Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Francisco Here We Come

Welcome to San Francisco Poster Pinterest
Fun old Art Poster shows the next stop on our California Vacation
After leaving the Nipomo, San Luis Obispo, Shell Beach area we headed north to visit my sweet friend Leslie whom I met at my first Kim Caldwell Art Event Les Sierens in 2009.  I got to hook up with Leslie again this year at Kim’s Event Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Below is a shot of us & we were so happy to see each other again.
We had kept in touch from the very beginning.  Talking about our lives, dogs, everything.  We were supposed to spend 2 days there but, hotel issues arouse & we only got one evening together.  She & her hubby Vassilii picked us up at the hotel & just as they got there… the sun disappeared.  Leslie kept apologizing for the fog.  My hubby kept telling her “Don’t worry I’ve been in Texas with WAY more sunshine than I needed” but, she was still so sad we couldn’t enjoy pretty weather in her beautiful city.
Fog Collage
They took us up to twin peaks & the sun played Peek A Boo.
Elle got to meet Leslie’s sweet fur baby (I should say fur BALL).  Elle had never met someone with bigger hair than she had…. She thought him pretty handsome!  What a sweet boy he is!
Elle & Tzigan Collage
Famous places FLEW by……
Haight Collage
See the girl on the bike above & the car below.
Love the architecture!
The streets go up & down!
up & Down Collage
We went to dinner at this amazing restaurant called The Original Joe’s.  We put the puppies in a bag, threw a scarf over it & took them in with us.  They were quiet & good as gold while we had a wonderful dinner!
The church across the street was stunning.  That beautiful blue house divine. The park was so interesting. 
Back in the car & headed to Coit Tower.  I saw that in Ben’s season of The Bachelor & it was stunning I was so excited to see it…  I borrowed the photo below as it shows how it is set out on the point of The Bay with Alcatraz in the background.
Coit Tower Pinterest
Here’s my photo’s
The beautiful night sky.
I loved the flag blowing in the wind.
A beautiful night with a beautiful moon… Beautiful friends are such a blessing.  Thank you Leslie & Vassilii we can’t wait to come back next year & spend more time in your amazing city.  Have a great weekend.
Hugs!  Charlene


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, I'd love to see San Francisco! Your pretty pictures are the next best thing! How nice to meet up with good friends and enjoy the sights! I know you are having a ball on your trip! :)


A Vintage Chic said...

Such a beautiful trip, Charlene! A city I know so very well...just a hop, skip & a jump away from us! We've spent lots of fun days in the City by the Bay...looks like you hit many of the good spots--and the weather is USUALLY like that here!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend!


Romancing The Bling said...

So CLOSE...and yet, so far! I'm so happy you and Larry were visiting San Francisco! I live in the Noe Valley ~ when you were up in Twin Peaks I was just a mile, or so from you!
Thank you for sharing your photo's and trip as it looks like you had a wonderful trip! It would be great to see you again the next time you come to our beautiful City. :)
Take care my friend...


vicki said...

Charlene- your photos are incredible! The scenery is just magnificent-- makes me want to go back and see that city all over again!! You certainly were blessed to have a wonderful vacation!!


Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Those night shots were incredible! And isn't it fun to make new friends at events? That's one of the greatest benefits of going!

susie said...

Beautiful post friend!!! I love San Francisco, except I didn't love driving a stick shift up & down those hills...that always scared me sooooo much!! ;)
Even in the fog, it is a magical city, with so many gorgeous places to see. How wonderful you & BF & Elle were able to enjoy it's beauty.
Hugs to all...

Alisa Noble said...

SF is such a beautiful city! What a fab trip you guys had!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Charline!
I'm so glad you got to visit my old stomping ground! I have so many fond memories of what I still call "my city." Oh the pictures are really wonderful. And I do believe that the Bichon in the pictures has bigger hair than Phoebe too.. never thought that was possible. haha

Hope you're having a great day.

Diane said...

Looks like so much fun! I love San Francisco! You made me laugh when you said you threw a scarf over the doggies and went to dinner! I can't even imagine....

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