Thursday, October 30, 2008

Witch Party II

Oh my goodness... You missed the Witch of Politics! In my last Post of the 3rd Annual "Twitch" Party (called this because JoAnn's grandaughter could not pronounce WITCH) Crystal was missing as the Witch of Politics & also the group photo from dinner.
What made Crystals costume best of all is that she is a Republican & married to the most liberal (& Vocal)Democrat to be found. Originally she was going to be nuetral in her costume so as to not offend anyone at the party. But, in going outside prior to leaving... she finds that Dan had put an Obama/Biden sign in their yard. SHE WAS FURIOUS! So she stomped back into the house & put on her Sarah Palin/Rosie the Riviter T Shirt & covered it up with her coat. It was not until they arrived at the party that Dan realized he was to escort her with this shirt on!!!!! LOL The last laugh was indeed on Dan that night! And for the last photo we grabbed the chef & had him join us. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Witch Party

Well, on Saturday there was a bevy of commotion as all the brooms whisked through the skies to bring the members of the Coven for a Pampered Chef Party. We let the Warlocks join us so they could play a little poker after dinner. Yummy Chipotle Chicken Cornbread Cups & Tangy Pepper Pecan Brie were whipped up by the imported... adopted.... witchy poo Amy (from N.Carolina) She found that it was very difficult to cook in full witch apparel. After we finished up here OFFFFFFFFFF we flew to eat at a favorite local restraunt & when 10 witches walked through the door... I can tell you there was a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz throughout the whole place! We even imported two of the witches from France. They enjoyed this little glimpse into American Fun very much. You can see all the hats piled on my bed for a photo session of their own. Enjoy the photo's. Get ready for a happy haunting.

Monday, October 20, 2008


When I started my blog I was searching for like "souls". Ones who saw the world in a different light. One that was creative, colorful, soft, warm, & kind. I am so new to this that I didn't know what to expect. I read, I dreamed, I wished (that someday my Blog would be as beautiful as some others I have enjoyed) but, most of all I was excited about meeting new friends & learning. In this I have been blessed in such a short time.

When visiting Madai I saw the most beautiful earrings that she had gotten from LuLu I commented to LuLu that I coveted the earrings I had seen & got the sweetest email requesting my email address for she had a surprise for me. Also in this email was this:
To those of you who aspire to be an artist, just be one.
To those of you who are an artist, be a friend - Wendy Prentice

A few days later... a package appears. And in it is my very own special creation by the sweet & talented Lu Lu! It brought tears to my eyes & joy to my heart to have made this new friend. She told me that after reading another blog that day about a woman doing a random act of kindness for someone shes didn't even know she was inspired to do the same. And the only thing she asked was that I "PAY IT FORWARD". To do something kind & unexpected for someone else. CAN YOU IMAGINE?????? WHEN THINGS ARE SO CRAZY right now there is still kindness, thoughtfulness, & creative lovely people.

LuLu you are truly an inspiration that I hope we can all learn from. Thank you Thank you my dear friend!!!!!! Enjoy the photo's & please visit LuLu & Madai to see LuLu (& Madai's) talent & beauty. Live a beautiful life my friends.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am so excited to go to work this morning to finish this job that has "Haunted" me all week!

When I get back I am going to PARTY with Vanessa & the other members of the Blog Coven Drop by & join us! Next year I promise to have many more handmade goodies but for now... Here is some of my Halloween decor & a few photo's from last year's Party at my house. Happy Haunting!

Also, be sure & check back in a couple of days. I will show you a special surprise that was in my mail from my NEW BLOG FRIEND LuLu at

Friday, October 10, 2008

FALL Flowers

This morning I was wandering around enjoying my yard & wanted to share some of the vivid colors that this Fall morning had to offer. My bright yellow Zinnia's were sooooooo happy & cheerful. And the other plant is kind of unusual. I don't know the proper name for it but, it is called "Bat's Face". And being October & Halloween time how appropriate is BAT FACE! If you look close you can see the little face & ears. After my little walk about I hurried to get ready to spend the day with my son Sean & sweet grandson Cooper. We went to the ride the train at the Zoo. Cooper loved it & the weather was wonderful... warm sunshine with a cool breeze! The days are getting shorter. I LOVE FALL!
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