Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back In The Studio With Diana Frey


As all of you know from previous posts I’m just back from California & the Charming Romance class taught by my amazing friends Diana Frey & Riki Schumacher. I did the posts about class (if you miss it scroll back & look at the beauty of the goods) & the time with my friend Cynthia (at Pismo Beach/Butterfly Grove) & my visit with Riki. NOW IT’S TME TO SHARE MY DIANA TIME!


Her studio is in her garage (which is wonderful because it has LOTS of light which wasn’t the case with these photos because it was night time) & it is stunning! Go HERE to see a previous trip that shows more wonders in her studio & home but, I don’t want to repeat things in this post…

Stamp Collection

She is THE QUEEN BEE for sure!!!! She is the most amazing artist, teacher & friend! I was blessed to meet Diana back when I first started in this crazy Art Jewelry World… Back in April 2009! WOW what a journey it’s been. I was new to blogging & found her blog. That was it!!!! I was HOOKED!!!! I always tell people that taking a class with Diana is like Crack Cocaine…. you’re hooked! My sweet friend Joy found out that’s true this past trip… One class & now she’s coming back with Sandy & I in July as well as bringing her friend Laurie with her.


Diana’s studio is full of treasures that she has made. Or bought from other artists. She has such a magical way with displaying all of it. That very first photo above is just a jewelry holder full of bracelets… each a work of art but, in mass…. STUNNING!


Who else but, Diana could take a vintage brass baby shoe (maybe an old ashtray, or just display with the brass shoes????) & fill it with Frozen Charlotte heads, a rock with a stamped banner, nest & old photo to create such an interesting display? WOULD YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF THIS?


A precious little shelf of MORE GOODIES!


My all time favorite thing… her book made in a Nina Bagley Class… sharing her favorite spot Point No Point (I think that’s what she said it’s called & Diana correct me if I’m wrong on the name). The book has an amazing Soldered cover with a piece of driftwood found on the beach.


A self portrait… beautiful just like she really is.


See the sea glass at the bottom on one page? And the bird… how precious is that? SONY DSC

A watch with no face because she says that there is no time in this magical place…. that’s kind of how I feel when I’m with her!


On the back page is a pocket that holds THIS necklace. The one with the egg, compass, & the book that comes out of that little tiny piece. The book that has a photo of all the loved ones she’s shared this spot with…. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


And would the back of the book be plain???? Not in Diana’s World. HAND STAMPED no less. Are you impressed yet?


A DREAMER???? You bet she is!


The QUEEN? YEP!!!!!!


A sense of humor? YEAH!

How blessed am I????????????????? To have these TWO AMAZING FRIENDS???? Priceless…. And I can’t stop pinching myself as I relive the amazing time (PRECIOUS MOMENTS) with all My California Art Sisters. Thank you Diana for opening this door to me back in 2009! You truly are my friend & my Mentor!

Hugs! Charlene

Heart to Heart JPEG

One more thing…

Click on the button to get a chance at Diana’s Give Away!


Sandy Navarro said...

What a wonderful post about such a beautiful and talented artist and friend. The pictures are stunning and your description of Diana's studio is so true; you really are in a magical place when your there. And I totally agree, the Nina Bagley project is one of my all time faves of Diana's and well. Can't wait til we're back there in July. Are we there yet!

Anita said... this I want to go create!

Diane said...

What a great time you had, and look at those big smiles at the end! Priceless indeed...=)

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Looks like you had a greeat time Charlene. Her studio looks stunning. Love that altered book. So inspiring.
Thank you so much for sharing

susie said...

You are so lucky my friend to go to all these amazing classes!!! It looks like such a fabulous time & the art work & photos are AWESOME!
Miss you CP...wish we could play ART!!'Big Hugs,

Jill ~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Oh Miss Charlene! What Lovelies She Has! What an Inspired Creative Soul! Both Diane And Riki too! So Much to be Learned from them!
Have A Happy Thursday!

Alisa Noble said...

Oh, that book is amazing!

Cindy Craine said...

What a grand studio she has! But only fitting for a Creative Queen !!!! I would have been taking photos of everything! I also love the photos where you caught them laughing! Those photos tell it all, you got to be creative with these two divine divas and had a blast! Great Post! xoxoxox-cindy

Laurel's Quill said...

What a great post. You are indeed blessed to have such a friend!! Laurel

Monica said...

LOVE all these pretty things you show us! Thank you, dear Charlene!
Sending love and hugs!

Jesus Cordeiro said...

Your work is WONDERFUL...I Love,Love )) Kisse from Portugal.Ju Cordeiro

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