Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hubby surprised me (with a little help from my gal pal Sandy) with a QUICK TRIP to California to attend Diana Frey’s Petite Retreat.  My birthday is Friday & I will be in her studio making that amazing necklace above.  I have always loved it & wished for it whenever I visit her.   So, he’s staying home to puppy sit (& work while I go out to create).  THANK YOU HONEY BUNNY I’M A LUCKY GIRL!!!!
Then on Saturday we will all go to Remnants of the Past Antique Faire (click on the blue links to visit)located at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.  IT IS A BIG DEAL in California & I am very excited to get to go (another dream come true).  Gal pal Joy Campbell (see previous posts) & new buddy Vickie Orlando will be coming too (Vickie is in the class at Diana’s all weekend/we met at Kim Caldwell’s Event Affaire at Tiffany’s earlier this month).  And the cherry on top of the treat… our buddy Cynthia (who is featured often when I’m in California as she loves to play “tour guide”) will drive up from LA for the day to join us.  HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!! SHOPPING WITH YOUR BUDDIES!
Sunday will be a class for this little jewel.  We can do it as a necklace or an Art Piece. ????? Not sure which I will do.  I know Sandy is doing one like the piece above but, I don’t know that I need anything else sitting around… I’ll see where the mood takes me.  So, have a great weekend & stay tuned for more tales… Darn, I haven’t even had time to finish posting about the last trip 3 weeks ago.  I could have/have had worse problems. 
HUGS! Charlene


Holly Loves Art said...

Happy Birthday sweet Charlene! I've so enjoyed getting caught up on your beautiful blog. So many great pictures captured from our Tiffany's event! Just lovely! So glad you're having a wonderful birthday.
Big hugs,

The Feathered Nest said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!! What a great gift...he knows you well Charlene!! Wishing you a wonderful, creative time ~ hugs and love, Dawn

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a wonderful birthday gift that will be!

I hope your trip and birthday will be full of laughter, creativity and love!


Blondie's Journal said...

You ARE a lucky girl and your hubby definitely know what you love to do best! I'm thrilled for you! And I am sending a BIG Birthday Wish! Thanks for being such a good friend!


oldgreymare said...

Have fun and Happy Birthday - love the necklace!

Francy said...

Lucky lady! Happy Birthday!!!!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday my friend! Have a great trip and tell Sandy and Diana "hi" for me =))

June said...

You are going to have the time of your life Charlene!!! Happy Birthday to you! I love the classes you will be taking and the pieces you will be making. They are so pretty.
Travel safe sweet friend.

bobbie said...

LOL! Be sure to check out the men's bathroom at the Madonna Inn!! No worries; women do it all the time, and it is definitely worth seeing!!
That's my old stomping grounds ~

Have a great time!

Maggie said...

That necklace is GORGEOUS...can't wait to see what you create. Happy birthday....what a fun one you have planned!!

Cindy Craine said...

Oh fine, just go off and leave me ya bum! Just for me a doll baby head!!! And I hope it stares at you every night! Bwahahahaha!! No really, have a super time, hugs all around for the girls. I hope your birthday is simply devine dahlin' Love ya lots-cin

Monica said...

Happy birthday, dear Charlene! Lots of puppy kisses from Kim (to sweet Elle too) and hugs from me!
Have fun, love the necklace!

susie said...

Happy Birthday my Darlin CP!!!! It sounds like it is going to be a memorable one with all your friends, doing what you love.
You are one lucky girl my friend!! Hugs to boyfriend for being such a wonderful hubby to my dear friend.
All my love sweetie, you deserve it...

C'est moi Claudette said...

Oh you are going to have soooo much fun.
Happy day Charlene.

Rochelle said...

Okay....i am literally drooling right now - i swear one day i am going to make it to one of her classes! Happy Birthday Charlene! Spend lots of money for me too at Remnants - and be sure to say hello to two fabulous gals - Joy of Auntie Joy's and Cindy from Tarte! Hugs to you, Joy and Vickie!
xo Rochelle

Kay Ellen said...

Wowzers!! Beautiful treasures Charlene!

Happy Happy Birthday to youuuuu :))

Kay Ellen

Michele said...

Hi Charlene ~

The dress form is amazing ~~~~

Pearl 13.1

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Happy Birthday! Have a blast, I know you will. Can't wait to see your treasures.
Hugs, Pat

deb musick said...

Charlene, Happy Birthday. Give that special man of yours ad extra hug from me. He is wonderful. Have a ball and take lots of pictures/

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