Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick Catch Up

So many of you tell me all the time…. “Charlene I envy you all the travel & places you go”.  And I do travel & go a lot but, lately… the photo above shows my life.  My traveling has been between my houses.
Seven long days & three wonderful painters we hired are done with the painting!
The SCREAMING RED room has been tamed (see the little peek of what was left of the red).  The GREEN rooms toned down too.  I went with a nice neutral color to just let things be calm & then I’ll decide how & what each room will be.
The window above is in my Master Bedroom closet.  See the huge gap on the left side?  That’s as far as it shuts.   All the dirt, moisture, mess from outside just BLOWS right in.  Needless to say I’m not putting my clothes in that closet.  Have you ever priced windows?  SIT DOWN WHEN YOU GET THE BID!!! I about passed out.  But, we’ve ordered some.  More than I wanted to pay for I can tell you but, it will be wonderful when it’s done.
So far completed:
Dead trees & bushes pulled out.
Weeds treated (oh we had some beauties… healthiest dandelions I’ve ever seen).
Entire house painted inside (every wall, closet, piece of trim, wall paper gone…).
New doorbell & smoke detectors (yellowed plastic is not my favorite).
Water Softener installed (to save our new things as we have well water & need I say more?)
Windows ordered (well the broken ones anyway & there are still plenty with broken seals but, that will have to wait).
French Double Doors ordered & a new back door too.
New jetted tub ordered & due here on 4/9
New refrigerator….  
Packing, Packing & some more Packing!  WHERE DID ALL THAT “STUFF” COME FROM?
See why I haven’t been around?   But, while I wait for the next step (yes, that’s the bathroom remodel) I am thrilled that my gal pals from California are coming out to go to Round Top with me.
These sweet girls (PLUS MS SANDY) are heading out here for some Texas fun.  We’re hoping Ms Cindy gets well & will be with us.  The shingles have knocked her for a loop.  So stay tuned for more tales……..  ROUND TOP here we come!  And I’m leaving Hubby (& his horrible sinus infection… geeeeez I pray I don’t get sick from all his hacking) here to wrangle the contractors.
HUGS!   Charlene


Lisa said...

Okay, this bad friend just caught up on the whirlwind of a life you have. Sheeeez, I thought I was busy:)
Where is the new house? That workshop is crazy big! I can't wait to see what your going to do with it. So excited to see it complete. I guess you'll have room to host the art group now???

Kadee Willow said...

Oh.. you so needed that time with the girls to get your strength back again. Loved seeing everyone's beautiful faces! Charlene... what you're going through is what we did when we moved to our second home in the same town. Lots of trips between the two houses while getting it ready. And we had a TON of updating! Just wait until it's finished and you will become so thrilled and house proud! I sure did with mine! Giving you a big hug, and some kisses to get you through... Kadee xoxoxoxox

Karen Valentine said...

Wow! You HAVE been a bust, busy lady!!!! Taking a break with your friends at RT will be good for you!! Wish I was there with you! Have a great time!!!

vintagesusie said...

So excited for your new house, it looks fabulous! Moving is always such a huge project, but once it's done & your settled in, it is going to be a dream! Have fun in Round Top...I wonder if it's going to be a hot one, or cold & rainy like the last spring I was there. That's what I love, you never know what the weather's goin to be like in Texas, but usually Hot right!

Maggie said...

Round Top sounds like the perfect escape from all the craziness of remodeling and moving!'ve been busy! But your new home will be so wonderful once you are in and all settled (love the neutral paint you chose). Good luck with all the stuff that's not yet checked off your long list.

Have fun with your gal pals,

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope you girls will have a wonderful time! You have been a busy bee!


wendy said...

I should say you have been SUPER busy. I hear there is a needle you can get for shingles these days. I have been thinking about getting it. Sounds nasty.
Have fun with "the gals"

Charlene said...

YES!!! Lisa we will have the Art Group together again!!!! Can't wait. We'll have plenty of room for fun, classes, Art Events & more... can't wait to have you & all the girls come play!

Diane said...

Charlene....I am so excited for you my friend! I am going to definitely come your way to see your beautiful new home!
Can't wait to see you~soon! I believe I am going to slip up to RT this weekend, to have a peak at what's there....can't help myself! xoxo

The Farmers Daughter said...

Love Round Top! I haven't been there for years but see it on the net every now and then. There's a lot more there now than when we lived in The Woodlands back in 88-95. I miss the warm weather, too!
Easter Blessings,

Jill ~*Feathers and Flight*~ said...

Beautiful Miss Charlene!
Nothing like a Fresh Coat of Paint!
Hope You are Taking time to catch your Breath!

Mary said...

Charlene~ It must feel good to have accomplished so many things on your check list! It's amazing what a fresh coat(s) of paint can do~ love your neutral colors! Have fun at Round Top!

P.S. You are welcome to borrow photos! Happy Easter to you & Miss Elle :)

Riki Schumacher said...

That is so cool Charlene! Good for you, you must be so excited for your new home. Look forward to more pics. Wish I was joining everyone in RT, I know everyone will have a ball. Maddie turns three next month, can't believe it. Say hi to everyone. Riki

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