (or should I saw ya'll) must have had!!! As always, I am envious of your good times!!! Glad you were able to do it though!!!I'm sure you learned lot's of great things! Have wonderful week sweetie!!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh you lucky dog you. I've always wanted to take a class with KC! How fun! Yes, I am thrilled you are coming all the way to CA for a class with us, I'm so excited. And it is just around the corner. Maddie can't wait to meet you too. Christmas dress? No, we're working on getting her outfitted to ride on the back of my scooter, in her woolies! We got a really solid, safe and warm carrier for her. Now for the noise factor. She doesn't like any motorcycles, urrggg. Working on it!
Hugs, Riki

Miss Sandy said...

Pure bliss! Love KC work, lucky you to get to take her class! Thanks for the spring heads up in OK, I might be able to make that one!

~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Boy that was quick Miss Charlene! I send you an Email asking you to Share about your Class With KC this morning and You had it Posted last Night Before I even thought of asking the Question!You are Amazing!Hat Fun you must have had! Everything looks so Gorgeous!
Yes I am Behind too But as you said remembering to Enjoy the Spirit of the Season!
Have a Wonderful Day my Friend!

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Just hopped over from Sandy's of Quill Cottage blog and I attended the Huntington Beach class this past Oct. and loved it, we took the book class and wall hanging. Will be going in March again for the shrine and star/heart class. Can't wait! Still have to finish my book, half done, will be on it after Christmas. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing the classes you took. KC's classes are the "best" ! Hugs Marilou

Maggie said...

just awesome! that must have been an inspiring workshop. her work is magnificent!


debbie musick said...

It was so much fun! I till think about it and smile. I did finish my flag and I am proud of it. Can't wait for the Spring OKC classes--I am becoming a KC junkie! Hope you are well and rested. Hope to get to see you again soon.

Cindy Craine said...

That was the best! I'm sneaking around fabric stores getting "samples" to recover my couch.....HA! I'm getting supplies for my next class! Bwahahahaha! It was a great group and a fun class. Did I tell you I bought a heat gun, a BIG one! oxoxo-cindy

Jan Hennings said...

How fun and what beautiful projects!

Kim Caldwell said...

Can't wait to see your finished projects! Happy Holidays to you dear Charlene!!



Diane said...

Oh, I know you had a great time and learned so much from K.C. I can't wait to see what you made =))

Kay Ellen said...

I love the artful treasures you ladies created Charlene!

Looks like you had a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing.

Kay Ellen

Rochelle said...

What fun! I love making fabric collages that tell a story...can't wait to see your finished pieces!

Maija said...

Lucky you to have had a class with KC! I signed up for a weekend flag workshop back in June or July for August, but it's been postponed twice now!! It's supposed to happen in January and I can't wait!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you made!

susie said...

Didn't you just ADORE KC??? And she is sooooo generous with her gift & shares so freely all her secrets, I LOVED my class with her!
I can't wait to see what you made, I bet it's amazing just like you!!!
Susie Q

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice post and pictures...I should have a post up sometime this week. That's my goal, anyway! I've scored quite a bit of fabric this week and am determined to get a collage done before Christmas! Can't wait to see all your finished projects! What a fun class... Kristi

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