Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Affaire At Tiffany’s Part Two Classes

A beautiful table…
My name tag, the schedule & that beautiful handmade Chocolate Tiffany Box with a crown on top (made by my friend Cynthia).

Above is Class Samples of 2 of the classes for Affaire At Tiffany’s.     A darling lamp shade & a journal (which is quiet large).    I had soooooooo much fun doing both of these.  Neither is finished but, the journal is close.
Above, a scrapbook that is really cute.  I think I’ll use it to put a few photos of the event & all the business cards I collected.
And a cameo necklace class taught by my friend Lonnie.
Here’s Kecia teaching the class.
What I love about this sort of class is that you can make YOUR piece look like you want it to NOT JUST LIKE THE SAMPLE!  See… above Joy has shared hers… Nothing like the teachers.  And below is another one that I have no idea who it belongs to but, CUTE & made her own by using personal things to trim it out.
Below is another one to show the difference supplies can make (below & a few other photos by Tiffany Kirchner Dixon thanks Tiffany your work is amazing so if anyone needs a professional photographer here’s her link)

And here is one that I think belongs to Karla Nathan.  Adorable!

Before we leave Kecia, I have to share a couple of other photos.  I caught my beautiful friend Christine out in the courtyard with Kecia after lunch.  Each girl is adorable & has her own “STYLE”
But, look at the shoes… a picture is worth a thousand words.
And of course Tiffany got a better shot of Kecia’s boots.  Too Flippin CUTE!

And the next favorite class by none other than the birthday girl (Kim got Jeanne a beautiful YUMMY BDay Cake above)herself… Jeanne OliverSUPER LOVE THIS GIRL!  Click on her name to go visit her so you can get to know her.  I am going to sign up for her online class next!  I just found out the class is being offered this summer so go HERE to see for yourself what Magic this sweet girl has up her sleeve.

Building layers…

I have wanted to do a Journal as I’ve seen some AMAZING ones out there in Blogland & Pinterest but, I’ve always held back.  What would I write?  Would I want anyone to know my deepest thoughts? I’ve heard some people say they have LOVED finding their Mother or Grandmothers journal but, I have also heard some say “I learned things I wish I didn’t know”.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I expressed these fears with Jeanne & she said “Start with a HAPPY JOURNAL.  Start with writing things you are thankful for… JUST START & see where it takes you”
Profound words my teacher & friend.  Above is another one of Jeanne’s samples that I LOVED!

Lonnie’s Necklace (see Tiffany’s photos are 10 times better than mine that was above).  Cute!!!
But, others had their take on it.

My precious Joy has such a flair… Above you see her take on it.
OK!  I know OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!! But, I just think this years event was the BEST EVER!!!! The best classes & the best mix of Art Sisters!  Thank you KIM!!! YOU ROCK!
Hugs!  Charlene


Jennifer Rizzo said...

Just a great recap of an amazing event! So glad you are joining me this summer for the e-course and thank you for all of your kind words.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wow Charlene all of those classes look amazing!!! What a fun time!

The French Bear said...

Wow, Charlene, what a gorgeous many things to see and learn...I love it all!!!! You must have had a terrific time!!

Sandy Navarro said...

LOVE the necklace w/the lace from Lonnie's class! I love seeing everyone's take on a project. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Craine said...

Maybe it was you great roommate that made it the best! Me and Chubby head were good roomies,hehehe. Loved the photos!! Had a blast with ya! xoxox-cindy

Alisa Noble said...

What fantastic classes! I love how Jeanne showed her techniques on such a large canvas.

Riki Schumacher said...

Well how much fun was this? Love the pics Charlene, looks like everyone was having a blast! The pieces are so much fun, and Kecia's boots hilarious! Love them. xoxo Riki

lala said...

Thank you for posting lots of fabulous pics - I love seeing all the eye candy and everyones creations!!! It's obvious that a wonderful time was had by all!!

Connie said...

Wow! I had no idea my life was so boring, until I found your blog. I am impressed with all the fun and creativity. Love the shoes and the boots, but most of all, I love all the creative minds. You have so many ideas and dazzling projects going on all over the place. I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm and humble invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me, too. Connie :)

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