Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Decor




Don’t you just LOVE my new Ms Pumpkin Head?  I do!  A little outing this past week to TJ Max scored this baby!  I told myself I’m not doing much for FALL DECOR as it is our year to do Christmas NOT Thanksgiving so the Christmas decorating will begin early & be intense.


It’s still HOT here in Texas so to get into the mood for FALL is difficult!  It’s not still 105 degree’s but, 90 something just doesn’t feel like FALL either. Yet, I needed a little “FIX” in decor so AWAY went all the shells & mermaids.  Out came some of the FALL goodies.

Above you can see the fireplace in my living room (that we just had refinished during our big bathroom remodel).  While we had the tile guys working in the bathroom they tore off the old builders white tile & I had them put up this beautiful white stone.  LOVE IT!  The fireplace vents to the back so we don’t have a typical mantel.  Instead a big shelf that I always like to add pretties to sits above the fireplace.  And a pretty fan shaped window to bring in the light.


A pumpkin filled with FALL colored flowers…

A few velvet pumpkins (I want to try my hand at making some of these.  Have any of you tried it yet?) again found on my TJ Max trip…  I’m thinking I need a piece of burlap crumpled under there so I don’t have such a plain/shinny surface under the pumpkin.  What do you think?

I love the vintage red glass Martini Shaker Hubby & I found in an Antique Shop near Houston.  My friend JoAnn gave me that pretty red cut crystal decanter.  It makes me think of her every time I see it.

Not much Halloween (although I LOVE it) this year but, who can pass up on of my favorite cards (above) by Susan Wheeler framed & always making me smile.


BEST FRIENDS another card sits on my counter by the kitchen that always makes me laugh (JoAnn made that for me too).


I love my witch silhouette sitting between the living area & kitchen.  This photo is taken looking into the kitchen where you see my plate stand sitting behind her. At night she is so cute with the flickering candle lit in her lantern.


Happy Haunting her cone says…


Up on top of the refrigerator is a little vignette that says “AUTUMN” spelled out in Scrabble tiles.  Does anyone else like to use these other than me?  A tea pot all crackled & crazed dated many years ago & sold by SEARS.  My Daddy (&Hubby) worked for Sears for many years so this is just sort of an old time feel good.  Vintage hotel silver tea pot found last year at one of the Flea Markets in California.  Another pumpkin filled with flowers, a vintage oil lamp (I LOVE the fluted globe on this one) ^ a beautiful “Autumn” metal plate that I won in a give away years ago from Nan.


Our little breakfast table with the vintage buffet.  The table was from my Grandmothers days of living on the farm in Iowa where my Daddy was born & raised.  One of my most precious pieces because of the “history” & stories.  Oh how I loved them both (Grandma Zella & Daddy & how I miss them so….).  The picture above the buffet is a print we brought back from North Carolina.  We love the Autumn color along the Snake River there.


Last but, not least the beautiful silver tray found at Vignette's Antique Shop during Kim’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Art Event.  I LOVE that tray & wish I’d bought more.   The glass pumpkins were from a gallery in Asheville, N.C. that hubby & I both adore.  Hope you liked the little tour of Fall here in my home.  I am enjoying the change.  Have you decorated for fall?  Leave me a comment & I’ll come visit you too. 

HUGS!  Charlene

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Delta & Time With Friends

The sun was bright, the temperatures were in the 70’s & I LOVED being with my girl friends….  After leaving San Francisco we headed east to an area called The Delta & hooked up with my gal pal Joy Campbell.  The next day we went into Lodi to hook up with Natalie Hansen.  I had taken classes with Natalie (see a cute interview, photos & some of her jewelry designs HERE) in Dallas at The Gilded Life (held in the amazing Church turned Home/Art Studio) & we have been at Events hosted by Kim Caldwell together but, this time we went to visit Natalie in her stomping grounds.  We had so much fun having lunch & shopping.  After leaving Natalie Joy, Tina (a new friend met through Joy) & I headed to Jessie’s Grove Winery.
Joy was into the spirit while the huge OLD BARN was the back drop.  We did a little wine tasting & found a few we really liked. Cindy & I swear Joy NEVER takes a bad picture.
This winery is so pretty with all the old trees & there is so much history here.  I had borrowed a book from Joy about  this family & their struggle to keep the family farm.  We bought our wine & headed back to The Delta are where our hubby’s were waiting.
A very interesting area where the Sacramento River & San Joaquin Rivers meet before emptying into the San Francisco Bay.  The water ways are HUGE with amazing boats of all types & sizes.  It is a huge area where many crops are grown & shipped all over the United States.  The soil is fertile, the climate mild, water is readily available for irrigating & the crops are yummy!
Delta #1
We went out with Joy & her hubby on their boat & enjoyed an amazing afternoon.  See how wide that river is…
We docked & went into a little Marina for lunch.  The poor puppies had to stay outside (we thought we’d be able to bring them on the patio but, NO!).  I can tell you Joy’s DUKE barked & told management his thoughts on separation anxiety.  Elle was left on the bed in the boat & wiggled so much that the carrier had dumped to the floor when we got back… After that the two of them had a great time being out on the boat with us.
Duke & Tina
Daddy & Elle (she has quiet the life doesn’t she?)
Huge bridges spanning the river that you can go under.
Bridges too short so you have to radio the operator to open them.  Fascinating!
I wish I had taken more photos of the houses built along the river.  Sooooooooooooo charming most of them.  Each with a dock out back & swimming platforms.
Thank you Joy for hosting us in this fun wonderful place.  We got to see a totally different side of California here.  We loved meeting Tina & Mark.  Natalie… I can’t wait to see you again at the next event… better yet, let’s plan an event here in Texas & have you come out here to teach!  If there are any of you in the DFW Metroplex that would like to have something like that please let me know so I can start an email list to notify you as I really do want to do something here in Texas for those of you who can’t travel so far.  Leave me a comment with your information or send me an email. 
In the meantime… enjoy this cooler, rainy day we’re having.
HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Belt Buckle Give Away

Did this get your attention????   This is a few from Cindy’s private stash… But, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month my friend Cindy is having a give away for the belt buckle below. 

So click HERE (or on my sidebar where her button is) & if you want to pass on the word….  You have until September 29th to go register to win.  And… while you’re there tell her Happy Birthday as her BDay is also 9/29 & I think she should celebrate all month.  Have a great weekend.
HUGS!     Charlene

Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Francisco Here We Come

Welcome to San Francisco Poster Pinterest
Fun old Art Poster shows the next stop on our California Vacation
After leaving the Nipomo, San Luis Obispo, Shell Beach area we headed north to visit my sweet friend Leslie whom I met at my first Kim Caldwell Art Event Les Sierens in 2009.  I got to hook up with Leslie again this year at Kim’s Event Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Below is a shot of us & we were so happy to see each other again.
We had kept in touch from the very beginning.  Talking about our lives, dogs, everything.  We were supposed to spend 2 days there but, hotel issues arouse & we only got one evening together.  She & her hubby Vassilii picked us up at the hotel & just as they got there… the sun disappeared.  Leslie kept apologizing for the fog.  My hubby kept telling her “Don’t worry I’ve been in Texas with WAY more sunshine than I needed” but, she was still so sad we couldn’t enjoy pretty weather in her beautiful city.
Fog Collage
They took us up to twin peaks & the sun played Peek A Boo.
Elle got to meet Leslie’s sweet fur baby (I should say fur BALL).  Elle had never met someone with bigger hair than she had…. She thought him pretty handsome!  What a sweet boy he is!
Elle & Tzigan Collage
Famous places FLEW by……
Haight Collage
See the girl on the bike above & the car below.
Love the architecture!
The streets go up & down!
up & Down Collage
We went to dinner at this amazing restaurant called The Original Joe’s.  We put the puppies in a bag, threw a scarf over it & took them in with us.  They were quiet & good as gold while we had a wonderful dinner!
The church across the street was stunning.  That beautiful blue house divine. The park was so interesting. 
Back in the car & headed to Coit Tower.  I saw that in Ben’s season of The Bachelor & it was stunning I was so excited to see it…  I borrowed the photo below as it shows how it is set out on the point of The Bay with Alcatraz in the background.
Coit Tower Pinterest
Here’s my photo’s
The beautiful night sky.
I loved the flag blowing in the wind.
A beautiful night with a beautiful moon… Beautiful friends are such a blessing.  Thank you Leslie & Vassilii we can’t wait to come back next year & spend more time in your amazing city.  Have a great weekend.
Hugs!  Charlene
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