Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Visit to Laurie's House Gig Harbor, WA

On September 29th Cindy & I headed out to start our visit with our friend Laurie.  It just happened to be Cindy's birthday & Laurie had this yummy cake for dinner after we arrived from the Seattle Airport.  Her home was decorated for Halloween & I don't think I've ever seen so many adorable/interesting pieces of ART!  Upon looking around I decided I couldn't choose a favorite...

 These stunning blown glass pumpkins were from a company called Cohn Stone Studio & if you click on the link it will take you to their site... One more beautiful than the next!!!  The colors & textures so lush!  Next fall the Art Sisters are going to plan a Field Trip & I can assure you I will be bringing a few of these beauties home to Texas!

 While at Rogers Garden (see my last post) I saw pumpkins designed by this same designer as those below but, I think Laurie's choice of display/colors were better than Rogers Gardens.  The eyes on these pumpkins are so real!

 This fellow was so cute in her living room.  And he's HUGE!!!

 The devil sits behind Laurie's hubbies desk.  Hmm I wonder if there's a message there?  LOL!  He is made from fabric & all of his face is painted.  So clever!

 The views out Laurie's windows were divine!!!! The house looks out over Puget Sound. 
 The play of the water, the sky & the trees made for such MAGIC every time I looked out! 

Below is one of the guest rooms with that stunning view in the background...

The beautiful bed & chandi that she/hubby chose/hung right out of a storybook castle!  The paint on the wall behind the bed was stunning!  This photo doesn't do it justice!!! It was a Martha Stewart paint that looked like silk fabric.  The sheen was beautiful.  Laurie said the process was tedious but, worth it indeed.  First you pint the paint on the wall  & then you have to use steel wool & DRAG it down the wet paint to achieve that texture!  A PAIN I'm sure but, so worth it as it was AMAZING!! 

Even in this beautiful room Laurie added her Halloween Art pieces!  Below is another pumpkin guy with those realistic eyes & TEAL colored Cohn Stone pumpkins!  Everything just seemed made for each room.

Below was the witch she had for the guest room.  The velvet fabric for her dress was beautiful.  And again, she was BIG & really made a statement!

In the kitchen she had some FUN felted fellows!  I want to learn to felt.  I need to find some good online classes I think.  But, again the artists out did themselves & Laurie has such a knack for decorating & pulling it all together.

LOVED this white pumpkin below!

And I fell in love with her buffet by Hooker Furniture!  I came home & told hubby I NEED THIS!!!!!

Laurie used more Cohn Stone pumpkins, leaves & gourds to do a vignette across the top of the buffet that was stunning!   Don't you LOVE the colors?  I DO!

One afternoon Laurie suggested we all go into the old Port Area of Gig Harbor & eat at a darling little Pub on the water.  By this time some of the other Art Sisters had joined us in Gig Harbor (Sandy Navarro, Joy Campbell & Vicki Orlando)& we so enjoyed the charm of the harbor, the boats & seeing some of the other houses along the water.  Sooooooo different than Texas I can assure you!  LOVE THIS AREA!

THANK YOU Laurie for a very special time in your very SPECIAL home.  I love all the beautiful touches you have added.  It is like a Show Home & we were all so lucky to see your MAGIC!  I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the tale of this visit to the northwest.  I have soooooooo much more to share.  Next post will be about the visit to the Dale Chahuly Art Glass Museum & downtown Seattle.   

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