Friday, July 31, 2009

Pink Saturday & I Am Blue

Welcome to PINK SATURDAY! And thank you Beverly for being our hostess. To see who else is IN THE PINK just go to my sidebar & click the button. Today I am glad it is PINK SATURDAY & I have all these pretty PINK flowers to look at because I am BLUE. I just found out that my favorite Uncle passed away. He is the only brother of my sweet Daddy. Well, they are together now with their parents in a very special place so... LET'S THINK PINK!




These were all in one big greenhouse that I went to visit in Dallas. What a beautiful mass of color!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet My Friend Lisa & Happy Birthday Pat

This is my friend Lisa at the Open House at Collected Treasures. She just opened up her shop & did such an awesome job that I wanted to share a few photos with you. Also, she is new to BLOGGING so I hope all of you will go over to her NEW BLOG welcome her to Blogland. She was afraid to start a blog & between myself, Janna, Pat & Dawn Edmondson, we talked her into it. I know I have met some of the most wonderful folks out there through my Blog & I wish her a lot of fun & pleasure from it. She is a busy Momma to 3 year old triplets & she needs some girl friends that share some of her interests.
This is the walls of her new space. She took these wonderful pages out of an old book & put them on the wall. As they dried they were the most wonderful warm honey color. Then she added some tea dyed doilies & other things to add more interest to the walls.
A corner in Lisa's shop.
And here is my friend Pat with the rose cupcake for her Birthday Celebration. Pat is the sweetie that gave me that wonderful box full of vintage lace & tatting for my birthday back in June. Well, when "Honey" & I were in California I found a sterling silver spoon ring for her BDay gift. SHE LOVES ROSES! Of course the ring had a rose pattern on it. We had her over for a steak dinner & this Purple (her favorite color of course)Rose Cupcake was instead of cake. "Honey was OK with Rose cupcakes for dessert as long as he got dessert. And Pat loved it.
A fuzzy closeup of her ring. Enjoy it my friend & Happy Birthday!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week & for all of you in Texas...hope you are getting some of the wonderful summer showers we are getting. And a break in the 100 degree temperatures. Enjoy it while we can. Don't forget to go say HELLO to Lisa (& please tell her Charlene sent you). Hugs!!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Welcome to my home & Metamorphosis Monday hosted by my friend Susan. To see who else is playing Met Monday please visit Susan by clicking on the button on my sidebar.
My "Honey" has been on vacation & spending money like a CRAZY MAN! He has been bugging me about a new front door for at least a year. He talked AT me until I gave in. Here is the old one that he says is showing deterioration. But, the neighbor next door (that he can't stand) got a new door & THAT fueled the fire. HE HAD TO HAVE ONE! So the HUNT was on!
With no wreath. Do you see deterioration?
The NEW one in the RAW.
Do you see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ signs?
Well, here she is! All finished.
And here is "Honey" & Ms Reba showing you the new door. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy.
The light does shine a welcoming glow. OK, don't tell him but, I LOVE MY NEW DOOR!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pink Saturday Flowers from California

Welcome to PINK SATURDAY! Hosted by Beverly. To see others playing in the PINK just click on the button on my sidebar. Here are a few beautiful PINK flowers I found while on my trip to California & I had PINK SATURDAY in mind while the camera was clicking!
And is this PINK Rose beautiful or what?
And one of my favorites.... Fox Glove. It's so pretty who would think it was used for medicinal purposes! I hope you enjoyed the flowers. I can assure you nothing looks like this in Texas after days on end of over 100 degrees. But, we have had some rain & are cooler (in the 90's) this week. Have to be thankful for what you get. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday California Central Coast

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan. To see Susan & the others participating click on the Outdoor Wednesday Button on the right. It has been a long time since I have joined all of you but, I missed you. So, I wanted to play today & share some photos of our trip to the Central Coast of California. This is in the area of Avila Beach between San Luis Obispo & Arroyo Grande. We went to dinner at The Olde Port Inn that sits out on the pier. This is the sail boats out enjoying the weekend.

We loved the way the water laps up on the sand right at the base of the mountains in some places.
This is a view of the rock at Morrow Bay. We were eating in a restaurant right on the pier (IE: the fishing boats in the foreground). The fog was so thick that at times we could not even see this huge rock which is actually a volcano cone. I believe Diana told me there is a series of 7 cones total in the area ranging from San Luis to Morrow Bay(this one is the smallest in the series)
This is the clearest photo we could get & I assure you that moments later the rock was completely hidden from view.
These two photos make me LAUGH! In Cambria we stayed on Moonstone Beach where there is a wooden sidewalk built to walk along the cliffs. There are so many little ground squirrels living under the sidewalk & in the brush that runs along the sides. This one was sitting on a post looking out at the waves.
A close up of this little cutie! Isn't that a HOOT!
A view up the coastline on Moonstone Beach.
Waves crashing on shore at Moonstone Beach.
Remember all the beautiful colors of blue & pink from previous sunset photos from my April trip in this area? NOT THIS TIME due to the fog which is also called June Gloom. This is sunset in the Gloom. But, it's still pretty in its own silvery way.
I hope you enjoyed the water & Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure & go see Susan & the others.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Girl's Treasures from Spring Antique Alley

Back in the Spring we had an event called Antique Alley. It is held every year in a town south of Ft Worth called Cleburne. I think there is over 15 miles of Antique & Flea Market Booths set up on the sides (both) of the road. Also, a lot of the people that live on this road have mini garage sales at this time. This year the weather did not cooperate & it rained like crazy. Leaving mud holes for vendors to set in. But, on Sunday Pat & I set off to see what we could find... The Jack Daniel's Shelf I shared in my last post was what I bought for "Honey" but, I need to show you some of my treasures from the same trip.
The first thing I wanted to share was this set of 3 vintage books from The Women's Institute. I love the one with the colored cover. The others have lost the covers but are lovely. Also note my little brass key on one of the pages on the left.
Sorry for the shadow of my hand here but, this is one of the pages in a book. Do you love the illustrations as much as I do?
And another.
This is one of 4 crocheted place mats that I found. And on it is a tiny Tea Set in the Blue Willow pattern. I love this pattern because this is what my precious Grandmother had. I am thinking it would be wonderful to do a necklace with it. What do you think? Can you see these pieces (or some of them) wired with pearls, blue beads & some soldered charms of old photos of Grandmother?
Another view of the Tea Set & a little china head (hand & feet) doll that I also found. I have no idea what to do with the doll. She is about 3 inches tall. Suggestions welcome. Please leave a comment.
A lovely lace runner that has a few holes (not serious damage) & is approx. 3 feet long. Already it is turning a wonderful shade of taupe.
And this is a length of lace that is so perfect to edge a dress, or sleeves, or who knows what. Or maybe I will use some in a long soldered charm. ??????????? It is VERY FINE lace. So Sheer!
This is just a few of MANY vintage Pearl buttons & buckles I was lucky to find. I can see them on pillows, necklaces, jackets... endless ideas here & I just love to look at them. I think I will put them all together in a pretty container to place on my worktable in the studio.
Another piece of lace with two vintage pins. I LOVE BLING!!!!!
And a small bottle of vintage BLING buttons & a BLING pin. Also, this very interesting gold pin. Oh I see soooooooooo many things using all these goodies. Where do I start?
And last but, not least... a pair of earrings (clip style backs)that have the most wonderful sparkle. My Grandmother used to sell this line of jewelry & she had a pair of these. After her passing they ended up in my mothers jewelry box. But, I had always LOVED these earrings & was thrilled to find them.
Which of my treasures is your favorite. And how would you use it? Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jack Daniels

Sometimes you have to buy treasures for the guy in your life because he encourages you to get the things you really want for yourself. One day in the spring Pat & I went to Cleburne for a Flea Market & I found this Jack Daniels sign for my "Honey". Now, it did not look like this! It was a light honey color & had cheap ugly wood & was sitting in the dirt leaning against a tree.The lady wanted $50. I called "Honey" & told him about it & wanted to know if he wanted it for his Jack Daniels Collection. He was not very excited about it. Maybe he was pouting because I left & he was home tired from his tedious work schedule that time of year. Finally to get me off the phone he said "get it if you think I need it". SOLD.
Well, it is summer & he has had time to work on it. He fixed broken areas. Added some wonderful dental moulding & painted it black. The black color really brings out the lettering & photo of Jack Daniels etched into the mirror. The shelf was made to hold all three versions of the Jack Daniels bottles. "Honey" does not have the round bottle that fits to the left (this is discontinued & been replaced with 2 different styles since this was made). But, we have decided that if we would put "Old # 7 where the round one should be because otherwise, if we put it where it belongs, it would cover Jack's face. We then put some of his collectors drinking glasses in between the bottle & above the shelf.
Here it is with the other pieces of his collection.
His Jack Daniels Shot Glass Collection. I added to this every other month with a new edition mailed out until completed. 18 in all. All displayed on the collectible edition shelf.
The "DEED" declaring him a Country Squire owning his parcel of land in Jack Daniels home land. I think if memory serves me his parcel of land is 1" x 1". Oh brother!
OK, this is a shot of the wall grouping behind our antique bar that we found in east Texas. The bar is very cool. It used to be in an old bar or saloon & still has the original holes drilled in the top for the lines to run to the keg that used to sit on top of it. Now covered by a crystal lamp. The finish is very distressed due to many a drink served on this old jewel. "Honey" just loves his treasure & it makes me so happy to add to his fun collection. He is so good to me & so sharing & giving when it comes to treasures. And he understands the difference between "I want this & I NEED this" A very valuable lesson that has been taught over 38 years of training. Enjoy my sweet one. Come on over for a shot of Gentleman Jack Sipping Whisky!
Now I wish I had taken a "before" shot for Susan's Metamorphosis Monday. Hmmmm maybe I should re-run this. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool Give Away for HOT SUMMER DAYS!

It is so flippin HOT that I think I might boil here in Texas today. Just a mere 104 degrees on the temperature sign at drug store. Hurry over & sign up for this Give Away. It looks like she has some great treasures! Who doesn't love a HOT Give Away especially in this HOT SUMMER Weather! Thanks Sherri! Click on this link to sign up! Have a good one!
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