Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Where The Heck Have I Been?

Room 1420    View

Houston, Texas to begin with…. I MISSED YOU GUYS! I have been reading some of your blogs but, I’ve been uber busy. It started 2 weeks ago when I went with Hubby to Houston for him to work. Let’s start there… We pulled our new RV down & stayed in a lovely RV park near Pearland which is south of downtown. Pool, hot tub, grills, horseshoes… this place had it all. Luxury RV’ing for sure! And then…


And invitation to join my precious friend Diane Cook of Rosa & Josie’s for her monthly meeting of THE ROWDY ART SISTERS ART Groups monthly meeting! What a fun bunch of ladies! Above is the image that appears on all of their Art Aprons that they wear each meeting.


This month it was Diane’s turn to host/teach the project & above is her sample. Don’t you adore the little girl in the resin piece? I DO! And I love the rest of it too. The way she finished out that piece of brass heart just set the tone for a precious focal point! Diane is an amazing FRIEND & teacher. Be sure to click on her name above & go visit her to see where all she is teaching. If you have a chance… TAKE ONE OF HER CLASSES!


We met in Kathleen Wedemeyer’s studio which is over the top(click on her name to link to her)! She has “STUFF” … WONDERFUL STUFF EVERYWHERE! And her studio is huge! This is JUST ONE ROOM of it. See the fabric curtain in the back left… another WHOLE ROOM of supplies. And then there is another large storage room for big things like ceiling tiles. On the back wall you can see some of her amazing art hanging on the walls. SHE IS ONE TALENTED GAL! Her studio is located behind her darling stone home & gardens. AMAZING!!!! Her home is like walking into an art dream… Everywhere you look it is over the top decor. I wish I had brought my camera that day but, I didn’t so I am using the photos Diane took to share the day (THANKS DIANE). Kathleen & I first met at ADORN ME two years ago when we took two of Diane’s classes there.


That’s Kathleen on the front left. And you can see me & my buddy Agnes (who I get to hang out with at Round Top every year & at many of Diane’s classes) on the right. This shows some of Kathleen’s goodies on the wall a little closer up.


Everybody working hard…


Our finished watch faces filled with our images & ICE Resin. Mine is that sweet little girl in the center front row. I LOVE HER! I did not set mine in the beautiful piece of brass filigree because I haven’t decided if she will go on an etched cuff bracelet… or if I will use some of the amazing beads that I bought at the Gem Show (can you see a future post there?) that I went to a couple of days later. Indecision stops soooooooooooooooo much creativity for me. DO YOU HAVE THAT SAME ROAD BLOCK? If not… please share how YOU push through that step of creating.


This is Kathleen’s finished piece (Diane went back the next day to help her finish hers). LOVE the image with the gear behind her. And the words… Artist……………….. Good Job Kathleen! Thank you to all you Rowdy Art Sisters for letting me join in your fun day!!!! THIS IS WORTH A MONTHLY DRIVE TO HOUSTON ! Don’t ya think??? They said I could join. And I’m thinkin I should too! NOW……… I must get back to piles of laundry & mail. Not to mention 2 weeks of billing for the company. After a week in Houston we hooked up with Diane & her hubby for a week of RV fun in Kerrville. Lot’s more photos & fun to post about soon.

HUGS! Charlene

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starfish MAGIC!


My birthday present from sweet Sandy arrived & when I opened it I SQUEALED with delight when I saw this AMAZING Starfish! She KNOWS how I adore all things coastal & when my BDay was approaching she went on a quest…

Stafish collage

I LOVE the uniqueness of this treasure. From the candlestick base (with aged BLING) to the watch face & the added BLING at the base. I had sent Sandy on a shell box seeking mission a few weeks back(California so had better selections that landlocked Texas) & I used some of those as my backdrop for this shot. Sandy said she was in desperate hunt mode when she & Robin hit Christie Repasy’s show Vintage Market Place in Rainbow, CA. They went through the whole show & didn’t find what she wanted. She said “I promised Robin we would leave after I made one more pass through all the booths”. AND THIS IS WHAT SHE FOUND…

A fabulous booth by Debbie of Blossom Vintage Chic!

Beautiful treasures at every turn. And right in the middle…

A closer look…

Sandy said she almost missed it!!!! OH NO!!!!!! I can tell you that this little beauty is HARD to photograph to it’s amazing potential!!!! Debbie used such creativity to put this together! None of the photos (mine or Debbie’s) do it justice.


In my master bathroom I have a ledge over my garden tub & in this little nook I have my Sea Treasures. At night I love to light the candles & enjoy my different little jewels. Below is a little glimpse of the selections by day.


I’ll share a few close ups…

Treasures collage

Left top is my shell bird house, Top right is a stunning piece of china with shells that I found in Round Top, also on top of the glass jar is my head band (with starfish) that I made at the Kim Caldwell's Art Event Les Sirens' in summer of 2010, bottom left my mermaid, & bottom right is the coastal bird nest that Sandy gave me for Christmas. That artists’ name is Vicki Boster & you can visit her HERE!


My little vintage French lamp shade on that candlestick lamp is so shabby wonderful & I ADORE the HUGE Starfish I purchased from Vignette's Antique (in San Diego, CA)thank you Lori you & the store ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! And speaking of treasures from Lori…


Love both of these & you can see the base from my Starfish from Sandy. LOVE the patina on it!

Night collage

I’ll leave you with the nighttime view. Pretty isn’t it?

THANK YOU SANDY for your thoughtful gift. Thank you Debbie for your creativity, thank you Lori for having treasures to ship to this landlocked mermaid stranded in a 107 degree Texas summer…

It’s just me dreaming of the central California Coast & wishing I was there!

HUGS! Charlene

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