Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twisted Sista

In my bedroom I have a great hat box with wonderful images of vintage women. It is filled with printed/crinkled tissue paper, ivy, silk flowers & a small mannequin. I put my just completed necklace in this vignette to show you.
Have you ever taken a class & not finish your project? With jewelry design this is the norm! Back in February I went to Houston, TX for ADORN ME & took the Twisted Sistah Class (check her site because she is teaching this class again in July ~ in her very own studio in California) from my friend & mentor Diana Frey. My piece was not complete & it stayed that way until just before I went to Petticoats & Parasols Art Event. The week before I left I went to my local bead store & bought some chain & silk ribbon & completed the necklace because I wanted to wear it Vendor Night with my vintage linen jacket. It just didn't seem right after I finished it but, I packed it anyway.
On Friday everyone had a free day in Savannah to shop & Heidi parked the van right in front of a bead store. We HAD to go in & I found those wonderful green pearls there. Having the necklace in my purse (never leave my jewelry in the hotel) & knowing that they would be perfect I snatched them up, borrowed the owner's jewelry tools & redid the piece so it would look the way I really wanted it to be. Don't you love the green pearls with the rest of the piece? I think the piece ended up being too dressy for the more casual chain I had previously put on the piece.
Here is a close up of the part I did in Houston. I used the little brass flower I had purchased from Diane Cook. And the long pearl piece on the side reminds me of a bird feather. I LOVE the "BEAD SOUP" I used to create this piece.
Here's my Manni sporting my three necklaces created in three different classes. Thank you to my marvelous teachers & friends. OK Deryn, to finish the necklace from your class at ADORN ME is next up on the "To Be Completed List". I hope you enjoyed seeing my finished creation.
Also, I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend spent doing what you want to do. Big HUGS!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relaxing Time at The Outpost Inn

In a previous Post I told you about The Outpost Inn at Cedar Creek in Round Top, Texas & what a CUTE place this is to stay. If you are ever in central Texas make sure to visit. This past weekend as you know, Hubby & I went down so I could attend a class (see previous post) by my friend Diane Cook. The weather was wonderful & we enjoyed our time at this precious little Texas cottage. We chose to stay in The Shelby Guest House so that on Saturday night Diane & her Hubby could join us. As you can see in the photo above the front porch was all set up for us to catch the cool evening breeze. As we sat outside under a HALF MOON it was so bright that it could have been day time. We could see everything so clearly. AND THE STARS!!!!!!!!!! OH MY THE STARS were breathtaking! HEAVENLY! And as we watched the stars, moon, planes in their landing patterns for the Austin Airport, & the millions of FIREFLIES... we could hear the gentle mooing of cattle somewhere in another field. SO RELAXING! This is the view off the porch. Fields of GREEN grass dotted with little wild flowers everywhere. And a rustic old barn made of hewed timbers.
Step into the cottage... yes, this is the entry hall. It had that wonderful old WAVY glass in the window of the door. Silly me I didn't get a photo of the bedroom. SORRY!
As you stepped into the entry hall as seen in the photo above this is the door leading to the back porch. HUGE back porch. Another great area to sit & enjoy. Loved the BLUE chippy painted shelf with hooks don't you?
This is the sweet little living room. You know I don't think we even used this room. We spent so much time on the porch or out looking around. But, Lenore does have a knack for decorating. With one little hang up for me... the animal skin rugs. I JUST COULDN'T GO WITH THOSE! Being the true cowgirl that she is... there are a number of HEADS (mostly deer & in the main house a beautiful stuffed Long Horn cow) but, those animal rugs gave me the willy's. There was a zebra in the bedroom & I would have to step across it because I hated the long hairs on his mane to touch my feet. AND those tiny smashed ears just grossed me out! Sorry... don't know where that little tangent came from & Diane laughed herself silly at me but, did admit that the bear rug (head & growling teeth bared) had to be moved in her room so it didn't look at her all night. Hee Hee.
Those were the stairs to the attic which was finished out with a bedroom to sleep three & another bathroom. Cute but, I can tell you that those steps were made for TINY feet. NOT MINE! Both Diane & I thought the use of the wire to hang the curtains was a clever idea.
The dinning room & into the kitchen (which I can assure you was used to only make coffee before going to the main house for breakfast). The table was two HUGE concrete pedestals with glass set on top. And the french doors led onto that wonderful back deck I told you about.
I had to share her decor above the refrigerator. I LOVED the use of the OLD FLAGS! So patriotic & sweet. Notice her hanging rack for the pots & pans... a rusty set of metal brackets with a rod (sweet finials on the ends) & simple large S hooks to hang the iron skillets from. Click on the photo to enlarge to see the details.
The board paneling was simply painted & sanded back. The use of this bold GREEN was great as it blended in with the view (of the beautiful green pastures)out the window. And I leave you with the last photo of an old white enameled pan that someone cut out to create a clever design. Art takes all shapes doesn't it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Etched & Layered Class By Diane Cook

My finished Piece from the Etched & Layered Class by Diane Cook of Rosa & Josie's! Do you LOVE it as much as I do?
What a fun class this was & let me tell you that Diane Cook is an amazing teacher! I know she is submitting class ideas for ADORN ME in Houston next year so be sure you keep up to see where & what she is teaching. It's a TREAT for sure! See that precious little bit of lace & goody in the background? She made us little bags for our bracelets. They are DARLING remembrances of this class & a great idea to protect our pieces.
This is the side view of my bracelet. I love the etching work. And the beautiful brass filigree backed by the vintage tulle. I bought a bracelet blank & the tulle was used to tie the little sack. I saw that & thought.... BRACELET backing! And I love the way it softens this piece. The good news.... I have enough stuff to make another one & this might just be the point that I start that Etsy shop I have been wanting to do.
Here is Diane teaching. Out class was small & very intimate since there was only the four students & Diane. Pat is on the left & she is from Fredericksburg (which anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Fredericksburg). And next is Agnes (whom I met in a previous class) who lives near the area of the class & then there is Gwen who also lives near Fayetteville, TX. ALL SUCH SWEET GALS that I feel so blessed to have met & hope to keep in contact with each.
Here's Diane's Manni who is one of the best dressed girls in town (well as far as jewelry goes)! Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see some of the wonderful creations she had for sale.
This is some of my brass pieces (SUPPLIES) purchased from Diane for future goodies as well as some of the brass pieces I had stamped & ready for etching. Also, you can see my bracelet before it had the patina applied.
And here are a few of Agnes's pieces ready to be etched. I LOVED her Pomegranate stamp. I have to find that!
Again you can see Diane teaching & if you notice the art work in the background... it is because our class was held at the Art Guild of Rural Texas in Fayetteville, Texas. I was a wonderful venue for the class.
Here is a shot of the cute little containers of screws & things we used to rivet the brass to our pieces. I had never learned that technique before & it was a lot of fun. NEW THINGS TO PURCHASE... cute little holders & test tubes of screws, cute little stands for jewelry tools... it never ends the purchasing of supplies!!! Have you noticed that yourself? A girls wish list sure changes when she gets into jewelry design. Hmmmm who would have thought Needed... Flex Shaft Drill Set, screws, metal files.... HONEY WATCH OUT!!! We might be in a tool war.
THANK YOU DIANE! GREAT CLASS. Next post... other things we did, where we stayed, & things I bought. Sorry my signature is gone but, I got over zealous in my delete button (deleting spaces between photos) & deleted it right off. But, as always, HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have finally finished telling you about Petticoats & Parasols & what can I say but... I'm OFF! Off to Round Top to take another class with my FRIEND & SUPER TALENTED teacher Diane Cook. Above is a photo of the class project/samples but go HERE to see about the class. I can't wait!!!!!!! Back soon with more details but, until then be sure & visit Diane's BEAUTIFUL BLOG & tell her Charlene sent you! Hugs!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heros FRIENDS & the LAST Petticoat Post

JO PACKHAM... WOW! That's all I can say. I am not a hero worshiper, groupie, or into that sort of thing. But, I HAVE LOVED JO since I got her very first book Where Women Create. I spent HOURS engrossed in that book. And then the magazine (by the same name) came out. I haven't missed a one! Have you read them? Do you subscribe & can't wait for the next issue????? Well, I had been wanting to go to Petticoats & Parasols Art Event ever since Joanna told me about it. But, I hemmed & hawed thinking it was too much money. (OH WAS I WRONG!) And then the final push was the announcement that JO would be our key note speaker. SOLD!!!! I was going no matter what!
And KEY NOTE FABULOUS SHE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have worked in the meeting planning (oh Jenn I feel for you & don't envy you the hard work that goes into planning a major event like this )for years & have seen many speakers whisk in five minutes before they speak & rush to their waiting car in less than ten minutes after they are done. NOT JO!!!!!!!!
She spoke on opening night about her amazing career (over 30 years) in the publishing industry, her life, her loves, her joys & sorrows. She is an amazing & moving speaker. She now has come out with the second BOOK in the Where Women Create line, is very involved with all aspects of the magazine, has a grueling travel schedule, is planning her own major EVENT this fall, & takes care of her elderly father. And she does it all with Grace, Witt, Knowledge, Humor, Style, & on & on.... But most of all she does it with a beautiful smile that comes from her HEART! If I had to choose a hero... Jo I'm glad I chose you! If you ever have the chance to see JO in person GO! Buy her books they are amazing & don't miss a magazine. Now come meet the other sides of Jo my friend.
Here we are on opening night. That is the travel jewelry box I gave her as a gift.
Here is Jo signing books for Sylvia & Cathy as precious Tiffany looks on. Yes, I got a signed copy of Jo's book for my collection.
Here is another side of Jo... FUN!!!! This lady has a FUN streak a mile wide in her soul. That's her dress up for Vendor night where she again signed books.
The Ladies of the HOUR!!!!! Jo & our AMAZING HOSTESS JENN! This was the opening night dinner. Jennifer Hayslip put this entire MAGIC EVENT together & did it FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY! Hats off to you Jenn! And I can tell you that I will never hesitate to put my money down on anything this GAL does in the future. She is cute as a BARBIE DOLL, sweet, generous, talented, & a true southern BELLE! THANK YOU Jenn for my first big Art Event experience. I LOVED IT!
The AMAZING FOUR!!!!!!!! Jo, Jenn, Tiffany (teacher & right hand for Jenn) & Christine (teacher & left hand for Jenn). Don't they look adorable for Opening Night?
My buddy Christine in front of the Sweets Bar. I met Christine last year at the Shaker Doll Class I took from Diana Frey in California. She was amazing then but, I didn't have much time to spend with her. But, then I found her blog & we started communicating & found out we both LOVED & LOST our Shetland Sheepdogs. A bond was made for sure. SHELTIES RULE GIRLFRIEND!
Christine, Jenn & Tiffany on Vendor Night. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL in their finery? The choices for the outfits shows the artistic soul of each. Each unique & special in her own way. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!!! I think each of you has silently challenged me to up my game next time. To not be afraid to play with different looks for individuality. Take the challenge with me!
IT'S ALL IN THE SHOES! Yes, even in their choice of shoes... art,style, & individuality rules. Hmmmmmmmmmmm I sure wish I could get the same look with my big boats... hee hee (for those of you that don't know me personally I am 6 foot 1 inches & tall & not a size 6 shoe but, hey we gotta go with what GOD gave us right????)
Here's Jo & Jenn on the ART EVENT Day at Ford's Plantation. That's day THREE of the event & Jo (the key note speaker) is still with us. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee what I told you... no in & out for this LADY! She helped, visited, served cupcakes, laughed & spent every minute of the event with us. Truly a GIVING & GRACIOUS SOUL!
Didn't I tell you Jenn was like a beautiful BARBIE DOLL? Here she is the day of the Art Event at Ford Plantation. LOVE YOUR DRESS JENN!
This was her beautiful feather hair decoration for the day. LOVED THE COLOR!
Tiffany............ where do I begin? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart of GOLD!!!!!!

I had never met Tiffany before. She has the most gentle sweet spirit. She was everywhere doing everything. Teaching her amazing class(THANK YOU IT WAS WONDERFUL), visiting, helping, but most of all taking the most amazing photos. She is a professional photographer & does amazing work. Go visit her photography site to see. She took MANY of the photos at this event & has been so generous in sharing with all of us. Tiffany I hope to see you soon at another event & hope that we remain friends & I get that visit to Seattle to see you that we talked about. HUGS!
Oh sweet Christine! One in a million! CUTE AS A BUTTON! AND MEGA TALENTED TOO!
Sketch pad in hand just sitting & drawing as Tiffany was teaching her class. Remember in another post I shared that Christine has a lot of experience in fashion design, set design & many other creative past experiences.
The finished piece in no time at all!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
This is the T Shirt that Jenn gave to Tiffany as one of her THANK YOUS The photo is the one that is the header/banner on Tiffany's blog. Adorable shirt Jenn & Tiffany I LOVE that picture!! Again, it shows your creative, bubbling spirit.
Tiffany & Jo! Oh sweet friends I will miss you all & think of you often. Thank each one of you for sharing your talent, beauty & hearts.
My HERO with her arms thrown open to welcome her next adventure! Or maybe just so happy (as was I) to have been there.

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing this amazing event with you. I'm sorry it has taken me soooooooooo long to get it all done. I know some of you have seen some of the other girls memories on their blogs but, it has taken me awhile to get caught up with life & get all these memories posted. Now we will be on to other things but, I hope you felt like you got to go to Savannah with me to be a Belle at Petticoats & Parasols.

Thanks Jenn for your vision & seeing it into beautiful completion.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Parasol & Silhouettes at Art Event

Parasol, Silhouettes, Mannequins... fun classes taught by amazing teachers.
Sweet Tiffany beginning the instruction for her Silhouette Class which was the third art class of the day.
A cute example of one of the finished projects. I'm sorry to say I don't know who did this adorable creation as we went around ohhhhing & awing each others work.
I do know that this is Jody's amazing silhouette next to Rosayln Sue's manni because I borrowed this photo from the amazing event photographer who was none other than the same Tiffany. See she is talented in soooooooooo many areas. Thanks for the photo loan Tiffany!
This was one of the example parasols done by our teacher & the Amazing Event Hostess Jennifer Hayslip. I love that she used a vintage linen dresser scarf with the belle in her petticoats for this. For the Vendor night I wore a jacket made from vintage linens which had a Belle on it too.
I borrowed this photo too & I think it is Amada's silhouette. I had to borrow it because I wanted to showcase her parasol next. I was just blown away by the talent of this sweetie. She sat at the table directly behind me so I kept having a chance to watch & photograph her artistic progress through out the day.
Here she is with her parasol. Isn't she a doll herself? Just had the sweetest soul & TALENTED BEYOND IMAGINATION! Her finished parasol! I love the fabric she chose don't you?
My friend Sylvia's parasol. Hope you go & visit her. She is new to blogging & home recovering from some surgery. So, I KNOW she would love a visit from you.
And Shelly's bright red white & black parasol was so different from any of the others. Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see the lady with the red feathered hat (lower right corner) & the vintage glove she added to give her creation Pazazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Good job Shelly.
And this is Cathy Scallise's parasol. Such pretty soothing pink & green colors. My parasol is not completed yet but, the fabric & trim is the same as Cathy's because we both borrowed from Jenn. I had so carefully packed my things to use on my parasol. I chose pink & green & had lots of buttons, vintage crocheted trim, lace, vintage gloves, earrings etc... all packed to go. Laying in bed the night before my flight I couldn't sleep & decided I would change my mind & do my parasol in black & white thinking that it would work better for a jewelry display at an upcoming show. I unpacked all the pink & green/packed black & white.... While visiting the Juliet Lowe Home on Friday, I even bought black lace gloves to use instead of my vintage tea colored gloves. Then the day of the Art Event I packed all my supplies into my tote bag. Well, I thought I did... When we got ready to pull out the supplies for the parasol class... I had left my fabric in my suitcase back at the hotel. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so, sweet Jenn loaned me supplies & I ended up with a PINK & GREEN Parasol after all!
My sweet roommate Heidi hard at work on her parasol. Love the vintage soft colors she chose.
Remember in the last post I told you about the amazing Halloween Loving Kris Hurst? Well here's her parasol. Are you surprised that the COVEN is present here? She promises these vintage witches to be on her new Halloween CD in the fall. I can't wait Kris!
Hope you enjoyed another view of some of the projects & fun at the Art part of Petticoats & Parasols Art Event. Thank you to all the teacher for wonderful classes. And for the amazing art work created by so many talented friends. For those of you who loaned photos... Thank you again.

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