Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

4,992 miles later…………. we’re home.
Across Texas, Arizona, New Mexico & into California we went.   Seeing some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  “Daddy Darling” & Ms Elle thought the petrified wood was pretty but, pretty darn hot.
Leaving Texas baking in the 100 degree marks we saw some of God’s amazing creations as we went across the nation’s highway system...  Heading to the central coast of California.
To the hospitality of our dear friends Vickie & Ray.  They opened their home in Nipomo for us to enjoy for 2 weeks  What amazingly generous dears they are!!!!  Their home is beautiful & the weather DIVINE!!!! The high each day was about 72 degrees with evenings in the 50’s.  I KNOW all my Texas friends were eating their hearts out.  But, this trip won over Hubby for he too now loves the summers in California.  And… Ray & Hubby were instant friends (discovering they share the same BDay).  Speaking of BDay’s…
The girls all gathered… Joy, Sandy, & Laurie(no blog for Laurie  but, we’ll work on her) drove up from the LA Area (bless them in that traffic). Cindy flew in from Texas & was amazed by the cool temps.  Terre lives in Nipomo, Diana Frey with her sweet hubby & a few neighbors all came for dinner & BDay cake for Vickie’s (yes… also no blog but, for sure are working on that one!)BDay surprise party.  My sweet Hubby grilled chicken, shrimp & endive lettuce (it’s a California thing as no Texas boy would grill lettuce!!!! But, it’s pretty tasty).  Look at that beautiful kitchen!!!
I had ordered a cake from The Madonna Inn (see HERE for post on my BDay surprise in June )  Diana had chosen what I thought was a 10” cake & we all ate on it for over 2 days so, I thought with so many coming I better order the 12”.  WOW was I wrong!!!!!!!!!! We ate cake forever & still threw some away but, it was yummy with whipped cream for frosting.
With her girlfriends gathered around she opened her gift.
Purse Collage
A beautiful vintage velvet purse given by Joy but, beautifully embellished by Sandy.  Joy took one look & teasingly said “Hey I want that purse back” as we all agreed it was stunning!!! Good Job Sandy!
Art Sisters is the title for that is what we have become!!!! 
Goodies Collage
Each of us chose 3-5 little treasures & wrapped them up to fill the purse.  Goodies ranged from beautiful piece of bling, to frozen Charlotte dolls, to beads, to an Oscar Meir Winnie whistle…  Just fun little gifts of love for a much deserving soul.  Happy Birthday dear Vickie & thank you for all you do for sooooooooooooooooooo many.
Headband box Collage
The beautiful box on the right had a crown necklace down in the handmade flower… Each of us carefully opened our headband (again created by Sandy with help from Ms Vickie).  It was inspired by the image seen on Pinterest.
Pinned Image
And here’s Sandy’s take on them…
It’s hard to get good photos of 6 women!!!! At least this one has all of our eyes open!!!   Diana donated a lot of amazing silk & velvet pieces from her stash from designer Robin Kaplan, Vickie had a good stash that was raided too… And we found vintage hat netting from Europe that I bought to add to the turquoise headbands for Laurie & I (which really added great texture but, can’t be seen here).
Here’s a close up of Joy’s (as she NEVER takes a bad photo & hers showed up well for a close up shot).  BEAUTIFUL WORK girls!  Thank you for all who contributed.  After this… we all headed for bed as we had another amazing class with Diana Frey the next day!  Check back soon to see more details. 
It’s nice to sleep in my own bed (although I didn’t find a bad one on the trip) but, I HATE THE HEAT IN TEXAS!!!! And I miss my California Art Sisters!!! 
HUGS!  Charlene


Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

You girls seem to have just the best times!!! Thanks for letting us be part of the party!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Welcome home Sweet Girl!

I am thrilled you had a wonderful time and got spend time with all your girlie friends!

Busy summer here. Just got back from house hunting in South Carolina. Our house has still not sold but is getting showings so I am praying hard that we get an offer soon!

Love you!

Lynn said...

Wow! That was quite an adventure in friendship and art! I love the headbands. It's like making a ya-ya-sisterhood hat!

Rochelle said...

welcome back! looks like you had a grand time! hopefully your texas heat is a little better...
xo rochelle

just me... jan said...

Hmmmmm...are we gonna lose you to all that great weather one of these days???? LOL C'mon...put your big girl panties on Charlene! 102 degrees in the shade ain't THAT bad honey! Just crank up the old AC!!! just me...sayin' we GOTTA do lunch soon...jan

Cindy Craine said...

I'm so glad you're home!!! It was fun while I was there, the weather, all kinds of girlfriends, even one male girlfriend!!! Thanks for posting these! I could kick myself for not taking my camera!!! See ya soon,xoxoxoxo-cindy

Sandy Navarro said...

Yup, a FabUlous time was had by all! Can't wait to do it all again real soon!

Love ya lots!

Diane said...

I know you and Larry had a great time in California...as we traveled the very same road last year! Makes you want to live there, but alas, just not possible, as it's too far away from our precious family...but great to visit =)
Are you coming to Concan??? Would love to see you guys....=))xoxo

Karen Valentine said...

I'm so glad you had a good time my friend! The photos speak volumes! I am so glad you were able to swing by and visit for a while, even though it was too short. :) The hot, hot temps have hit here too. Is 115 hot???? LOL!
Take care ans stay cool!!!!

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