Saturday, May 12, 2012

Affaire At Tiffany’s Part One


Swaps Made….. Check

Swaps Wrapped…. Check  

Swap Gifts Shipped….. Check   And we’re Off!


Black Dress & Tiara….. Check   Cindy & I arrived at the cocktail party thrown by Cheryl & Terry all decked out in our black dress, pearls & tiara.  Our hostess with the mostesss Ms Kim Caldwell did an amazing job choosing such a great theme this year!  This was Cindy’s first time to attend a “Kim Event” & I can say it won’t be her last as she was like a Kid In A Candy Store the whole time.  You couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.


Friends from past events are always such a treat to see!


New friends to be made… all dressed DIVINE!!!!

The photo above & below was taken by our amazing friend & the events professional photographer Tiffany Kirchner Dixon  I can tell you Tiffany is AMAZING!!! She gets all the best shots (She should as that darn camera is a big as she is).  I don’t see how that tiny beautiful girl can LUG that huge camera every where but, her MAGIC IS AMAZING!  Thank you Tiffany.  I encourage you to go to her website (click on her name in blue above)to find out more about her & IF you have a special event to photograph… she’s your girl!

Tiffany captures the beauty of the treats that were served.

And the next photo is mine showing Kim giving the all clear to head down to Vendor night.


It didn’t take Cindy long to start shopping.


YES!!!!  The “Dolly Head” Tray was calling her name.


And the birdcage Dolly was hers too.  But, she really wanted the one below which Lisa had already sold to another vendor.  This one was made from vintage lamp parts.  I WISH you could have seen the guy (older gentleman that truly didn’t understand “MIXED MEDIA”) when Joy & I walked into the mail/packing store to send these treasures home.  The girl working there said “I’m gonna have nightmares from this tonight”.


And let’s look at some of Tiffany’s shots of vendor goodies…

Lonnie Jenick had these adorable necklaces… And I had to buy a brunette & a blonde (of course Cindy got the blonde as a roomy gift)

All sorts of things…  But, I love the photos I took of my friend Rochelle’s table.  Below is (left to right) Kim, my amazing Gal Pal Joy Campbell & Rochelle.


I LOVED the jewelry displays that Rochelle had on her table.   Made from vintage shoe forms.  It is soooooooooooooo hard to hang/display those long necklaces we all love so much but, this was ingenious!!!!


Isn’t her work beautiful?  And below, she had Audrey Necklaces which she gave to each of us (7) at our table.  So lucky to have her as a tablemate & we finally got to really visit & get to know each other better after blogging for a year or so.  These events are amazing for that!


Next, I bought a book from Jenny Doh & we had to have a photo op.



We were beginning to fade so we stopped at the tables where Kim had our party favors for the night (Tiffany took all the photos below)

Sunglasses in a flowered bag(above).  And a beautiful pink cream packaged in an adorable glass jar with a Tiara on top!  See I told you Kim doesn’t miss a detail!

One stop to get our photos made in the photo booth outside…

Speaking of Tiffany… There she is (above) & isn’t she as cute as I told you?”

And Cindy & I hamming it up!

And the last photo is of the tiara I had Deb Hodge make for Cindy as her Christmas gift (I knew we were coming to this & thought it would be a fitting gift).  Everyone LOVED the tiara & Cindy looked precious in it!  Come back soon for more fun at ‘Tiffany’s”.  And thank you Tiffany for sharing some of your amazing photos!

HUGS! Charlene


A Vintage Chic said...

What a fabulously wonderful time you had, Charlene! Love the Tiffany beautiful!

Thanks for sharing the photos...almost feels like we were there with you!

Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day, dear friend...


Jill ~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Dear Charlene
This Looks Like Fun!!! What a Great Event! You and Cindy make Adorable Audrey Hepburns!
Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day My Friend!

Sandy Navarro said...

So glad you gals had an Audrey FabUlous time! Can't wait to hear with next year's theme will be.

See ya in a few short week's for the next adventure!

Love ya lots!

Cindy Craine said...

Fabulous post, best you've ever done, like ever! Can you believe it's been over a week since we've gotten home!! Oh I want to go back. Thanks for being the best roommate! Where to next???xoxox-cindy

oldgreymare said...

What an amazing event for all of you! Such a beautiful gathering. It should be in the mag MINGLE, or has it been?

Karen Valentine said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! Not only does the event look like it was fabulous, you girls look absolutely beautiful!!! Especially the one of you and Cindy!!!! (but then, I'm a little biased.) The tiara you gave Cindy for Christmas is stunning and it suits her perfectly!! I am away for the next couple of days, but I would love to chat soon. I miss you!!! Have a great week. :)

Sandy said...

Looks like tons of fun! Maybe one of these days life will slow down enough and I will not be needed so much that I can get out and about and meet some of you gals!

Riki Schumacher said...

Sooo much fun Charlene! Isn't Rochelle a cutie pie, love her. And Cindy looks adorable in her tiara you had made, love it! Maddie says hi too. xox Riki

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