Thursday, August 29, 2013

California Dream’n

Back in June 2012 I was reading my new Romantic Home Magazine & came across the article about this enchanted cottage in Laguna Beach California.  I was totally mesmerized by the story & wrote to the owner via the email address given.  That is the beginning of my love affaire with Summerland Cottage & my friendship with her owner Paulette Adams.  Click  HERE to see the article on Paulette’s blog that opened that magic door.

That studio full of ceramic shells & other beauty…

A cottage on a hillside soooooooo very near the ocean.  A brick & rock wall with little pieces of magic stuck here & there by the Fairy God Mother (Paulette) herself.

A courtyard so beautiful & special.  And….. did I mention that Paulette has a B&B right there on the property?  YES, YOU COULD BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO STAY THERE TOO!  Go to her web site (HERE) & check it out if you think that might speak to your heart.

Beside being a talented ceramic artist, a painter & a million other things I could list off… she is a designer.  The photo above shows her on the set of stairs that she designed to go up to her bedroom.  The cottage is tiny & she needed something other than a ladder to access the space so this staircase is what she came up with.   Go HERE to see the post about this.  Imagine my big ole size 12 foot on those tiny little stairs!!!!!111  But, it was so worth it!  Because when you get to the top…

Her beautiful bed in a bay window with the breeze from the ocean (yes, you can see it from there) blowing the vintage lace hanging in the window frame.  Stunning!!!! 
So very special just like Paulette who created & shared it!

Picture 002
The photo above is of Paulette & I after a dream come true tour, lunch, shopping & promises that Vickie/I will return to play in the studio & make lots of little ceramic shells & treasures.  PINCH ME……..  I think I’m dreaming!!!!
HUGS!  Charlene

Monday, August 19, 2013

Jack Daniels Shrine? Daddy Jack… And A Visit from Tiffany Marshall

Another chapter in the remodel story of our new house…
This is how it was… An office painted BRIGHT RED.  All the way up to the second story.
DSC07553 Edited
A wall of windows are pretty but, when the painting began it wasn’t a pretty sight!

Painting Collage
Two coats of KILZ to cover the red & two coats of paint(how would you like to climb the ladder to paint those tall ceilings?).  But, when it was done it looked so fresh & clean!  The room is TINY!  I think it may be taller than it is wide but, hubby didn’t want this to be our office.  He wanted it to be his “Daddy Jack Shrine”.  He wouldn’t call it that but, he LOVES his vintage bar (with the keg holes still drilled in the top of the chippy finish) & his Jack Daniels collection is one of his pride & joys.  He chose to office out in the workshop & I went upstairs.  It’s kind of nice for each of us to have our own space now.  Before, we shared an office, which makes telephone calls difficult when you are both on the phone in different conversations. 
I am sorry the lighting in these photos ARE NOT GOOD but, I was in a bit of a rush…Here’s the lamp he made out of large Jack Daniels Bottle.  LED lights are in the bottle… He drilled a hole in the back of the bottle with a glass bit.  He then cut the wire, crammed the lights in the bottle with the cord out the hole & then he splices the wires back together.  A lamp kit is put in the top.  Now, the light can be lit from the bottom (like a night light) & the top a regular lamp.  A few black & white patches bought while in Tennessee at Jack Daniels on a tour & the bourbon bottle Christmas ornament Vickie & Ray got him from Rogers Garden last year.  You can see his collection of stir sticks that followed us home from Daddy Jack’s too.
 Jack Mirror

This is one of his PRIDE & JOYS!  A Jack Daniel’s mirror.  I found it at a Flea Market & it was a horrible light pine color.  He took out the mirror, sprayed it black & added the pretty trim on top (& some dental molding on the mirror top).  Now it hangs behind him on the wall behind the bar.  I want to have a big picture of the rock & creek which is the main water source for the Distillery.   We used to have his shot glass collection on the wall beside the bar in the other house but, I was afraid he might hit it with his shoulder if we hung it behind the bar. 
Here’s a “shot” of his shot glass collection.  His clock (Jack Daniel’s of course).  The frame holds his certificate declaring him a Squire.  He owns 1 X 1 inch of property which makes him a squire.  At times he gets funny letters saying “there is a cow wandering on your land”.  I think it’s about the bragging rights & the 10% discount when buying “Jack” supplies & collectibles in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
 Display Case Collage
This case is FULL of his “TREASURES”.  The collage has kind of crummy lighting.  Sorry but, I really wanted to show you how many unusual things he has.   Shot glasses, a bar set up tray for cherries, limes, & such.  A cool piece of a barrel made into a bottle holder.  I can’t figure out how that doesn’t fall….  No support just balance (bottom right photo).  A Jack Daniels ink pin, flasks in different sizes, carriers… Everybody has their own thing right?  Me, Mannequins & Bling            Him… Jack Daniel’s STUFF.  Does two wrongs make a right?  NO!!!! It makes a house full!!!!  But, now we both have a place for our treasures.   I wanted to share all of this remodel stuff with all of you regulars but, I also wanted to share this with everyone on this 238th Metamorphous Monday at Susan’s wonderful blog Between Naps on the Front Porch.  Hope all of you enjoyed the visit.
Speaking of TREASURES & VISIT’S.. Is there anything more treasured than a friend?
I Don’t Think So!!!!!
The photo above is of my beautiful friend Tiffany Marshall.  She is an amazing artist & that is her blog banner for her MAGICAL BLOG!  She has created many of my banners that I like to switch for my blog (not the princess one but, the one with the little French Girl & the Fall/Halloween).   CLICK   HERE to go visit her blog as it is beautiful.
Tiffany's Gift Collage
Tiffany called & wanted to come see my new house.  I assured her that is was a MESS!!!   I think there was 4 or 5 phone calls & a few visitors  (my son, the guy to repair the French Doors & Hubby came home & had to input) during the time she was there.  She said “Wow, it’s kind of Grand Central Station here”.  Yes, that is why I can’t get much done… GRAND CENTRAL STATION!  She brought me a beautiful box with MANY treasures wrapped in book paper & stamped with some really sweet images.  THANK YOU Tiffany I love it all!  But, most of all I LOVED our visit.  I have missed seeing you.  Now, it’s my turn to come see your new house. 
I hope you enjoyed the visit of the Jack Daniels Room & a peek into the progress (Or lack thereof) of our new home.  New to us yet soooooooooooo many things to be redone.  Come back & see what’s next. 
HUGS!    Charlene
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