Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

New Year Image Dawn OK

I am wishing each & every one of my precious Friends/Blog Friends a Happy New Year!!!!  What a blessing you have been in my life this year!!!! THANK YOU for each visit &  comment you’ve left!  I will be back soon with a post telling you about our Christmas.  We left on Friday the 22nd & drove to North Carolina (retuning yesterday/Friday at 4:00PM) & that is why I haven’t been blogging with all of you this past week.  I hope your Christmas was MERRY!!!!! Be Safe tonight as you ring in the New Year.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with YOU in it!!!!

HUGS!  Charlene

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Art & Magic All Around

Joy Indeed!!!!!!! Tuesday Night I was so blessed to be invited to my gal pal Lisa’s house. I know many of you know her from her AMAZING blog Tarnished & Tattered & her art shown in many magazines. I remember when I first talked her into starting that blog!!!! My how time flies… Anyway it was a fun night of seeing the beauty of her home (she had The Dallas Morning News to come out with a professional photographer & they did a great story on her & her home click HERE to see it).

Little vignettes set up all over her house. And they were darling.

MAGIC I’m telling you!!!! Silly me forgot my camera so I had to borrow photos from Lisa (with her permission). Don’t you love the silver trays over that entryway? I DO!

Joy collage

Her display case had MANY display’s & I thought that the one above was joyful (as the card reads). Lisa loves nature & often you will find little tidbits like that hornets nest or a bird nest, pod, or some such thing in her art.

Her bedroom was romantic & stunning! Soothing whites & creams.

Writing Desk collage

She has an eye & can find the most amazing antiques ( & always at great prices). Look at that writing desk!!!!! Photo of her Momma, that dreamy old skirt & top, a beautiful fabric journal she created…

These two photos are of her little porch leading into her backyard!!! Yes going to the backyard (& right off her bedroom). Her beautiful pillows on the wicker sofa.

Lisa is an amazingly talented soul & if you don’t know her PLEASE GO VISIT & FALL IN LOVE! Be sure to tell her Charlene sent you. I forgot to tell you that she is also Momma to 6 year old triplets but, that doesn’t stop her from doing such sweet things like…

Making the best homemade & beautiful cookies for the party. And on that pretty tray below is the paper clay ornament she made for each of us. Tied with a little bit of vintage lace & a bleached bottle brush tree! SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!

I knew some of the girls at the party like my buddy Jan (below). She & I shared a hotel room when we took that KC Willis class a couple of weeks ago (a post about that is a bit further down) & we had so much fun. I don’t know what was up with my hair that night I think it had a mind of it’s own!!!!

And I met some really fun new friends as well as getting to see my Art Buddies Cami whom I haven’t seen in ages & Lori as well as Cindy too!!!!

We were all supposed to work on an Art project & many of drug in totes full of stuff to do. I think I’m the only one who created something but, how do you say no to a hostess as sweet as Lisa???? She had asked if I would help her make a necklace from an old coin purse (she had been dying to do so she said). Lisa, Jan, Cindy, Lori & I all sat in her studio laughing & talking until I got it pulled together. I think she was thrilled & Cindy wanted to know why I wasn’t teaching for her at Paper Cowgirls. And after a lot of arm twisting (the other girls said they were all interested) & thinking about it afterward I think I might just do that.

Again, THANK YOU LISA for a wonderful time. And to all the girls I met… I can’t wait to get to know you better. To those I know… let’s not wait so long to get together. Now I want to share some mail love.


When a package is this pretty on the outside (minus the big blue Priority Mail label) YOU KNOW it’s gonna be good inside (sorry I covered our addresses up with other cards to protect the innocent or……….. maybe not so innocent).


My precious friend Charlotte Perez is uber talented & generous to boot. I had seen her beautiful business card holders & coveted them. I asked her to make me a couple of them & they arrived in the mail last week. I ADORE THEM! They are made from old books aren’t they beautiful????

Card Holder collage

Do you just LOVE the colors? I DO!!!!

I guess I better get busy with finishing up this Christmas list! I hope each & every one of you have a wonderful time with friends & family as we all gather to remember the reason for this season! I love all of you my precious friends.

HUGS! Charlene

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Question From Elle


Does this dress make my “bottom” look big?


Mommy & Daddy had the company Christmas party here at our house last night & they made me wear my new Christmas dress. I DID NOT LIKE IT! All that tulle & fluff following me around…


Daddy LOVED it & gave me lots of kisses so… I wore it & looked cute.


And I was wearing my red & green jingle bell collar too. I like that & so does Momma. She say’s she can hear where I’m at when I wear this. Let’s look at some of the holiday decor.


Remember the silver trees Momma bought in Canton? If you missed the post about that FABULOUS shop click HERE. Well, the old typewriter usually sits on that table but, Momma put it on the floor so she could put her new Winter Wishes Snowman up there. I LOVE to run by & grab a bite of that fluffy stuff as I rip through the living room…


This is Momma’s year off from having the “Big Christmas” here (she did “Big Thanksgiving”) so decorating is minimal.

Kitchen  collage

She put a little tree on the kitchen counter because she loves the way the lights sparkle at night (it really makes that antique cut glass cider pitcher sparkle & shine). And a little gingerbread house up thee with the candy cane trees & poinsettia plant. Momma really LOVEs that funny little OLD GREEN JAR. It has old Christmas ornaments in it, a rusty lid & the word JOY on top. Daddy thinks Momma is crazy because she is always loving “Old” stuff.


A picture of Santa over the kitchen table makes it a happy room!

Noel collage

And then there is the BIG piece of furniture where Momma keeps a lot of her china & on top of that she put her favorite doll Noel. All dressed in her Christmas finery she sits on a vintage (OLD) sled. Go Here & Here to see the post back in 2009 when Momma got her.


Well, as you can see I’m given Momma the evil eye as it’s time to shed this dress. Hope you enjoyed the tour. And… don’t you think this dress makes my bottom look big? I hear Momma ask Daddy that all the time & IF he says yes, she takes it right off. Enjoy all the days of this special season.

HUGS! Charlene & Elle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KC Willis Collage Camp in Ft Worth


Who needs the added stress of a 3 day class the first week of December????? Anyone who LOVES KC Willis! Yes, this Cowgirl rode her horse (OK! It was a blue pickup truck) from Colorado to teach her AMAZING Collage Camp! There were 7 LUCKY girls who spent 3 AMAZING days with KC!


Carole (front left) arranged for us to hold the class in North Ft Worth at her Country Club & it was a perfect location! THANK YOU Carole (be sure to click on her name & you will link to her site Flights of Fancy where she sells amazing fabrics & trims)!!!! And next to her is my pal Jan who drove up from Kerrville & surprised me! Next to her is KC, Diane, & Debbie(from Oklahoma City). The girls in the back… Kristi (up from San Antonio), Me, Cindy, & Jan. Monday night we left the club & headed for dinner at a local Mexican food place where we talked & talked. WHAT FUN!


The class had 3 projects & above is the class sample of KC’s Alter or Shrine. Only Kristi & Diane finished theirs in class. Jan, Cindy & I will be getting together after Christmas to complete ours. Below is Cindy’s partial Alter (I think…) I WAS A DUMMY & FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA so the photos I’m sharing were taken by Debbie or Cindy. Thanks for sharing girls! Anyway, KC has AMAZING Images & Quotes to go on the work. Also, we had a creative writing exercise to help us “learn to listen” to what your image is saying. GREAT EXERCISE!


I think the one below is Debbie’s because the pin says “Mother” & she used a family image. It was very difficult to photograph anything as the room was a bit dark & you HAD to use a flash (which burns the photo) but, you can get an idea of the COWGIRL GOODNESS!


KC brought a HUGE amount of stock to sell to stores she has accounts with & she let us dig through them & get first pick…. Sorry the fireplace was kind of messy but, you can see there is one piece of wonderful after another.


Here are some of Cindy’s examples of the wares available…

blog -kc 2nd entryx3[1]

Don’t you love the piece on the left with the old buckle? It was from a ranch in Colorado that burned & in the barn KC salvaged all sorts of burned/rusted tack which she used & had in the “stash” for us to pull from. I got an old sleigh bell that was from a harness in the fire & I plan to put it on my Shrine (I’ll share photos later).

blog-kc x4 first entry[1]

Again, look at the fabulous mixture of fabrics, images, lace, metal findings… YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT FOUND OBJECTS THE SAME AFTER A KC CLASS!!!!!


One last image (above) of the class KC will be teaching in Oklahoma City next spring. Go visit her site & find out where this gal is teaching & get to one of her classes as THEY ROCK!

Now, it’s off to finish with some more Christmas prep. Are all of you running as far behind as I am? ENJOY THE SEASON & don’t just rush through it checking off your list. Listen to the sounds of the season, smell the smells, enjoy every single magical minute! I’ve missed you sweet friends & hope to get around to visiting you soon since I think I’m about to catch my breath a bit.

HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What’s Up?


I got an email from a friend of mine that hadn’t heard from me in days… It said What’s UP?  So, I thought I’d share. 

In another email I got this silly cartoon & had to roar or cry at the one on the above left!!!!  Anyone else having this same problem?  My closet is full of things I don’t/can’t wear & with Christmas & the cold weather approaching I am busy working on this problem. 


And the last one is sooooooooooooooooo TRUE!!!!! I wore a pair of shoes the other day that killed me!  That cost me over $300  but, I’m weeding out what doesn’t fit or I don’t wear.  Something in that closet has to give!

 Purple Velvet

  Thought I’d show a few of the things I bought…   Purple???? I know… I haven’t bought purple in a long time but, loved this royal color in velvet.  And new “Stretch” jeans.   Does that make me an old lady???  Hope not but, it does make me a comfy one.


This oversized “Boyfriend” Cord Jacket in CHOCOLATE!

And the boot above also in CHOCOLATE!

I know, I know… I have Christmas shopping to do but, I NEED these things.  Anyone else having the same problems?

raspberry red - just the right in-between

As long as I was in the pampering mood… I went to get acrylic nails put on for the holidays.  I used to wear them all the time (about 12 years or more) but, when I took them off to have surgery 5 years ago I didn’t put them back on.  My nails grew strong & pretty long but, were never all the same length.  And polish wouldn’t stay on so I decided what the heck! 

So very cute. Will be my Christmas toes!

I treated myself to a pedicure but, didn’t go this far out!  Anyway, now you know what I’ve been up to what about you?

Next week I am so excited to say that I will be taking a 3 day class with KC Willis.  I am sooooooooo excited that she is here in town!  Yes, no travel involved (unless you count the terrible traffic right here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area travel).  Here’s a sample of the projects.  I CAN’T WAIT!  I’m head out with a couple of gal pals & we’re gonna have a blast! 

OneLittleRifle by KC Willis

Cute isn’t it????  An alter/shrine that I am a bit on the fence about but, my buddy Jan is pumped about that class.

And last but, not least is the flag with WOMEN in place of the 50 stars.  I think that is a COOL concept!

flag by KC Willis

Check back to see how it all goes & be sure to visit KC’s site to find where she is teaching or to purchase that a class online.  Have a great weekend! GO out & stimulate this economy like I have. 

HUGS!  Charlene

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Memories in Rustic Hills of Texas

Picture 033

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!  I have been sooooooooo busy with going to Austin last weekend to play PMC Silver Clay with my friend Janise & then getting home Monday with just 2 hours to spare before our niece & her hubby showed up from North Carolina.  We spent the week just enjoying each other & eating our way through the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex!  The pictures in this post share a few shots of our time down at the family “ranch” near Lake Whitney.  I loved some of the photos our nephew Buzz captured for us.  Hope you enjoy some of the shots showing the rustic Hill Country of Texas.

Picture 040

I LOVE this sweet girl & it was sooooooooo good to spend time with her!  This is Amy & Chase her 10 year old Labrador that came with them.  She used to breed Labs & it was not uncommon for them to have up to 14 adults at any one time (not to count many puppies).  But, now she’s down to 4 & Chase was the “chosen child” to accompany them.  He taught Ms Elle a thing or two about minding her manners!  There’s nothing like a mature dog to put a “fresh kid” in her place.  It was a cold damp day as you can see I am bundled up in Hubby’s coat.

Picture 052

Picture 057

The homemade rustic sign Hubby’s Dad made for the front gate…

Picture 025

Speaking of his Hubby’s Dad… The reason for this trip to the ranch was to bury the ashes of his Dad/Amy’s Granddad which was his last wishes…   And I think this next photo so captures the mood of the day…

Picture 022

Cold, damp, grey(old grass), yet filled with green grass (the future).    On to happier things…

An old barn made from railroad ties…

Picture 061

has been standing on this land for a VERY long time.

Picture 074

I just love the rustic ruggedness Buzz captured in the close up of this old rusty latch & SQUARE nail!

Rustic  collage


Picture 094

RUSTIC! Life so  Hard!!!!  So THANKFUL for all the conveniences we so take for granted today!!!!

Picture 097

So, as the road rises up to meet you… remember to be Thankful for all that you have…  I didn’t get to say Happy Thanksgiving earlier but, I wanted to tell each & everyone of you how special you are to me & how THANKFUL I am that we have the chance to be friends over all the miles, the different landscapes, towns, states & so on but, Blogland makes us all neighbors.  NOW, let’s look forward to a beautiful Christmas Season.  

HUGS! Charlene

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