Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Beach Kind of Day with Diana at Montana De Oro


Do waves crashing to shore thrill you like they do me?


The foam swirling over the rocks…


Diana took me to a favorite spot of heir's. It is Montana de Oro which means Mountain of Gold. No, not the metal kind of gold but, flowers… Diana said that in the spring the whole hillsides are a sea of golden blooms. Click HERE to see the information on this beautiful site near San Luis Obispo California. Of course it was February & the hills were still BROWN but, I can imagine them GOLD can’t you? These hills gently roll down…


To this sharp drop into the Pacific Ocean. We stood on this point & saw the waves rolling in. And if you look in the far background (photo above) those mountains are in the chain where Morrow Rock sits in Morrow Bay. This trip I was lucky enough for the fog to be gone & to see Morrow Rock 3 times. THAT’S A FIRST in all my trips here.


We walked the path (about 2 miles) until we came to the stairs leading down to the beach. See the guard rail at the top??? It was a steep set of stairs down.

Textues  collage

We loved walking in the sand which was not typical sand but, TINY pebbles ground to smooth. We LOVED looking at all the interesting TEXTURE! As artists it is amazing to look at color & texture no matter what your medium of choice is. Diana says that this is one of her favorite beaches to pick up small rocks & shells often found on her “Twisted Sister Necklaces”. We found a lot of Root Beer Quartz on the beach that day. I need to make a necklace or book (see the previous post with her amazing book made in a class with Nina Bagley) with some of it to remember this day with my precious friend.

DSC05775 A lady on the beach offered to take a picture of us. We were wind blown but, happy so YES! I did want a picture to remember OUR DAY! We talked about so many things… life, family, friends, art…


The sun reflected on the water as we reflected on life.


The fog began to roll in & I began hearing the long sad sounds of the fog horn blowing in the winds… It kind of mimicked my feelings of sadness to have to leave to catch a plane back home to Texas the next morning. An eerie sad song of gloom. We loaded back in her SUV & headed back to her beautiful home. Her precious hubby had a surprise for us…. Dinner at their favorite restaurant in old down town San Luis. The place he takes her for special occasions (like BDays & Annv). I felt so special & so honored. Thank you for that Dennis.


Speaking of her home… It’s stunning! Her flair for design & decorating is so beautiful, special & imaginative. Above is her living room bay window with a vintage train case filled with a live blooming orchid & a Joanna Pierotti doll.


And her coffee table… Another vintage train case & an ivy topiary. Look at the pretty tray…


Every where you turn it’s beautiful & I want to leave you with her angel. The one given to her by her Mother on her wedding day. Precious!!!! A Guardian Angel guarding another angel, my friend Diana.

Angel collage

Thank you to Diana & Riki for an amazing class (if you didn’t see that post go back to the previous posts & see the wonder of these two artist!)!!!! And a group of days doing just what my heart wanted most. Spending time with the sisters of my Art Soul. Thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. Now, NEXT… Paper Cowgirls. Be sure to come back soon to see all the fun!

HUGS! Charlene


Holly Loves Art said...

Such a beautiful post Charlene! And such pretty ladies. I'm just so happy that you had such a good time. I love seeing the pictures. Hope you're having a great week.

Laurel's Quill said...

What a perfect day with a friend. The ocean pics are stunning. Laurel

Cindy Craine said...

What a beautiful post!! I wish I had been there! You look like you were having a wonderful time! Great photo of of the two of you!! xoxox-cindy

bobbie said...

Hello ~
I used to live 5 minutes from M de O!
Your lovely pictures of the most beautiful place on earth (IMHO) have made me SO homesick...
But I'm smiling, too, so thank you ~


Miss Sandy said...


You are blessed to have so many opportunities to travel and meet and design with so many great artists. The beach was stunning, love all the tiny pebbles, very inspiring indeed. Thank you for sharing your amazing trip!

Hold the Phone said...

I know that I am going to enjoy your blog!

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