Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage Case Round Robin

The last thing I needed was another project but, I COULDN’T SAY NO!  When I was out in California in January, all the girls were at dinner in Pasadena after being at the Bead Show & Joy threw out the idea of a vintage train case/suitcase round robin.  I knew we’d just signed on the new house but, thought SURE why not!   It sounded like so much fun!  What was I thinking?  I didn’t need anything else on my plate but,  I found a little time to work on my case before boxing it up & sending it to Gig Harbor, Washington!  These cases will be well traveled when it’s all over!   I really thought the OLD American Airline tag on the handle was cool.  This is back when travel was glamorous!!!! Do you love the crocodile embossing on the case?  I DO!
Sorry for the shadows but, it’s so hard to find good light…
I found the case last year at The Urban Barn when Sandy & I were shopping on one of my MANY trips out to California.  I LOVED IT & knew I wanted to do something with it.  Joy’s idea was to do a bit to the outside & as it went to each of the girls they would add something to the outside & then put 4-5 treasures inside!  I LOVE the color of the inside of this case.  It was in such good shape.  Ms Cindy stuffed the goodies she had collected for me in a couple of the pockets.  A beautiful tea died sleeve (with pearls, lace & beautiful buttons) & other goodies all packaged up so pretty.
The trim on the outside is chocolate brown & a soft blue (with crystal like beads hanging from it).
And the image that I used was a Blog Banner my friend Tiffany Marshall designed for me a few years back.  I’ve always loved it (& I think I need to use it again soon so, MAYBE when I get back from Round Top I’ll change the current Princess Elizabeth on here now for this one).  Love the sweet little vintage coin purse with the white hankie peeking out. It has a long way to go (literally) & I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it returns.  
Back to keeping reign on all the contractors at the house. 
Hug!  Charlene


Tabitha said...

that is a wonderful redo!

The French Bear said...

Hi Char, sorry to be so late in getting back to you...the last surgery was wicked and it took a bit to get better. I loooovvveee your case, you do such a marvellous job!
What a great idea, you seem to be all over and having a blast, I love it!!! Your talents are always so inspiring.
Yes don't take your eyes off the contractors for a second.
I love reading about your adventures!!

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