Monday, April 30, 2012

Affaire at Tiffany’s Bound!


Affaire at Tiffany's Leavin On A Jet Plane....

Thank goodness sweet Hubby is finished working his busy season & is staying home to plant flowers (Oh we spent WAY TOO much on flowers this year) & to keep sweet little Elle company.... But, Ms Cindy & I are off to California to join Kim Caldwell as well as soooooooooo many other Art friends for an amazing event in Manhattan Beach.  This is a first for Cindy & I can’t wait to show her the ropes.  Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff when I return.  And thanks again sweet HUBBY for keeping the home fires burning. 

HUGS! Charlene

Friday, April 27, 2012

Round Top Part Two

No trip to Marburger Farms would be complete without the MADNESS of Magnolia Pearl!!!!!  Usually I go in there & almost always come out with a few things but, this year… I was a good girl!  For some reason I just couldn’t go there.  I am a little claustrophobic & her tent just seemed TOOOOOO MUCH with TOOOOOO MANY this time. And… I’m just not a burlap girl.  Really???? Burlap to wear???? Stinky, scratchy burlap???? Do you like the look???? Not me.

Cindy did some shopping (I borrowed some of her photos for this post).  I did get to see my favorite “Pearl Helper” Krista…  As you can see we were OUTSIDE THE TENT!  This sweet girl is just a DOLL!!!!
Charlene & Krista
Below you can see she & Cindy looking cute as ever & the PILES of ruffles.  NOW……. That’s more my style.

And the decor of the tent was some of the same from last year with the wire MANNI’s (this one was on TOP of her tent under the big top of Tent A)
but she added a few different things…
Like a Bicycle with a bird cage, a doll & of course lots of “Pearl Style” lace.  See….
And then the big MANNI’s had all sorts of stuff on them
Stuff like BONES…. ICK!!!!!
A little of everything for everyone.  But, my favorite of all was this amazing velvet jacket that Cindy just HAD to buy.
Don’t you love it?  Aren’t she & Krista just DOLLS?  Speaking of dolls…
Diane's Dolls #1
Out in the fields we hooked up with my buddy Diane Cook of Rosa & Josie’s.  She spotted these vintage dolls & was wishing she had her camera.  Well, I loaned her mine.  See what I mean about the variety of goodies to be found?
Dolls of all kinds.
Paris collage
And why oh WHY did I not buy that beautiful pair of satin vintage wedding slipper there on the right??? I wanted them, I thought about it, I didn’t & now I’m kicking myself.  But, I did get one of those amazing feather dusters in black.
I love this shop.  I think her name is Tracy & she is from Colorado.  I buy from her every year.  Her style is so fun… Like candle holders with NOT Candles but, sheet music rolled to look like candles.
And then I always LOVE the work & original display of Skip to My Lu.  Everything is displayed on the ORIGINAL vintage cabinet card.

Speaking of coooooooooooool displays…
I LOVED the creativity of this vendor using beautiful tree trunks with that cool peely bark as supports & a wind mill as the top.  Soooooooooooooooo  over the top cool in a metal industrial style.
Speaking of metal…
This piece was metal & the most luscious color!!!!  The vendor told me it was from France & was of the same type/style as The Statue of Liberty.  I JUST LOVE THAT COLOR!  And so wish I had a place to put it.
Chandi Love
And then this beauty caught my eye.  I was walking way out in a hot dusty isle out by Clutter.  And with no electricity hooked to it… the sparkle caught my eye. HUGE!!!!!!!!!  This baby is HUGE!!!! 4 foot by 4 foot.  And as you all know hubby & I have been talking of building this HUGE barn with a very upscale “apartment” in it (& killer studio) but, we’re still in the looking for land phase.  HOW can you buy the chandi before the land? 
Chandi 1
Well Cindy fell in love with her too.  She is redoing a new studio space & although the room in not huge in size it does have 20 foot ceilings.  So, the decision was that since she has a place to put it NOW… she would buy it & hang it.  AND IF/WHEN I get my new building &  if I wanted it then I could buy it from her & we’d find her another one… Oh I’m so glad ONE OF US OWN THIS BABY!!!!!  But, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell her hubby…  Do you think he’ll notice the new addition?   Come back for more adventure in Round Top…
HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Round Top Spring 2012 Part One!


In the fields of Round Top you can find anything…


Burlap for table skirts or teepee’s. Yes, that’s the door to a cute little tent of clothes, jewelry & home decor.


These talented folks bring it all… From beautiful to RUSTY!!!

Junk Car 2

Thank goodness there was a SOLD sign on the fountain below or it would have been shipped home for sure. You can walk for MILES!!!! Did you hear that word MILES? You walk & walk & walk…then you drive & you walk some more. Yes, we are talking miles of tents set up in Cow Fields.

Fountain collage

Fountain LOVE!!!! I loved the color, the design, everything but, the SOLD sign. We shopped for 2 days in the fields.

Aviary  collage

And then on Tuesday Marburger Farms Antique Show opens & the anty is upped two fold (usually the prices too). This is where the serious design stuff & displays come into their own. Above is the amazing aviary designed by Linda (& her husband) of Willows Nest. Linda used to own a dress shop in San Luis Obispo & was good friends with my buddy Diana Frey but, now she lives in Burton, TX.

Little Blue Coat collage

She does stunning displays & vignettes.


While at the special Bloggers luncheon on Monday we met this sweet gal Gwen (below on the right with Cindy on her left). She needed a ride back to Marburgers so we gave her that ride with the promise of a good discount when the show opened the next day. It’s a good thing I had the “discount” as I needed it!


Shells were all the rage at the show this year so I am glad that I have been ahead of the curve with my “OCEAN LOVE” already in full bloom. I bought many shells & a lot of French papers & documents from Gwen & her sister.

Old French Paper


Next up was Judy Hills beautiful space.


I have always wanted to go to her Open House in her home in East Texas but, never seem to make it. Instead I always visit her at Marburgers.

Judy Hill & Sandy collage

Sandy was so excited about meeting Judy that she needed a photo OP!

Chicken Nester collage

Doesn’t everyone use a chicken nester for display? And a manni in a wheelbarrow?

Lamp  collage

And a rusty spring for a lamp???? And a bed full of hay???
And one of my very FAVORITE THINGS I saw at the show was this wonderful Coin Purse Art Display.


There was manni’s with ATTITUDE!!!! And a manni that I got a great idea from… Cindy gave me a cruddy one & I think I’ll decoupage her to look like this baby on the left (Below).

Manni collage And I want this bedding…

Pillow LOVE

Or this…….

Love this bed

Well, you’ve been a very good audience but, I’m afraid I’ve made this post soooooooooooo full of eye candy you may leave me. So, I’ll say good bye for now but, promise to return with more goodies from Round Top. Do you promise to come back? HOPE SO!

HUGS! Charlene

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bloggers Luncheon at Royers


You can’t go to Round Top Antiques Festival & Marburger Antique Show without a trip to Royers!!!! In fact you can’t go to Round Top without stopping at Royers! That just isn’t RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! And you know you’ve arrived when you are met at the door by BUD! Bud is Royers! Bud is THE PIE MAN!!!!!


And if you don’t believe it… well look at his chair it says it all. Royers Cafe has been serving amazing food right on Main Street in the tiny town of Round Top (Population 77 says the sign) for as long as I’ve been going there. But, this year there was an invitation only luncheon for bloggers. Cindy, Sandy & I were so honored to attend. Also (below) there was Kristi Day & Jana Perenchio (whom I have known from Gilded Life Events in the past).DSC05971

Along with Bud there was some special guests we got to meet & hear from.


First up was Lisa Robins from Dwell With Dignity. Lisa is an Interior Designer that decided to “Give Back” to others in thankfulness of all the goodness she had in her life. She realized that she had been blessed to have a beautiful home & life yet realized that for many that was not the case. She found herself wondering what it would mean to someone who was homeless to have a home that had been decorated with love & care. Made beautiful just for them. Lisa began gathering unused items from her home & the homes of friends & clients. Word spread & soon she was able to brighten & beautify the homes of others. Her dreams, visions, & care has become an amazing outreach & at this luncheon they wanted to share her vision with us & encourage us to all reach deep into our hearts to help others to have the beauty of the world we are blessed to have. So, please click HERE to go to the website & learn more about this wonderful cause & IF you feel moved…. please help in whichever way you feel moved to do. Thank you Lisa for having such a giving heart & amazing vision.


Next up to speak to us was Bill Winsor CEO of the Dallas Market Center. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to attend the Market in Dallas & go to this amazing collection of wholesale vendors all housed in one HUGE, beautiful place. They are there to tempt us to bring all the newest things to our customers. Bill & his team have a goal of blending the new items we all expect at market with the amazing vintage finds that so many of the designers come to Round Top Antique Festival to find. He knows that the likes of Ralph Lauren & others like them send their design teams into the field loaded with cash & driving trucks & trailers hauling “the goods” back to use in design showrooms & clients homes. Bill has teamed up with many vendors & will be opening an entire section of The Market to bring this concept to life. I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve. And why was he in Round Top besides this???? He has a ranch there. He was there (with a friend from New York) to WORK out at the ranch. They had been spraying bull nettle…. wonder if that New Yorker had any idea what bull nettle or Royers was before this day?


I wanted you to notice a few things…. Look at the people in the room. Dressed so very different than you would assume for a ladies luncheon. And the room…..




Upon layers of interesting things to look at. To think about… I think the word layers really speaks for Royers, Bud, all the speakers & even each of us. Layers that as we peel them back we find many different things.


Even the ceilings are covered in “STUFF”. Kind of like our lives isn’t it? “STUFF” surrounds us all. Well, this leads into the next part of the luncheon.


Our chance to hear Carol Hicks Bolton talk about lives…. her life, her family, her stores, her clients & friends. Carol has been featured in MANY magazines & articles for years!!! And I have been blessed to have known Carol for MANY years. In fact when I first met her, in her store in Fredericksburg, she had not had her children yet (& now her son is in college … YIKES). In that time period the Bolton’s opened 5 stores in town, moved to North Carolina to be involved in the wholesale furniture business/Market out there, continued to go to Europe bringing back containers & decorating their stores & clients homes. Carol felt the pull & responsibility weighing her down & chose to close all but, Homestead the single Flagship store in Fredericksburg. Recently they have even done that & now only operate out of their warehouse. I haven’t had a chance to visit yet but, rest assured a trip is coming soon.


This part of the lunch was really interesting. I’m sorry my photo is a bit dark but, they were doing a slide show here. But, I wanted to show you what a wonderful warm feeling this whole lunch was. The format was a one on one “CHAT” between Carol & Bud’s wife Karen. The Bolton’s are in fact Bud & Karen’s children’s God Parents so, Karen felt just an old fashion sit down & chat was a good way to get to know Carol & her thoughts on design, decorating, & life. One of the things that really struck a cord with me was her saying that life must be lived with INTEGRITY. Integrity of character, integrity of design, integrity of love for life & love of life in the whole. This is a woman who walked away from 5 different retail stores to raise her family & home school her children to live REAL LIFE! And now she’s jumping back in on her terms.


And next meet Karen Royer. Dr. Karen Royer!!!! I was so impressed!!!! She is a sweet, charming, down to earth, soft spoken southern gal. She was so cute when she said she went back to school to get her degree (which she ended up with 5) to “UNDERSTAND BUD”. She chuckled softly & said “And I’m still not sure I understand him”. But, this sweet soul works with abused & troubled souls in Austin, Texas. She & Carol talked about simplifying life. She spoke about being in the time of her life when she wanted to just “DE -CLUTTER” her home & her life. To be surrounded by only things that she loves. I soooooooooooooo loved to hear that others are feeling the same feelings that I am right now. Are you feeling this way too? Karen even “teased” us with the possibility of an upcoming seminar or girls weekend to visit self exploration & growth. I’m all in for that so KEEP ME POSTED Karen. And LOOK at those PIES sitting behind Karen in the photo above! YUM!

Food at Royer collage

Speaking of food… Lunch was yummy Margarita Pie(the flakiest crust you’ve ever sunk your lips into, mixed with chicken & a 2DIE4 sauce) & a salad with the best cilantro dressing. Topped off with JUNKBERRY PIE a la mode (with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream). And baby it doesn’t get much better than that.


A table full of goody bags passed out by Bill’s darling assistant Michaela (she was dubbed the best dressed person in Round Top) who was so very thoughtful & helped organize all of this wonder.


A day of friends & fun!


Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it a wonderful day at Royers!

Sandy Outside of  Royers Cropped

And yes…………. Royers is as much fun outside as it is inside as seen here with Ms Sandy hamming it up for the camera. Hope you had as much fun as we did & go visit all the folks we talked about in this post. They’re a fun group. And be sure to come back soon for more Round Top Adventures!

HUGS! Charlene

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