Sunday, February 27, 2011

Round Top Frenzy & Theresa’s Blog Party!

Round Top Spring 2011

As everyone knows I am A TWITTER with excitement for the up coming Antique Show in Round Top, TX this spring. I did a post HERE that listed all the AMAZING, FUN ,TALENTED gals who are coming with me. And I can now tell you the list has GROWN!!!!! We have friends coming from California & Arizona as well as many from around the great state of TEXAS! I have added another new Arizona friend Barb to the mix via my friendship with Joy. Barb & I spent over an HOUR visiting on the phone & setting up a dinner for one night while we are there. She is just starting into jewelry design & is very excited about taking classes with my friends & mentors Diana Frey & Diane Cook. Isn’t it funny how those threads connect us to each other.

The Button above (& Below) were designed by/for my precious friend Diane Cook. For she is going to be one of the featured artist at Theresa’s Blog Party which will be held in Theresa’s booth right at the entrance of the famed ZAPP HALL! OUR GROUP will be there with bells on!

Diane Cook RT Spring

Last year Diane & I attended the party & really enjoyed our time there. Theresa does an amazing job of planning & putting this together. Everyone get’s together to enjoy a bit of food & drink, shop, & get to know each other. So many of us visit with each other via our blogs/emails but, it’s GREAT to put a face with a name. THANK YOU Theresa for doing this for us. And I am soooooooooooo pleased you have chosen Diane as a “SPECIAL GUEST” as Diane’s work is AMAZING! So, as you see here she will be one of the featured guests at the Blog Party. But, she will also have a booth at the Marburger Farm Antique Show that opens Tuesday March 29th. Be sure & stop by & see her at both locations if you are in the area.

To be dressed in Magnolia Pearl Style be sure & click on this button & go visit my sweet friend Cindy Craine. She is having a give away where the winner will get an authentic pair of Magnolia Pearl Bloomers. Cindy is a MP Fan & I think half her closet is Magnolia Pearl. What a little doll she is all dressed in her finery!

This morning I was laying in my bed & drinking my first few CUPPA’s of coffee (a morning ritual) & enjoying the new FLEA MARKET STYLE MAGAZINE which I just adored.


Have you seen it yet? It has Theresa featured in it as well as sweet Ann of The Tin Rabbit.

Tim Rabbit

I missed getting to go to her Christmas Open House & I am sad for sure!!! I am anxious to go this spring. She does an open house twice a year. Get the magazine & enjoy as well as BE SURE TO CLICK on her name above & it will take you to her blog where you will fall in LOVE with post after post.

In the Party Planning Post I showed you the Flea Market Cart that I ADORE which belongs to Shea & Debbie !


And Joy is making liners for her cart & for sale. Isn’t hers cute? She will be stylin for sure in those fields. If this is your style hop over to see her (click her name above for the link).

But, in the new Flea Market Style Magazine I fell HARD for this little jewel made by Amy Hanna. NOW the hunt is on for the bags & a trip to the Army Navy Surplus Store is a must…. WISH ME LUCK with this project.

Market Cart Cropped

ARE YOU LOVING THIS? Do you know of anyone selling the bags? If so please let me know. It’s just so DIFFERENT than anything else I’ve seen. ANOTHER PROJECT!!!!!!!!! LIKE I NEED ANOTHER PROJECT!!!!!!!!

Speaking of projects… I have completed my Bijoux Box INSIDE & OUT for Moulin Rouge Art Event (see post HERE) & with some more help from Jan the pillow for the Pocket Pillow Swap (hosted by precious SANDY) is now complete. I will try to get photos of it posted soon. Until then… I have company for a week so I might seem a bit MIA! Have a wonderful week!

Hugs! Charlene

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How A Bowl Should Be Licked

Life is Sweet! And sometimes sweet things just show up & have to be shared… My friend JoAnn sent me this email that I thought was precious. And so many of us are such animal lovers I thought I would share. So thank goodness the owner grabbed the camera as this little guy got into the goods! Enjoy!Lick 1

Lick 2

You know the feeling… you try something & then you need a bit more.Lick 3

And you just sort of “GET INTO IT”!Lick 4

This is pretty much how I feel about life right now. A bit overwhelmed. Swaps to prepare for, Hubby’s scheduler from Atlanta due here for a week on Sunday (yes, you heard me day & night for a week) so I can learn her job in case of vacation or illness, & then less than10 days later I’m on my way to see all my buddies for the event. I’m just pretty much in the middle of it all… But, Life is Sweet! Have a wonderful day sweet friends.

Hugs, Charlene

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moulin Rouge Art Event Bijoux Box Swap

March 2011 California Here I Come!

I don’t know if you have noticed this button on my sidebar. But, I have signed up to attend another Art Event hosted by the amazing Kim Caldwell. I went to my first “Kim Event” in July of 2010 & fell head over in heels for Manhattan Beach, CA & Kim’s MAGIC. The theme was Mermaids for the last event (Go HERE) to see more(there are actually like 4 different posts but, this will get you in the right time frame). Over The Top is the only words to describe these events for they will blow your socks off! This years event is Moulin Rouge! Although not one of my favorite movies… I LOVE Paris & MANY THINGS FRENCH!


In honor of this upcoming event I changed my blog design back to my much loved Paris Theme & Banner (created by the amazing Tiffany). Hope you are enjoying it as much as I do.

One of the things that often occurs for these events is SWAPS. I usually get excited & sign up for them. Then the next phase is the WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS? And then the buckle down & get’er done phase happens. This time I signed up for two swaps. I have completed the first of them with the HELP of my precious friend Cindy Craine of Lilly’s Lace! Last week I went to Cindy’s house & she had bags of lace, trim & other stuff out as she thought we were going to make Magnolia Pearl Bloomers. But, after looking at the fabric she had chosen we decided it was too stiff & we would work on my Bijoux Box Swap instead. THANK GOODNESS because it is less than a month & the clock is ticking! Here is the result…001 Top

Top... Beautiful cotton lace on a padded top. The Eiffel Tower image under a sparkling frame. Under that frame is tea stained bridal netting from under one of the MANY different bridal gowns that Cindy has tea stained (she has a great tutorial for that HERE). Also, in two corners are large pieces of tea stained bridal lace. And then I used vintage jewelry pieces. The bracelet, an earring, & a little stick pin.

002 Front

Box Top collage

For this swap you were supposed to find an old jewelry box & decorate it. Then fill it with whatever you wanted to. A little treasure box. I didn’t have one of these little jewelry boxes so the search started on EBay & Etsy… $15 (& with $12 shipping do the math…) later this one was mine & in pretty rough shape. COVER the whole BOX!003 Side

The side view… Pretty pearl colored paper with tiny polka dots & some wonderful vintage Paris/French images. Gel Matte Medium was my messy friend.

006 Back

A back view.

007 Inside

My partner wanted neutral colors with a little bit of pink or aqua… ?????…. Neutral/Pink/Aqua OK! That didn’t quiet compute but, I aim to please… Soft pink lining in the box. And some Aqua beads, German Glass Glitter… A few pages out of a vintage French Book. French to English Flash Cards…(thank you Linda) Some pretty vintage crocheted lace(Linda’s Etsy Shop again), a brass filigree heart, a vintage earring, Pink wrapped dark chocolate raspberry filled Ghuradelli squares…012 Moulin Scrabble Tiles

The words Moulin Rouge spelled out on a Scrabble Tray(found at Bloom & Bee Swanky an adorable shop in downtown Waco & the owner Amy is such a cutie) , a pearl bracelet from another Art Event I went to (I didn’t need this or amazingly I hadn’t taken it apart) Domino Box collage

I bought this adorable little box from Leaping Frog Designs. She made a jewelry box that pulls out to reveal THREE domino’s that have been repurposed with wonderful French Images. Notice the aqua color? Was that a lucky find or what? Gallette collage

And above is a Gallette hand made by my friend Jan Armntrout. She is an excellent needlework artist & loves doing ribbon work & lace making. When I told her about this swap she was working on a class sample for another event & she said “Let me make a Gallette for your box”. What is a Gallette? A French ribbon work created by MANY folds. She did it in the most beautiful sheer cream colored ribbon. And backed it with a German Glass Glittered back. She also made a Cacard (kind of a ribbon rosette) for the back to be glued on to the glittered part. But, I couldn’t glue it on the back for it would be smashed in the box. And I’m not sure I can part with this treasure although… she promises to teach me or make me another for myself… Let’s take a closer look at this amazing work of art. Beautiful isn’t it?008 Gallett

The box isn’t full yet but, I’m working on it. When do you stop? How do you know that it’s done?

How can I thank my generous friends for sharing their time, talent, & supplies? What wonderful fun times we had sharing & laughing as we created these gifts to give to a total stranger. Jan & I played one day last week on my second swap (A Pocket Pillow) but, it is not finished which is an excuse for another play date this week! I can’t wait! And Cindy… we still need to make those bloomers. THANK YOU SWEET FRIENDS!

Hugs from a busy crafter! Moulin Rouge I’m workin my way to you as fast as I can!


Friday, February 18, 2011

A Hole Big Enough To Fall Through


How can it be one year today…

This precious picture was taken just hours before I had to take you for our last goodbye. The wind blowing through your beautiful fur, the sun shinning on your beautiful face… And today, a year later there is still a HOLE in my heart big enough to fall through. Oh Princess Reba how I miss you. Your grace, beauty, patience & LOVE will never be forgotten. YOU can not be replaced… Nor forgotten! I miss you MY PUPPY GIRL!

Love, Momma

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Were Just KIDS! My Love Story

Love-Story-Linky-Party Karen Valentine

A Day Late & A DOLLAR Short… that’s the story of my life! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I was gone over the weekend to my class with my friend Diane Cook. I will share about that later this week but, I missed doing the post for Karen’s My LOVE STORY Event. You were to share your love story with others & I really wanted to do this. So, I’m late by a day Karen but, here’s the story…

I met my sweet Hubby when I was sixteen years old. I grew up in a household where I adored my precious Daddy(who was gone a lot for work) but, had a very “DIFFICULT” (I’m being very nice here) Mother. I was very unhappy at home & when I met that 20 year old, handsome fellow at the Pal’s Drive In (one of those old time hamburger places with car hops… oh my I am dating myself) I was intrigued. He was driving his metallic blue convertible Mustang & I thought he was pretty cute. After a bit of a conversation I found out he was in the Army & just back from Vietnam. I was out with my friend & her boyfriend (the two guys had gone to school together & her boyfriend is the one who introduced us) & we were supposed to be at a party somewhere else later that night. We said goodbye & I thought that would be the last of the handsome soldier.

NO! The next day he rang my doorbell. We sat out in my front yard in his “COOL” mustang & talked for hours. The letters began that week. He could only come home on weekends because he was still in active duty. The summer crept by & the weekend visits continued.

The very first date we went on he said to me “I’m going to marry you” & I thought he was the silliest boy I had ever met. By Fall I had began to think that maybe he was right. We did get married much to my parents chagrin & I moved off to be with him to finish his stint in the Army. We lived off post in a mobile home on the side of a rock hill in the central hill country of Texas. BOY DID I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN!!!! But, you know what… we grew up together. We made our way. We returned home the following Fall & I returned to finish my senior year in High School. Yes, with a husband & new baby I went back to school. He had to sign my report cards, call in if I was going to be absent… the whole nine yards. Easy? NO! But, again… we learned & grew together.

Forty years later… we’re still learning & growing & I wouldn’t change a thing. He is the kindest, most generous, sweet soul I know & I was a lucky girl to find him! And inside… I sometimes think we are still that 16 year old girl & 20 year old boy just looking for an adventure. How blessed am I? Thank you honey!!!! I’m looking forward to the next forty years!


HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, February 10, 2011

8 Things You Might Not Know

001 B

Last week my sweet friend Cindy from Lilly’s Lace gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. THANK YOU sweetie! I don’t usually “Do Award"s” or participate in this sort of thing because you are supposed to choose 8 people to pass the award to. I CAN’T or WON’T choose just 8 of my precious friends sooooooooooo…. I choose all of you! In accepting the award you are also supposed to revel 8 things that many people don’t know about you. Opening up to the world is kind of unnerving isn’t it? But, here in Blogland I have so many friends & think that something like this would help us get to know each other better. Sooooooooooooo here goes my 8 things & I challenge you to pass this on to anyone you want to share it with. IF you take up this challenge please let me know you are playing along because I would LOVE to come & read your answers.8 Larry & Char in Gruene

#1 I married my Sweet Hubby when I was just 16 years old. And I feel like I have been blessed to GROW UP with my best friend by my side. Yes, I know that photo is about 3 years old & my hair is a different color & short now but, we don’t have any current photo’s of us & I LOVED these so….. 7 Kissy Kissy on swing in Gruene L & Char

#2 I always wanted a daughter.


God had other plans….

2 Peas In A Pod Sean & Coop August 2010

I had 2 boys! But, I think GOD was wise. Since having my boys I have seen many little girls that while cute when young… I think I might have killed while going through the teenage years. Hubby say’s that since I am the only girl “You can be the only princess & be really spoiled”. I think I like his thinking.

#3 I wanted granddaughters.DSC00092

Again, God had other plans. All 5 are BOYS! But, oh what fun they are. We rough house, build “forts'” in the living room & I have taught them all sorts of boy things like when you are wet from the slip-n-slide… pee on the fence. Of course they all adore this & want to do this event even when they aren’t wet. IT’s A BOY THING & it drives their mother’s crazy! Hee Hee! My favorite motto is “sugar them up & send them home”. They LOVE to come to Nonna & BopBops house. And many times there are TEARS when they have to leave.

#4 I am very tall.

Group Picture X Jen's

At 6 feet 1 inches tall I have learned that in a group photo I will ALWAYS be in the back! Yes, that’s me back row center! Something you already know… I LOVE taveling to Art Events. And #5 This was my first big Art Event in spring of 2010. It was Petticoats & Parasols located in Savannah, Georgia & put on by the sweet Southern Belle Jenn Hayslip. Since then… I have become addicted to these events & go as often as I can. Jenn…. I’m BLAMING YOU! And YES! I plan on attending the one she is hosting this October in Ashville, N.C. The button for it is on my sidebar! Who can resist Fairy Tales & Castles?

#6 I am a Gemini. Twins! Two very different personalities. One very frilly & full of color while the other often prefers calm, neutral, soft… Never ask me what my favorite color is because the answer would have to be “Today my favorite color is_ _ _ _” (fill in the blank).

#7 I WANT TO LEARN DIGITAL ART/DESIGN! I am sooooooooo not good at this but, it is a burning desire & something I AM going to learn this year.Home is Where 11-24-2010

My friend Jill from Feather & Flight is the most AMAZING artist in this area & I have fallen head over heels in LOVE with her style & all of her work. She has promised to help me with this passionate desire to learn so I can also create beauty as she does. THANK YOU SWEET FRIEND for your sharing spirit. PLEASE go visit her (HERE) & fall in LOVE too.

~Christmas Banner 2010

Are you hooked yet?

~The Writing Desk11-2010

She has just been selected to be featured in Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2011 with this amazing piece below. Jill I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!! You deserve this!

A Perfect Melody 1-2011

#8 I have a serious addiction to COLLECT STUFF!!!!!!!! The most recent addiction is really an OLD one that has found a new form. BUTTONS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BUTTONS!

Blue collage

From the time I was 2 years old my precious Grandmother would let me play with her button box. I would sit for hours touching, sorting, looking at all the different colors, styles & textures.

Little Girl Button

My favorite is Mother of Pearl! Really, almost anything Mother of Pearl… Lately EBay has been my favorite source for Czech Glass Buttons. Between BUTTONS & VINTAGE BLING my EBay account has been kept BUSY & my checkbook relieved of excess cash.

2 Pinkcollage

OK! I DID IT!!!!!!!!! Did you learn something new about me? Or did you already know all of this? What did you find the most surprising? Hope you’ll play too. Share yourself with your blogging friends. It helps to get to know each other better. Tell me 8 things about you (in your comment or on your blog). Have a great weekend!

HUGS! Charlene

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Dog’s Life


Hello, my name is Elle & I came to live with Momma & Daddy (Daddy is the one who NEEDED me) just before Christmas. I have MANY adoring fans who keep asking Momma about me & since she has been too busy to show you how I’ve grown… I decided to take over the computer & tell you about my “Dog’s Life” myself. While on the phone with Auntie Riki last week, Momma asked her if my friend Maddie had “outfits”. And Auntie Riki said NO! I can’t imagine! Auntie Sandy say’s it’s all about “The Outfit”!

SONY DSC As you well know, yesterday was the Super Bowl played very near my house! Momma called it The Stupid Bowl but, Daddy got me my very own Greenbay Packer Jersey. I didn’t really watch the game but, I did lay around in my jersey playing with my favorite toy FROGGY.DSC03528

Last week as many of you know, we had TERRIBLE WEATHER!!!!! We had sleet, snow & ice. And it lasted for DAYS! One day Daddy even had to go to Oklahoma City to work. Momma & I stayed in watching the TV talk about the weather & the rolling brown outs where they cut power to save energy. I had to wear my favorite PINK PJ’s to stay warm.


There was a LOT of this… going on.Jammies collage

But, there was time to time that I had to go outside to take care of business & for that I had to wear my coat over my Jammies!002

Auntie Diana said my coat was very stylish & that she really loved the fur collar. I know it’s a bit hard to tell where the fur collar ends & I begin but, I’m styling for sure!003

When I went outside the snow was pretty deep! Hey don’t laugh… when you have short legs 2 inches is a LOT!Snow Baby collage

But, after awhile it got to be a lot of fun. I learned to use my nose as a snow plow.Snowplow collage

And this was pretty much the look of the day.DSC03524

I guess I better give the computer back to Momma so she can get to work on the invoices for Daddy’s company… and I have some very important things to take care of.SONY DSC

After all…. Froggy & I need our beauty sleep. I just wanted to say hello to all my adoring fans (Auntie LuLu I LOVE the emails you send & always end with “Kisses to little Elle”. And Auntie Riki…. go shopping! Maddie needs OUTFITS!

Hugs & Kisses from Elle Elf

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