Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Question From Elle


Does this dress make my “bottom” look big?


Mommy & Daddy had the company Christmas party here at our house last night & they made me wear my new Christmas dress. I DID NOT LIKE IT! All that tulle & fluff following me around…


Daddy LOVED it & gave me lots of kisses so… I wore it & looked cute.


And I was wearing my red & green jingle bell collar too. I like that & so does Momma. She say’s she can hear where I’m at when I wear this. Let’s look at some of the holiday decor.


Remember the silver trees Momma bought in Canton? If you missed the post about that FABULOUS shop click HERE. Well, the old typewriter usually sits on that table but, Momma put it on the floor so she could put her new Winter Wishes Snowman up there. I LOVE to run by & grab a bite of that fluffy stuff as I rip through the living room…


This is Momma’s year off from having the “Big Christmas” here (she did “Big Thanksgiving”) so decorating is minimal.

Kitchen  collage

She put a little tree on the kitchen counter because she loves the way the lights sparkle at night (it really makes that antique cut glass cider pitcher sparkle & shine). And a little gingerbread house up thee with the candy cane trees & poinsettia plant. Momma really LOVEs that funny little OLD GREEN JAR. It has old Christmas ornaments in it, a rusty lid & the word JOY on top. Daddy thinks Momma is crazy because she is always loving “Old” stuff.


A picture of Santa over the kitchen table makes it a happy room!

Noel collage

And then there is the BIG piece of furniture where Momma keeps a lot of her china & on top of that she put her favorite doll Noel. All dressed in her Christmas finery she sits on a vintage (OLD) sled. Go Here & Here to see the post back in 2009 when Momma got her.


Well, as you can see I’m given Momma the evil eye as it’s time to shed this dress. Hope you enjoyed the tour. And… don’t you think this dress makes my bottom look big? I hear Momma ask Daddy that all the time & IF he says yes, she takes it right off. Enjoy all the days of this special season.

HUGS! Charlene & Elle


susie said...

Hey CP...
It looks like Holiday Delight over at the Gray's with all your Christmas Goodness out, I wish I could come & have some Christmas Cheer with you & BF! {maybe some eggnog & rum} ;)
As always sweet friend, I am wishing you the Merriest Christmas ever & a New Year filled with LOVE.
Big Hugs,
SP {{hugs}}& smiles too...

Blondie's Journal said...

Elle looks just stunning in her party clothes!! Layla feels the same way though..."Get it off me!" lol! I hope your company party went well, your decor is SO pretty! I was going to go simple this year as well and then half way through the bins, my daughter said, let's just throw it all on!! And we did!!

Hope this finds you well and ready for the big day! Merry Christmas, Charlene, and thanks for being such a sweet bloggy friend!


Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Elle, you look magnificent in your new holiday dress! I love the sequins! Mommy didn't get me sequins, but she made me put on this silly dress today. I think she is going to do it again tomorrow and make me hold still while she takes pictures. Yuk. Whats a tulle? Can you eat it? Licks and love, Maddie

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

I love Elle!!

Nan said...

Dear Elle you look beautiful but I know that sometimes can be uncomfortable so I bet you didn't have to keep it on long! Merry Christmas to you and your Mom and Dad.

Miss Sandy said...

I think that dress makes Elle look even more adorable! What sweet touches you have made to your home to make it festive. Merry Christmas!

Mary said...

Charlene~ Love your sparkling silver trees! Elle's Christmas dress is adorable on her :) Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Jan Hennings said... does not make your bottom look look like a little princess :) Lovin' all your beautiful Christmas decor!

Karen said...

OMG Elle is just too stink in' cute!
My two would probably eat and shred anything that I try to put on them. They barely tolerate their coats if it is raining outside.
House looks fab. LOVE Noel on the sled!
Merry Christmas my Friend! may you have a wonderful peaceful day!

Cindy Craine said...

It looks great! Miss Priss looks adorable as always!!! Hugs to Larry and Miss fuzzy face!xoxo-cin

~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Oh Poor Elle.. The Thing you have to tolerate from your Mom & Dad..Buy Golly You look Adorable!
Oh Miss Charlene you have a Wonderful Collection of Christmas Pieces! Love them All! It Looks Wonderful!
Merry Christmas My Dear Friend!

Sandy Navarro said...

Love Miss Elle in her formal wear but I don't think shs's a formal kinda gal! LOL I'm gonna try to get a pic of the Christmas kitties when I find my antlers! Love all of my giftie goodies - thank you so much. Sending Christmas hugs to you all.

Maggie said...


Diana said...

Elle is so cute and such a good hostess to your party guests. Your home looks lovely with all of your treasures. I am sure your guests had a great time. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season my friend!


oldgreymare said...

and my kids give me grief with the dog sweaters! I would be banished for a dog dress...( but I love it)

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