Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When You Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long… Are You Older?

BDay Card Cropped

I LOVE the image of the girls on my BDay card from sweet Sandy. This seems to capture the essence of how I felt each & every time I was wished Happy Birthday. The happiness & giddy feeling you get when you spend time with someone who “GETS YOU”!

charlene from Lulu BDay Lunch Celebration Rest

My birthday was June 1 & the celebrating began (& contines with lunch this Friday with my gal pal Jan… A WHOLE MONTH of BDay) with some of my girlie pals coming into town for The Gilded Life Event. I picked Sherry up at the airport & we headed to Dallas to hook up with Lulu & Kim. They treated me to lunch at one of my favorite places called Celebration Restaurant. I guess I’m not doing too bad for ALL THOSE BIRTHDAY’S!

Lulu & Charlene June 2011 Celebration Lunch

I was a silly girl & forgot my camera but, Sherry got some good shots (thanks sweetie!). That is Lulu & I just huggin like we hadn’t seen each other in 4EVER (we were roomies in March/California for Moulin Rouge Art Event) I just hated that we didn’t get a GROUP shot of the 4 of us! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

Mermaid Necklace collage

I wanted to show you the necklace that Lulu created for my birthday… MERMAID…. Can you imagine that? She knows how much I love my mermaids & she made a bolo style necklace with the most amazing mermaid bead as the focal point. Mixing in the silver & pearls. THANK YOU SWEET GIRL! Be sure & go HERE & see some more of her beautiful work. I’ll warn you though… don’t let that innocent face fool you. She’s a HOOT & LOVES all the spooky things in life (Halloween) in fact, she just came back from Spooky Time Jingle Convention.

Scarf & Ring collage

And the frothy beauty of that scarf (with tiny flecks of silver that wink as they catch the light) is the first thing that Precious Sherry sent to me. And that ring… SHE KNEW how I loved the black, Bling & pearls… See how it would have matched the outfit I was wearing at lunch? She was so cute & said “I have to mail your gift because it hadn’t arrived when I left to come to Dallas. IT’s probably sitting on my porch right now" Below is a photo of beautiful Sherry who’s a true southern girl that’s as pretty inside as she is out. Thank you Sherry I’ll think of you each time I wear these.


Kim also came bearing gifts but, I’m saving hers for a post for Pink Saturday. Bet ya can’t guess what color it was.

I have to mention that sweet Cindy got me an adorable lace top & we have a “Girls Day” planned to embellish it (she got herself one too & we want to just kick them up a notch). My friend Susan came up last week to visit from Houston & brought me some tiny but, stunning pearl earrings that just didn’t photograph well. I guess I’ll have to share those sometime when I’m wearing them. MS SANDY outdid herself & that is also ANOTHER POST TO COME! But, as I said to each of these precious souls… THE GIFT OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS WHAT I TREASURE MOST! And my favorite saying is

God gives us our families but we choose our friends!

And I have some great ones! Thank you to each & everyone of you!

HUGS! Charlene

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty Pink from Cassandra for Pink Saturday

Box Top

Hello my sweets!!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA in Blogland but, I have had company & then some more company… And while I’ve been out eating & playing I’ve missed my friends here. I had my precious friend Susan here for 5 whole days & we had a blast! But, let’s show you some Pretty Pink for Pink Saturday!

Treasures Inside

Back in March while attending Moulin Rouge Art Event in California (by the fabulous Kim Caldwell) I won the door prize given by Cassandra of An Artful Adventure. And this stunning box is full of TREASURES! Wonderful lace & old fiber treasures! THANK YOU Cassandra! I love them all but, just can’t make myself use any of it!!!! Look how she stuffed it full of millinery flowers, old lace, tatting, shinny fibers… all calling calling calling to me! But, for now it’s all in my guestroom on the dresser where when I pass I see the beautiful pieces of BLING winking at me.


I did get some of the coastal goodies I ordered from Lori last week & I ADORE THEM!!!! Also come back soon to see photos of some of the sweet presents sent to my by some of my buddies for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And I hope you will go & join Beverly & the other girls playing in the Pink! Just click the button to link to them.

Pink Saturday

Stay cool & enjoy your weekend.

HUGS! Charlene

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Dreams & Shopping To Make Them True

Crystal Studded Nautilus

What is a girl to do when it’s sooooooooooooooo HOT outside? SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have spent days sitting at my computer finding treasures to make my Sea Dreams Come True!

3 Crystal Studded Shells - Beach Decor Display

I bought that beautiful BLING Nautilus Shell from


(Click on button to start your very own shopping spree!)

As many of you know I LOVE the Ocean/Beach & dream of living close to it but, I am a LANDLOCKED MERMAID here in Texas. So, I have decided to decorate the bedroom of our new 5th wheel RV in a beach theme. I also have BEACH in my Master Bathroom at home & see it creeping into other areas of the house.

AND THEN BE STILL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this! Remember me telling you about Vignettes Antiques in San Diego, CA when I was with Kim Caldwell & the girls from Moulin Rouge Art Event (HERE for that post) well I shopped there yesterday… via the internet & phone.

Shells in Bird Bath collage

The 2 HUGE Starfish (they are approx 12” across) in the photo above ARE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then Lori (precious owner of Vignettes) is getting me prices on a number of those beauties in the Sea Horse Bird Bath above!


I don’t NEED this mirror but, I WANT it! I think it would be amazing in my bathroom! To bring that home I would certainly need the RV for transporting it… ROAD TRIP!!!!!




One last look at MY starfish…

Natural Shells Quilt Bedding

Won’t they be splendid with the coverlet above? I didn’t buy all the pieces but, did buy the shell covered throw (HERE) for the bottom of the bed.

Reversible Shell Quilted Matelasse Coverlets - more colors

And this Matelasse Coverlet in WHITE is my base piece. You say “why would you put white on your bed” when your hubby is messy & Elle sleeps with you? I CAN BLEACH IT!!!! I love the shells stitched into the coverlet…

Seahorse Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover

And this beauty from Pottery Barn! The crewel work embroidery on it is STUNNING!

Along the Shore Flameless Candle

A few flameless candles… And things are coming together. Stay tuned for some more fabulous beach/shell items to come! Go visit Vignettes & Coastal Home Decor to see what you can’t live without…

In the meantime, I’m shopping & trying to stay cool!

HUGS! Charlene

Show & Tell Friday CLICK HERE

And since I haven’t joined Cindy in a LONG time & I do love her Show & Tell Friday I think this post shows some of my tells so… go check out the other girls playing by clicking on the button above.

Monday, June 13, 2011

You Couldn’t Wipe The Smile Off Her Face!


Ms Elle was thinking life was pretty good while she rode around Lake Texoma last week! This lake is HUGE! It straddles the border of Texas & Oklahoma & has MILES of cool water! And it’s a good thing because it is hard being a little black dog when it’s super hot. Momma had to keep Ms Elle wet to keep her cool outside. Above you see her surveying the lake from “her perch” on the back of the boat.


Sometimes she would just sit on the seat & look out the front.


When Daddy goes fast it makes wind in you hair! But, it doesn’t bother your nap if you ear is flying up over your head….

Truck & Trailer collage

Last week we took our “Maiden Voyage” with our new Outback 5th Wheel Trailer & our son pulled our deck boat. This gave us a place to stay right on the lake & it was perfect.

The Captin collage

The Captain & his First Mates were ready to hit the water.


“Little Bit” held Ms Elle.


It wasn’t long & The Captain killed the engine & those two mates SCURRIED up that ladder as fast as they could (that hard top holds 600 pounds & is perfect as a diving platform & stargazing perch). Soon the sound of “The Flying Frog” could be heard… Thud Thud Thud SPLASH!DSC04260

Pretty soon… it was toes up in the water.

JUMP collage

We are looking forward to a lot more fun with these guys this summer.


In the mean time… Elle & I plan on being wet to stay cool, no makeup, swimsuits & a hat…


What do you have planned for this summer?

STAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s supposed to be 101 tomorrow & the next day! And WHY do I live in Texas in the summer?????????

HUGS! Charlene

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Saturday & A Few Treasures!


Could you pass up this pillow????



And what about all those others? I have been wanting to share these darlings with you & thought Pink Saturday was the perfect place to do it. And another one that HAD to come home with me.


And here’s another one… Don’t be tellin Hubby!


I know this one isn’t pink but, come on… how could I not share her? Where did they come from?


Glitter Market at The Paper Crown in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma My amazingly talented friend Jackie of Good Grief Girdie had tables full of treasures. I had to borrow photos from her because when I walked in the door 3 minutes after it opened… it was already totally covered with people(who had been standing in line & then they MOBBED her table)! I couldn’t even see what all I wanted. If it wasn’t for my long arms reaching OVER people… I wouldn’t have gotten what I did! Click above on Good Grief Gertie to see more photos from the event.


The dresser in my guest room shows off 2 of these little jewels.


And the other one sits on a display shelf next to my recliner(along with a few other treasures I love).


One more goody I got that day… This sweet vintage butter dish with the German porcelain doll head is hanging in my kitchen. Hubby is just not loving all the doll heads but, they are a touchstone to my precious Grandmother that bought a kit & made me one of these dolls along with an entire wardrobe…

Pink Saturday

Hope you’ll click on the button & go join Beverly & the other girls playing in the Pink today!

HUGS! Charlene

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping … Otherwise Known As Hotter Than Hell In Canton!

A girl has to love her junkin or her friends…. OR BOTH to go to Canton, Texas in JUNE!!!!! But, Cindy & I both set out at 7 AM Friday to hook up with our buddies Lulu, Kim & Sherry who were all here for the The Art of Spring Event held by Shea & Debbie at The Church. I have had the joy of attending these events many times before but, since this was my Birthday Weekend… hubby had plans for us so a day of shopping was my quick fix for hooking up with my peeps! Most of the attendee’s rode the luxury 55 passenger bus provided but, Lulu, Kim, & Sherry came in the car as Lulu wanted to go to Winnie & Tallulah's Antique Mall in Athens (about 20 minutes south of Canton) to meet up with a blogging buddy she had to meet! OK! Let’s get on with this…

Deidra & Cathy (above) owners of Girls Gone Junkin are so blasted talented & I love their style of dress. So artsy! No cookie cutter look for these girls.

Manni collage

For those of you who know me well… you know I am a Manni Junky. NEVER ENOUGH WELL DRESSED MANNI’s & these girls have one I wanted to just DANCE off with. Covered in cute pins for sale. I ADORED THE WEDDING DRESS THEY USED TO DRESS HER UP!

Another wonder… Do you love the bag? Kim & I drooled over the lacey goodness of it for quiet sometime. The inside had pockets made from vintage dresser scarves.

See the necklaces on this manni? I have been making necklaces from salt shakers for quiet sometime but, had to buy one of these… of course I have to change it because I HATE the style of chain they have them on. I want to add wire wrapped beads, pearls, & other goodies! A shot below of some of the different styles & one with Cindy holding them so you can see the size comparison with her hands.

Shaker Necklace collage

A shot of the booth on the furniture side. And below one of the beautiful vignettes they had to show off some of these goodies.

Moving along…

Pearl Knock Off's collage

A stop at The Vintage Raven to visit Donna who is a friend of Kim's. In fact she buys jewelry from Kim to sell in her shop/online. Below is a couple of Kim’s necklaces for sale in the booth at Canton. And Donna has created some adorable clothes with vintage doilies & lace… Cindy bought an AMAZING full length dress in multiple colors & it is adorable on her. I will try to get a photo of her in it soon & show it to you. But, I did love that white one on the left.

Manni with Kim's Purse Necklaces

Isn’t it funny how we all sort of do similar things? Sandy & I have been eyeing this cute Manni on Etsy & there is the Frozen Charlotte Necklaces which are similar to the ones Sandy & I have been making. Yet, the form belongs to Donna (whom I have never met) & as I said the necklaces Kim has done are in the same “style” as Sandy & mine.

And speaking of Ms Cindy… here she is doing the “Boo Boo” face that Sandy & Susie aren’t with us to see all these linens (look at the stacks & rolling containers of the stuff). And that there weren't more frilly white petticoats. She scooped this one up…

Stuff collage

More treasures… See the precious doll dress in the middle (above)? I almost bought it but, about this time I melted through & through… 98 degrees with probably 80% humidity is too much even for us Texas Gals… I couldn’t decide & Cindy said “I’m buyin it & if you change your mind & want it than make the “Boo Boo” face & it’s yours but, we aren’t leavin it here! Speaking of Ms Boo Boo Face herself… She & my gal pal Cynthia met up in California for Christie Repasy’s Vintage Marketplace Sale. Sandy is wearing her coin purse necklace (similar in feel to the ones Kim made above) & Cynthia is wearing her pink necklace I made for here when I went to visit in California (go HERE to see that post). They were much cooler but also had a blast!!!!


I don’t have photos of what I bought yet. Some of it not really photo needed… I bought many $$$ of linen pieces made by Match Point. I LOVE this brand as it is cool & breathes in this Texas heat. But, I will show you the cute apron I bought & the salt shaker necklace when I rework it. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post on Canton & the lesson Sherry, Lulu & Kim learned was… listen to Charlene when she tells you it’s too hot to go to Canton in JUNE!!!!! NOTE: Much thanks for the photos by my sweet Cindy as I forgot my camera! Thanks for sharing girlfriend. What would I do with out ya?

Have a great week!

HUGS! Charlene

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