Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Petticoats & Parasols Day One WOW!

I am adding the PINK Saturday button so to the post that I did for Part One of Petticoats & Parasols. So, for those of you that have already seen this yesterday please forgive me but, I wanted to share the PINK wonder with the PINK Saturday girls. Stay tuned for the next part soon! I have so much to share. And you PINKIES sign up to follow so you'll know to come back for lots more luscious details of Savannah & this fabulous Art Event. Look below to see the beauty of the welcome dinner & some of the AMAZING decor. And click HERE to see others playing in the PINK
Welcome to the first of my posts for Petticoats & Parasols. I have never been to a Large Art Event before... & I had no idea what to expect. Our hostess Jennifer is truly an amazing SOUTHERN BELLE! She made the entire weekend a dream come true. Her attention to DETAIL was AMAZING!!!!! Above you can see the banner that was on our Swap Table. (For those of you that don't know this to go visit someone click on the name that is highlighted & underlined & it will take you to their link)
This was our beautiful hotel that greeted us upon arrival Thursday.
For Thursday evenings Opening Night Extravaganza Jenn pulled out all the stops & it was PINK HEAVEN! This was our table with it's adorable puckered fabric tablecloth. I LOVED the mannequins that she put on each table. Each wearing a beautiful PINK Petticoat. Notice she used magnolia flowers for the center of the table which are of course, very southern.
This was my place setting. You can see the beautiful white feather fan decorated with PINK tulle & a rose. Also in the upper left corner is the gift box from JO (more about her later for she is post unto her wonderful self) & at the top was a sweet pink fabric goody bag stuffed with amazing gifts. THANK YOU for your generosity Jenn!
This was the AMAZING Sweet Bar done by Rosalyn Sue Smith! She & her precious husband designed this whole thing. He built the shelves & frame for her. She then had all the curtains & front panels with that adorable silhouette embroidered. On this side was candy jars & bottled cokes. Click HERE to see more photos of this amazing evening on Jenn's site. Because Jenn & Tiffany who is a professional photographer, (how did I miss getting a shot of us together on this evening girlfriend????) could capture it sooooooooo much better.
And this side was full of home baked sweets such as fried peach pie, chocolate cake, coconut delight, pralines... are you getting the idea?
I wish I had gotten a close up of this beautiful centerpiece which was on the Sweet Bar.
We had amazing Peach Martini's here. The recipe for this treat is equal parts vodka & Daily's brand Peach Mixer with just a dash of Cointreau over ice. Shake well in a shaker & pour into a martini glass that has had the rim coated in sugar crystals. YUM! This became a hit with Hubby when I mixed him one upon returning home.
A few shots of the room & some of the Belles gathered to meet & visit.
Rosalyn Sue also organized the swap that I lamented making 24 favors for. OH SO WORTH IT! This is the table of the bags (we each got two)that she put together to give each of us. They were stuffed with so many treasures. To tell you the truth, I haven't even opened them all because I didn't want them all apart when traveling home. So, I still have that treat when I unpack! I had sooooooooooo many gifts & treasures that I am having my roommate ship home a bag of clothes so that I would have room in my suitcase for the gifts & goodies(Thank you sweet Heidi for doing that for me)!
When I first signed up to go to this event, I only knew Joanna & she had already planned on rooming with Bryanna & Cassandra so, I needed to make my own room reservations. I posted on the Yahoo Board & was so lucky to be matched with a perfect roommate. Upon checking into the hotel I met Sylvia (pictured below with Jenn at opening night) who was in the room right next to us. Her roommate had an emergency & couldn't come at the last minute so Sylvia hung out with Heidi & I all weekend. LOVE YA Sylvia & Heidi!
And below is the best ROOMIE in the world!!! Meet Heidi pictured here with our beautiful hostess Jenn.
Below is a photo of Christine (who was one of the teachers for the weekend) & I. I was so blessed to see my friend Christine again. She is an amazingly talented sweetie that I met last year while in California taking my Shaker Doll Necklace class from Diana. We have kept in touch & were so glad to see each other again (& talk about our precious Sheltie's). HUGS Christine!
Well, I just accidentally deleted the picture of JO & I with her signing my book... One push of the button & OH NOOOOOOOOOOO where did she go??? Sorry! But, I was going to do an entire post on MS JO anyway so stayed tuned! Wow I'm tired just remembering this night & reliving it. Are you?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Petticoats & Parasols I'm Ready

Well, as ready as I'll ever be!!!! WOW! I can't believe it's finally here. I have been waiting so long. I am really excited & tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane for Savannah, GA. "Hubby" will keep the home fires burning & I am off to play. I am super excited about getting to meet so many folks. Lisa & Sandy have told me sooooooooooooooo much about Jodie I feel like I already know her. And then I am excited about meeting my roommate Heidi for the first time. If you don't know about this event click on the button on my sidebar.
As you know we had the swap that I "stewed" over for the 24 gifts(already shipped a few weeks ago) that I did the post HERE. But, there was a Southern Belle Paper Doll Swap & I had to make 6. Thanks to sweet NAN all the way in Alaska (if you haven't seen her site the photos she takes are amazing) for sending me the image for my doll. The photos above are of the finished product. I added lace that looks like a petticoat & flowers. And I about "had kittens" over packaging her but, with the help of my friend's Susan & Lisa & with a lot of talking it through, this folder with the background of the Southern Mansion is how she is finished up. What do ya think girls? THANKS to all who had input. I'll be back Sunday night with lots of pictures & stories to share. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Cotton Was King Part Two

In my previous post I showed you the Cotton Gin Festival & showed you the stuff the guys really would like about it. Interesting but..... this post interests me even MORE! As I shared in the last post, Texas is the number one cotton producer in the United States & has been for a LONG time. One of the by products of this is that back about 100 years ago that made parts of Texas VERY WEALTHY! When driving to the festival our legs got tired & we stopped in this LITTLE TINY TOWN. It almost looked dried up but, I knew there was an Antique Store & I talked "Honey" into stopping to stretch our legs. While talking to the owner we heard that Calvert, TX was known for having a large number of Cotton Mansions. We looked at each other each thinking "WHERE?" Because this place almost looked like a ghost town. She said "At the light turn & go east of town". We did & WE WERE AMAZED!!!!!! Block after Block of fabulous vintage homes. Beautiful Homes built when Cotton was King & they had a very prosperous Cotton Gin & the Rail Road in Calvert. The weather was grey & cloudy. Often it was raining so I did not get as many photos as I would have liked but, here are a few for you to enjoy.
This is the Parrish House. I LOVED the color & all the gingerbread trim on this beautiful mansion.
Wouldn't you love to sleep in the room under the turret? And walk onto that second floor balcony?
This is the back part of the house. Probably has the kitchen in the rear area.
Look at the beautiful lace curtains & the blue bottles sitting on the windowsill. They garage or carriage house to this property was cute too but, it poured buckets just as I snapped this last shot so... no carriage house shots today. SORRY!
This next house is the Robert Brown House. It is painted a strange shade of brick red & the house sits at an angle on the lot. It is a corner lot & the front door faces neither street but, the corner. You can see the railing there by the tree. I also LOVE the old metal fence. I would be happy as a clam if I could find a lot of these sections for myself.
Another view of the Brown House looking back at the garage that has been added to the property. Right now "Honey" & I are all about garages, storage building, & places for a shop & studio. Wouldn't this make a divine little studio?
This is the John Henry Gibson House. Again sorry for the low light but, the weather was not cooperating at all. You can see by this shot how BIG the lots are for these homes.
The photo below is directly across the street & I could not find the name in my book for this house. But, it is listed as The Calvert Inn. I assume a B&B. Ooooooooooooooh I can see a stay overnight here can't you?
Speaking of a stay overnight.... the lady at the Antique Store said that many of the residents open their homes for a Christmas Tour. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO GOING TO GO TO THIS! You know I LOVE Christmas Home Tours & I MUST see inside these jewels. OK, you local gals get ready looks like a ROAD TRIP!
I didn't get the name of this house but, it's a good one too. Love the white with black trim. And the garage..........
I can see us sitting on the porch rocking in those white rockers having a cup of coffee each morning. A glass of tea midday & a glass of wine in the evening.
This is a view of the beautiful rock wall that they put around the property & there was a beautiful garden on the other side of the wall.
This little cutie is not a MANSION but, I thought it was so sweet.
Love the fish scale work on the outside. And the stained glass window. Of course the gingerbread trim on the porch spoke to my heart.
This is a view from the side. Oh that porch!
This is the only shot of the Barton House. And it was taken from the back because I was so into the other sweet house I showed you & the garage/carriage house of the Barton House. By the time I finished stomping through the wet grass to get these photos & hopped back in the car the sky opened up again & POURED!
Now, is that perfect for a studio or what? The Barton House belongs to a lady in Houston. She has a high dollar condo in Houston, a large ranch somewhere in Texas & bought this house for weekends & parties. Only paid a mere 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS! Chump change I guess. From what the Antique Store owner said, many of the houses are just "weekend homes". Tough Life! Anyway, I for one just got my appetizer & am ready for the full Monty this December. How about you? And Jodie at Everything Vintage, the cemetery is "to DIE for". Sorry that was bad pun.... but, it was beautiful. So old with amazing marble markers. I also want to go spend some time there because I know it will be fascinating. Hope you enjoyed this little tour & a glimpse of life in Calvert, TX when COTTON WAS KING!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Cotton Was KING

This past weekend was a trip to central Texas for The Cotton Gin Festival in Burton, TX. Above is a picture of the old Gin today. We originally found this last summer when our friends from France were with us. When Pierre requested a tour I inwardly groaned & thought "oh great". I planned to sit in the car & read a magazine. But, we were a tad late & the 10 AM tour had started so we went to eat lunch. At 2 PM it was too hot to sit in the car so I went on the tour. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO INTERESTING! We found out that there would be a festival on April 17th where they would actually bail ONE bail of cotton from this old gin. Hubby HAD to be there & we made our plans & off we went to enjoy all the fun.
This is an old wagon that is loaded with cotton straight from the field. The brown pipe is a vacuum that would suck the cotton up into the gin above to start being processed. Cotton grows in the HEAT of the Texas summer. It is a HARD way to make a living. Texas still is the biggest producer of cotton in the United States although this area of Texas no longer produces any (the land has become very valuable cattle farming land).
This was the BIG DRAW for my hubby. The Bessemer Engine that runs this whole operation. The Cotton Gin was a Co-Op Gin & everyone owned a share in the gin (no one could own any more than one share keeping it owned equally by all). When they bought this HUGE engine they used man & horse power to drag it into place (using huge pieces of wood to wedge & shim it into place). Now they only fire this beast up once a year... for The Festival.
The huge pulley that ran the power to the shaft above. HUGE & POWERFUL! You had to be impressed when you stop & think of the time this was made.
Here the guys are letting the engine warm up. See the two pipes with fire shooting out to warm the metal before "firing" it up. Once they got that big beast going it pumped & whirled those belts & pulleys. She sang the most beautiful purring song. Much like the sound of an old treadle sewing machine(louder of course but, for the size it really was not as loud as I thought it would be). And the exhaust was pumped UNDERGROUND about 25 yards outside of the building & bellowed out of these two pipes with the funniest POP POP POP sound.
Below is a 1936 truck that was driven by The Gin manager. They just refinished this little jewel. It had been stored in an old shed for years waiting for the money & to find someone that COULD do the work. After thousands of dollars a 1938 engine was installed & it has been overhauled into wonderful condition. This truck would haul the seed that was recovered from the mill into the closest large town which happened to be Brenham, TX (home of Bluebell Ice Cream).
You can see two big bales of cotton put into the back of the old wooden bed of this truck.
Below you can see another shot of The Gin with a lot of folks sitting on the side of the gentle hill waiting for the Tractor PULL to begin. That was a first for me. Actually, it was pretty interesting for awhile and then, it was time for a Burton Sausage on a Stick & a COLD beer.
Here is a couple of shots of what was below the hill side... some cars (some new but decorated & some vintage) that had been in the parade down Main Street.
And some of the vintage tractors. In the far distance you can see the track where they had the TRACTOR PULL & some of the tractors (or some similar to those in the pull).
Now, I know this is not very girly... but, it was interesting. And you know sometimes we girls have to go with our guys to things that interest them (remember I leave next week for YET ANOTHER ART EVENT while he stays here to keep the home fires burning so, it was time for an event he wanted) But, have faith... I took some photos of things that I think some of you girls will like from this Cotton Theme. Stay tuned & come back soon to see what I found interesting from this era for us. Until then... HUGS!
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