Monday, August 13, 2012

Diana Frey’s Queens Ransom Class

While out in California for Vacation (previous post begins the story) I was blessed to join some gal pals for Diana’s “Queen’s Ransom Class” which just knocked my socks off!
You're  looking at the class samples in these photos. 
Stunning aren’t they?
Diana ROCKS as a teacher & is an amazing friend.  I was so blessed to spend the class time learning & to have one on one “FRIEND" TIME”.  I was with her when she chose her new puppy Olive Rose & it was so much fun watching her excitement.  Almost like a a “New Mom” when she talks about her newborn baby… So sweet!
Here is the focal points of my finished piece.  I am so proud.   I LOVE how it turned out.  It did turn out like I had hoped.  Often in a class the piece talks to you or takes a different path (design/color/components) than you had originally thought.  But, this piece was JUST WHAT I WANTED!  I love that Diana taught us to make the cross.  We cut it out of metal & then embellished it.  I used a typewriter key with my initial for fun.  We used a torch to solder all those elements onto the necklace.  WHAT A GREAT CLASS!
I used some chain that sweet Cindy had & wanted to share but, while out in California, Vickie & I went to the Pasadena Bead Show & I bought some beautiful chain that I want to switch out for.   Cindy’s piece is stunning & I wish I had some photos but, we didn’t get that done while there.  She used PINK in hers & it is so pretty.
Here’s Sandy's.  It turned out so pretty!  She used a number of really pretty vintage elements in her design.
WOW! Vickie’s placemat was really orange with that flash… sorry but, this shows some of the detail.  And Sandy is an orange girl…. (see her headband in the previous post).
Now, if you can’t get away to take one of these amazing classes in Diana’s studio then you’re in luck because she just announced her first Online Class.  Click HERE to visit the link for more information.
Twisted Collage
Stunning Pieces will be taught!    Hurry over to see her & tell her Charlene sent you. 
Off to work with the contractors… After we returned home from our RELAXING   FUN  BEAUTIFUL   COOL Vacation… We jumped into a MAJOR Master Bathroom & Master Closet REDO!  It’s been a week of MESS & UPSET!  I’m tired of living with my entire closet strewn all over the guest room & living room sofa/love seat.  And the bottles of lotions, potions & other bathroom goodies strewn on the dinning room table… Oh how I wish I was back in California looking at this…..
Just me…………. California Dream’n on another HOT TEXAS DAY!
HUGS! Charlene


Kim Caldwell said...

Just BEYOND stunning Charlene!! Seriously gorgeous!!


Rochelle said...

Beautiful pieces Charlene! I'm thinking of taking her online twisted sistah class - i like the fact that you have the videos to look back on.

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

I am so excited to take a class with Diana at Art Is...! And hopefully I will be able to take one in her studio in SLO when I visit my son. Your necklace is amazing!! Just gorgeous! And the chain... it looks different from what I usually find. Good choice!!

Karen Valentine said...

Wow Charlene! Those are stunning!!! No wonder you were excited to take the class! Your piece came out gorgeous and and I bet it looks fabulous on you. :) Have a great week girlfriend!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Charlene, I do still have the ironstone pitchers. I'll look this afternoon and let you know the price. Have a great day.

Charlene said...

THANKS Karen! Like I have even put it on since I've returned... I mean really darlin you saw the photos of my house right now!!!! I'm doing good to find clothes to wear each morning. THE PILE OF "STUFF" everywhere is driving me bonkers! But, someday... I will change the chain on my beauty & get dressed up & GO somewhere in it. HUGS!

Monica said...

So sorry for the mess and heat, Charlene! But glad you had a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to mine, I've worked like a powerhouse since end of July, and I need REST!!
Hugs to you and little Elle.
Monica and Kim xoxo

Sandy Navarro said...

I absolutely loved this class! Of couse, we love all of Diana's classes, don't we! And your piece is stunning. I didn't make the cross in class but I did get a kit so I'm hoping to break in my new Blazer torch soon.


Tricia said...

Hey... I recognize that beach!!!
Wow, beautiful! I could never seem to put together jewelry that looked pretty, just clunky. I so appreciate folks who can. Your work is gorgeous, congratulations!
Sending some sand and cool ocean breezes you way,

just me... jan said...

As always....looking stunning!!! Glad to see you decided to come back to Texas!
just me...thinkin' we need to get together soon!...jan

Diana said...

Loved, loved having you in class my friend and spending quality time with you. Your necklace is over the top gorgeous. Thanks for joining me yet again here in California.

LuLu Kellogg said...

It is my dream next year to be able to take one of her classes in person!



Diane said...

Your necklaces are beautiful Charlene! I know you had a great time with Diana...she is such a great friend =)

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