Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art Glass in Seattle - Dale Chihuly

Do you LOVE glass like I do?  I have always been fascinated by it.   This Fall I was so blessed to go visit my friend Laurie that lives in the Seattle area (there's another post about her amazing house is you click HERE).  And while there Laurie & a couple of my friends (Cindy Craine &Vickie Orlando) & I went downtown to see the Dale Chihuly Museum  (Also click  HERE or on anything in blue for a link).  AMAZING!!!!  There beneath the Space Needle sits an EXPLOSION of color & design.  Anyone who love ART has to appreciate this amazing work.  The pieces above & below are displayed on the ceiling in one room (much like his pieces in the Belagio in Las Vegas).

The exhibit below was in a room with dark walls & the center of the room just filled with COLOR!

Below was an almost floor to ceiling (as you can tell by looking at the people standing next to it) piece & the colors were divine.  This room was called Sea Life.

A little closer up shows the detailed sea life done in GLASS!  Anyone who knows me KNOWS  I'm an Ocean/Sea Life/Mermaid Girl.

    People always ask me what my favorite color is...  I don't have one!!   I guess that's the Gemini in me but, I can't choose A favorite color.  I just love color!   GREEN is so beautiful to me so, this gorgeous swirling green beauty also spoke to my soul.

Just look at the detail!!!!  Some day I would love to take a glass blowing class.  On the plane a passenger I visited with gave me the name of a place in Seattle to study glass blowing...

Outside in the gardens the sculptures were everywhere in EVERY color you can imagine!

As I said, this garden sits right below the Space Needle.

To get to the garden you walk through a huge glass hall (I bet they have Events & Weddings in here... I can just see it can't you?)  Look at the beautiful glass hanging from the ceiling!

         This is looking at it from the outside on the other side.

Seattle is truly a beautiful place & this little piece of ART HEAVEN just makes it even more special!

I hope you enjoyed this BURST of color.  I'm in the middle of YET MORE remodel work in the house so, I needed something happy to look/post about because right now my world is workmen & dust.  And no money for travel.  But, I can reflect on my previous adventures & dream about the future ones!  HUGS!

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