Friday, August 31, 2012

Bacara Resort & Spa

After leaving Trisha’s house (see previous posts for that story)… we went to The Bacara Resort & Spa as Cynthia said it was DIVINE!  And she knows her stuff as a tour guide.
As rooms START at $500 & go UP…  we were there to look & have drinks out at one of the Pool Side Bars.  But, we loved the beauty & I thought I’d share if you ever need a “Special Place” near Santa Barbara.  Click the blue link above to go the site for more info.
The pool just calling your name.
Some of the rooms…
Some more private than others.  We wandered around looking & taking the path down to the pool side bar.
There’s Cindy & Cynthia ahead of us.  Don’t you LOVE the view of the ocean?  Look at those mountains out in the ocean.  And here is my sweet hubby & I pushing the stroller with Ms. Elle.
Heading down for the little “Umbrella Drinks”!  A girl just has to love a blue ice cream drink don’t you think?
Cindy & Cynthia… CHEERS!
Cynthia w Elle Santa B
I had to show you Cynthia & Elle’s photo together.  Cynthia has been waiting to meet Elle since I got her (almost 2 years) & of course, she’d never met Hubby either.  It was so much fun to have them meet her after all the times I’ve been out to California & she always takes me around shopping & sight seeing.  Elle wore her pink dress to meet Cynthia because… Cynthia is a PINK GIRL!!!!
Elle in Car Seat w Pink Dress
Here’s Ms Elle loaded in her car seat (NO! She’s not spoiled… MUCH!)  telling Cynthia good bye… And telling you the same thing.   Did you enjoy seeing this beautiful little spot?  We did.
Hope you have a safe & happy Labor Day Weekend!
HUGS! Charlene


Monica said...

A stroller for Mrs. Elle?? Oooh my, It's sooo pretty!
Never seen one before! You're too cute for words, girls!
Monica and Kim (that now wants a stroller!) xo

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

I am sooo very serious .... next time we're together remind me to tell you the story of my son's and my experience at Bacara! Let's just say, I was going there because a skin care product that I wanted to buy was sold in their spa. Had nooooo idea of what we were in for. Thank heavens my son just sold his clunker of a car and bought a used (in mint condition) Jaguar. Pulling into the resort our chins dropped and we were thrilled we "looked" the part!!!! And we played it up goo!! LOL

G. S. said...

What a pretty place to visit - thanks for sharing it with us. Your furbaby is adorable.)
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. I should be getting some of my projects done around here instead of making jewelry.
Enjoy your weekend.

Cheryl said...

Lordy, lordy, looks like paradise!

Rainey Shafer said...

Looks like such a lovely trip!
Rainey @ The Project Table

Alisa Noble said...

Ooh, thanks for sharing, Charlene. I might be heading out there this fall.

Diane said...

Love the picture of Elle's hair blowing in the wind.
Yes, this would be a very special place...sort of like The Dell Hotel in Coronado! xo

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