Friday, August 31, 2012

Bacara Resort & Spa

After leaving Trisha’s house (see previous posts for that story)… we went to The Bacara Resort & Spa as Cynthia said it was DIVINE!  And she knows her stuff as a tour guide.
As rooms START at $500 & go UP…  we were there to look & have drinks out at one of the Pool Side Bars.  But, we loved the beauty & I thought I’d share if you ever need a “Special Place” near Santa Barbara.  Click the blue link above to go the site for more info.
The pool just calling your name.
Some of the rooms…
Some more private than others.  We wandered around looking & taking the path down to the pool side bar.
There’s Cindy & Cynthia ahead of us.  Don’t you LOVE the view of the ocean?  Look at those mountains out in the ocean.  And here is my sweet hubby & I pushing the stroller with Ms. Elle.
Heading down for the little “Umbrella Drinks”!  A girl just has to love a blue ice cream drink don’t you think?
Cindy & Cynthia… CHEERS!
Cynthia w Elle Santa B
I had to show you Cynthia & Elle’s photo together.  Cynthia has been waiting to meet Elle since I got her (almost 2 years) & of course, she’d never met Hubby either.  It was so much fun to have them meet her after all the times I’ve been out to California & she always takes me around shopping & sight seeing.  Elle wore her pink dress to meet Cynthia because… Cynthia is a PINK GIRL!!!!
Elle in Car Seat w Pink Dress
Here’s Ms Elle loaded in her car seat (NO! She’s not spoiled… MUCH!)  telling Cynthia good bye… And telling you the same thing.   Did you enjoy seeing this beautiful little spot?  We did.
Hope you have a safe & happy Labor Day Weekend!
HUGS! Charlene

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sweet Dreams at Trisha Fontaine’s Fairy Bedroom

A soft netting & stacks of pillows always make for sweet dreams.
Stacked suitcases/trunks make a great side table.
Bedroom  Collage
A sweet chaise lounge with crystal candelabra to read by an open window, a tiny black cast iron stove to take the chill off the evening air & HATS or FAIRY WINGS on the walls to create such a magical feel.
Speaking of magic… the light that fills this house is almost mystical.  As you walk in the door this manni is what greets you.
A “Steamer Trunk” full of treasures is almost like a closet for this little magic maker.  Her personal stash of props & jewels.  She wears these treasures in many of her weddings, parties, & special events.
She loves the turquoise & gypsy look…  Just like I do.
Jewels For Trisha Collage
Now a room that’s often over looked…  the beaded curtains tease you at the entrance…
Oh how I would love to make my “Potty” so Pretty!
Vintage clothing hanging from all the walls.
Toe shoes on the towel rod…
Oh you clever girl!
Did you notice the fairies & of course an entire parade of clothes for those sprites are hanging on that lace there for us to enjoy.  All hand made by Trisha of course…
Fairy Houses, Fairy Clothes, Fairy Weddings… A Fairy Tale life by Trisha Fontaine… Thank you for sharing… my sweet talented friend.  For those of you who missed the first  two posts about Trisha & the links to her please read previous posts & go visit Trisha.
We are going to say good bye to Trisha & her world now.  I can’t thank her enough for sharing & I can’t wait to go back for a Fairy Tale Tea Party next year but, now we have to move on to the next fun things we did while in California.  I hope you’ll come back soon to continue the journey!  Have a great week my friends.  For now, the temps are cooling here in Texas & I can almost BARE to be back.  We’re getting rain & that’s a good thing. 
HUGS!   Charlene

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Do Fairies Live? At Trisha Fontaine’s House!

Trisha in yard Collage
In the previous post I shared the visit to Dos Pueblos Ranch… home of Event Designer Queen… Trisha Fontaine.  If you missed the previous post PLEASE go back & read about this Fairy Land World.    But, let’s move on as you can see (above) Trisha is welcoming us to her home & garden.
Bird Houses Collage
Where cleverly built birdhouses are tucked into the garden & vintage windows hang from trees (she does this for many of the wedding held on the property).
Step onto the sun porch & you are surrounded by vintage goodness!
treasures Collage
Clever Vignettes everywhere.
Oh how I would love to have this many keys…
Her tiny living room was filled with all sorts of eye candy.
A china hutch of chippy peely paint  full of Chinese China & dolls.  Color & TEXTURE abounds!
Chinese China Collage
And little treasures left from weddings past…
Like this hat from the steam punk wedding that Trisha did.  Here’s a little peak at what she creates with some of these props.

Remember the railroad bridge from the last post?????

The steam punk wedding was a favorite of mine & click HERE to go to Trisha’s post to see more of this wedding.  Now… we’re going back to the tour of her home…
The guest room with lavender walls & a closet full of costumes.  Trisha is beginning the fashion show above…
Dresses 1 Collage
My Favorite..  laid across the bed.  Oh to be a Fairy BRIDE in this!
I HAD TO HAVE ONE OF HER CREATIONS & this is what I brought home.  Was this easy to travel with in the back of the van for the next 3 weeks??? NO!!! But, hubby was a good sport & none of the butterflies are any worse for wear.  Wear???? I’m sure you will see it on one of my mannequins.
Now on to the kitchen.  Where the view is of the green green goodness outside (the vintage scale set on the sill & all the pretty bottles)…
DSC06823 The little nook where she can sit at that pretty table surrounded by cupboards full of vintage china.  Bird cages hanging from the ceiling, fairy wings on the wall & look at that sweet nest on the silver tray just sitting on the buffet.
Kitchen Collage
Trisha says she has enough vintage china to serve a party of 250!!! Imagine… here’s another look at one of the photos she shows some of this goodness in (on her blog… again go visit her today & be amazed).  A wedding table set with her tea pots HERE.

Or…. a Tea Party with friends in this post…

But, one of my favorite things… is her chalk board in the kitchen…  Everyone has a grocery list right?  But, is it this cute???? Now remember, we surprised her with the visit & so she didn’t really prepare for us to come.  THIS IS HOW SHE LIVES!!!! Too flippin cute!  Talent in every pore of her body.
Are you tired of all this yet?  Well, lets turn the corner to the little hall leading to her bedroom & look at the wonder living there & then I’ll leave you hanging…. waiting for her bedroom/bath which I can tell you was so full of goodness you would just drool.   
Butterfly Manni Collage
This is a mannequin (yes, those of you who know me well know I have an OBSESSION with them!) that hangs out on a tiny porch that connects the kitchen with Trisha’s bedroom.  Trisha makes these wings, crowns & shoes to compliment her costumes.  I LOVE the crown!  And let’s look at the post (go HERE) to see Trisha’s take on these shoes…

Are you in LOVE with Trisha & her work??? I am.  Come back for a tour of her bedroom… coming soon here … but, for now, I’m back to work on the 2 PLUS week long HUGE bathroom/closet remodel going on here at my house.  I’d rather be back on vacation & let the elves work on this MESS!!!! 
HUGS! Charlene

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fairy Land & Magic with Tricia Fontaine

Did I get your attention?

Do you believe in MAGIC?
Dos Pueblos Ranch…This is where it happens!  Originally the land was a Spanish Mission.  The original property was 15,535-acres & part of a Mexican Land Grant in 1842(click the blue writing to go to a site where you can read about the ranch & see more of Trisha’s photos) it was deeded to a private individual.  It is not that large today but, it is one of the largest privately owned properties in California.  Ever since Cindy & Cynthia (no blog) were getting ready to go out to Jenn’s Fairy Event last year they started following stalking Trisha Fontaine of Converstaions with the Muses.  Trisha is a talented, beautiful, fairy like spirit that puts together the most magical Special Events you have ever seen.  Cynthia surprised us by calling Trisha & setting up a visit even though she was VERY BUSY getting ready for a wedding that weekend.  She promised us about 30 minutes.  And this is what we found when we got there…

We found Trisha & two of her “elves” hanging crystals in the huge trees.  Trees that are hundreds of years old.
DSC06667 Vintage church pews in “God’s Natural Church”.
We couldn’t wait for the tour to begin.  Off to the barn where we see soooooooooooo many of the receptions pictured in Trisha’s posts.  BE SURE YOU GO TO HER SITE & HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO HIT THE “OLDER POSTS” BUTTON SO YOU CAN SEE ONE WONDER AFTER THE NEXT.
The old BARN her husband rescued one post at a time.  This is how we saw it that day.
Barn Collage
This is what it looked like for the wedding.

MAGIC I TELL YOU…. She creates MAGIC!!!!

The tables set & such beautiful unexpected things become part of the settings when Trisha & her “elves” start creating.

I thank Trisha for her letting me use the photos from her blog post because when we were there they had just started setting up & it was bare bones but, WOW!!!!!! I am just amazed at the beauty.  OK… let’s hop in the car & go see where lots of the weddings take place.
Property Collage
Under the railroad bridge, past the avocado orchards (before the weddings that is how they tried to maintain this property), & following the road to the beach.  A PRIVATE BEACH!!!
Beach Collage
Four (ooops, 5 counting Elle) HAPPY GIRLS to be together!
I think that’s enough over load for today.  What do you think?  Will you go visit Trisha?  You won’t be sorry…

Let me wet your whistle for the next post… a trip to her home & looking at more of the Fairy Wonder!  Hope you’ll be back.  IF you sign up with your email address on the right side of my sidebar where it says “Follow by email” you will get email notification each time I have a new post so, you won’t miss the next chapter in an amazing time in California.  Have a great weekend & stay cool which is hard in these sizzling August days.
Hugs!  Charlene
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