Thursday, October 28, 2010

I’m LATE! I’m Late!!!!


And LATE seems to be the story of my life lately! I wanted to share another adorable gift that came from another precious blog buddy Kris Hurst. Kris & I met last spring in Savannah when we attended Petticoats & Parasols. Having bought some Halloween CD’s from her the year before I knew what AMAZING work she did. Kris LOVES HALLOWEEN & during the event everything she did had a touch of Halloween added yet, everything was beautiful. I want to show you what I mean… Here is a couple of her creations. Her Parasol was done using a different panel with a Halloween Image or Vintage Witch.Picnik collage of Kris Parasol

And then there was her mannequin that sported an ADORABLE Halloween Costume! Picnik collage Manni

Yes, I told you she was on top of her Halloween Game! Let’s look & see what was in my package. DSC02576

Here’s a better look at a few of the tags!Picnik collage of Tags

And would you like to see where I put them?DSC02590

That’s the wreath over the guest room potty. I thought all these cute additions just made it so much more fun. And as long as we are here in the guest bath let’s see a few of the other Halloween decorations (the little witch is also from sweet Kris).DSC02588


I wanted to share just a few of Kris’s photos from her blog. They show the amazing work that she does. I did order the Halloween Calling Cards from her (with my name of course). Calling Cards

And then a few things she created using her Halloween 2010 CD that she sells on her Etsy Shop.

Halloween Box 1

Halloween Box 2

CD 2010

Go HERE & visit Kris today to revel in the WONDER & order goodies for yourself HERE! Please tell her Charlene sent you. And THANK YOU again sweet Kris. Stay tuned for photos from the recent Gilded Life Art Event that I went to last weekend. Have a beautiful weekend. HUGS!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is There A 5 Step Program for Art Events?

Is there a 5 step program for Art Events? Or, is it a fact that I am hooked? Or is it some hidden underlying problem that I didn't get to go to Silver Bella for yet the second year in a row(& now I'm damaged)? Or is it just a sickness? OR LOVE??? Whatever... all I can say is after having a quiet summer taking care of Hubby for his open heart surgery I am now SPREADING MY WINGS TO FLY AGAIN! Here's the count down & please check these amazing events out & join me.

This weekend my precious Sandy flies in from LA & we will be attending another Gilded Life Event at THE CHURCH with Shea & Debbie. I am anxious to see a bunch of my buddies there & Craft My Heart Out. The events are always so wonderful & the venue is OVER THE TOP! Stay tuned for photos of completed projects coming soon. Go HERE & HERE to see past events at The Church & HERE for their Blog.
And do you remember Les Sierens? The Mermaid Event that I went to in California this July? Well.... Kim is doing Moulin Rouge in March 2011. I have already signed up & can't wait to go back to Cali & see all my friends out there for this Paris Infused Extravaganza. Kim does such a first class event that there is no words to describe the wonderf. Go HERE to look at the information to see if you can stand to pass it up! I COULDN'T so this one is paid for & in the bag.
And last night (after a HORRIBLE day working on QuickBooks Online's new & NOT improved payroll system) my friend Cynthia called & said "Go TO Jenn's site & look at the new Art Event for next year". She got me at Fairies & Asheville NC. Go HERE Be still my heart!!!! OK, I'm sold so now all I have to do is sell Hubby since that weekend is our anniversary. I already put on my "POUTY FACE" & he thinking the right way with well... maybe I'll just come out that way when your'e done & we can celebrate out there!!!!! Gotta love that guy! That's to far to worry about small details but, I can tell you the BIG DEAL is I gotta be there for that one. Jenn you ROCK girl!
Go check these wonderful chances out. You still have plenty of time to beg, borrow (DON'T STEAL) or pull out the "Pouty Face".
Stay tuned for further adventures & Sandy's arrival! Now... Back to work to pay for this!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Wednesday

Welcome to my FIRST White Wednesday & thank you to our gracious hostess Kathleen! I have admired so many other blogging friends that join this fun event that I decided today I would join too. For those of you who already are regulars here at my blog (AND THANK YOU FOR THAT) this is a continuation on my trip to Round Top Antique Faire For those of you visiting for the first time... WELCOME! And if you would like to see more about Round Top please visit previous posts to catch up on the adventure. And I would love for you to return often!
Today's post in honor of WHITE is about the visit into Pandora de Balthazars' amazing world of vintage linen. Round Top is a TINY town in Texas with a population of 77. YES! You heard me correctly 77 residents. But, twice a year hundreds of tents & thousands of tables are set up in the cow pastures around town to host millions of people who FLOCK to this amazing place to enjoy 2 weeks of shopping mecca. In the middle of all of this is Pandora's Tent. It is air conditioned & filled to the brim with beautiful vintage linens. I had seen adds & articles for this amazing gal in magazines like Victoria, Romantic Homes, Travel Host, Southern Lady & many more. Pandora has had a passion for vintage linens & has made it her mission to collect, sell, & share her knowledge with many. Her largest store is in Florida where she lives. But, she has bought an adorable OLD rock home in Round Top & opened a shop/B&B which serves this area year round. During the show she sets up her tent in one of the fields & IT IS HUGE! It is stocked to the brim & let's look at a few of the things Susie (my friend from California who came for the show) shot photos of & shared (thanks Susie).
Meet Pandora above who is standing next to one of her beds made up with beautiful linens. Pandora was involved in a terrible accident & there was a lot of injury & neurosurgery that followed. During her recovery time she found a need for a better support system in her bed & she created her amazing Decadence Down European Sleep System. She did a lot of research & highly recommends reading the book (she gave me a copy) of Power Sleep by Dr James B Maas which is an interesting book about sleep patterns, what the lack of PROPER SLEEP does to our minds & bodies & many other interesting things. I hope you will look into the book but, let's move on to our visit.
Here you see a huge display of pillows & wonderful linens.
And here is one of her beds set up with the Sleep System & some more luscious linens. In her system each person in the bed has a number of Euro Pillows in a combination of sizes to fit your needs & each person sleeps under his/her own "blankie" so there is no more blanket tugging during the night. The Euro King is a large 31x40" beauty filled with 70% feather & 30% DOWN , the sizes go down from there. And they are HEAVENLY to lay in/on.
Here is a collection of her Red & WHITE beauties. Most of Pandora's linens are dated from 1720 to 1920 with a major focus on 1780-1890. All are one-of-a-kind works in linen, cotton, & silk. Check out her website HERE to see more. Also, she can help you with cleaning & all types of custom services for those special items you already have or ones she makes for you.
In this photo Pandora has my Hubby (who had just had open heart surgery 7 weeks prior to this day) all supported in the bed in the position(note his neck roll behind his head as well as 3 Euro sized pillows) he should assume for about 15-20 minutes before going to sleep. This time period supports your body for relaxation of neck, shoulders & full body which enables your body & mind to get ready to go into a deep REM Sleep. Pandora says NO MORE running in to bed & just crashing.
Here's Susie all supported & sipping a Margarita. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy face!!!!
And Susie put to bed!
Yep! That's me in my bed. What a fun experience was this? AMAZING! And just think... it's all in a tent in the middle of a cow pasture! Go visit Pandora & marvel at the beauty. DREAM! Hit your bank account (she has MANY followers) & then go visit everyone else playing White Wednesday HERE! Have a great week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Round Top

Are you tired of seeing photos of Round Top Antique Fair yet? Hope not because now that I am over the shock of my Magnolia SPLURGE (last post) I wanted to show you a few more vendors starting off with Willow's Nest.
Back last Spring Diane Cook & I took our fella's & went to visit the sweet gal in the photo below. She is none other than Linda from Willow's Nest Farm. We were looking at her cute B&B that she had for sale in the darling town of Burton, TX which is very close to Round Top. Both the guys thought they didn't want property "in town" but, Diane & I LOVED the property & all of the buildings on it. Don't you love the bed that she has set up in her cute space at Marburgers?
I LOVED the pillows she had with the adorable baby dress stitched onto the front.
And I LOVE the way she has the rusty metal walls yet hung a beautiful garland of vintage laces.
I almost bought that beautiful lacy dress on the hanger below (to wear over my Magnolia Pearl bloomers) but, was still in "sticker shock". LOVE the lacy cones that Linda made.

Next is Terry's Shop. Darn, I can't remember her last name. She lives part time in Colorado & part time in Arizona. I bought my beautiful lace panels from her the last time I went to the Round Top show a couple of years ago. The bed in the photo below was stunning (too bad I couldn't crop the fan out of the photo but, it was nice to have the breeze).
Terry has a real knack for display. LOVE the gold wings below. Where could I put those?
And the grungy old display case was SOLD but, what I LOVED was the crown. Sorry Sandy they were out of my price range EVEN for a BDay!
The most interesting thing was this Murphy Tub shown below. Just like a Murphy Bed which would fold down at night for you to sleep & fold up to go in a closet by day... the tub did the same thing. Check out the heat source for a HOT bath. Right on top!!!!! This baby had a SOLD tag on it & Terry said it had been purchased & would be in Victoria Magazine in the future. NEVER HAD SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! That night the vendors were staying open late & Terry had plans to ice down beer & wine in this baby.
Next was a jewelry designers booth that I had loved 2 years ago. And Susie fell in LOVE with this gal & her clever displays & the whole feel of her space. She makes the jewelry out of found objects or vintage jewelry & then uses vintage counter cards as her display piece. You buy the jewelry ON the card. But, the gal had terrible business cards (orange card stock stamped with the info on it) & Susie tried to talk her into starting a blog & new cards. Susie is going to surprise her & do some business cards for her & send them to her. Susie said "she is TOO talented to have cards that look like that". Susie has a heart of gold. She sooooooooooooooooo fell in LOVE with Texas
Susie also loved the Muse for the shop in the large photo. See how she used old greeting card spinners to hold the cabinet cards? Hmmm I have a couple of those in the storage unit.
More of her beautiful wares (click on any photo to make it larger for details).
Notice the old umbrella on the inside of another one? Clever presentation don't you think?
I hope you enjoyed a few more snippets from Round Top.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magnolia Pearl!!! I Just Went to LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST WENT TO LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HONEST I DID!!!!!!!!!! Or at least that's what I told Hubby. Welcome to Magnolia Pearl Marburger Farms Fall Show 2010. This was the entrance to the tent. A Mannequin made of metal parts & wire. Click on the photo to enlarge & look at the detail that went into designing this.
HUGE flowers made of Newsprint or Brown Paper were hung on the outside of the tent. The entire sides of the tent were made of BURLAP. See all the burlap fringe she used over the door/entrance! You have to understand that this show is set up in the middle of a COW PASTURE! So they set up huge white tents (to keep the Texas sun out), lay down hay & then vendors come in & create vignettes in which to sell their wares. Well, in the smack dab middle of this tent is a TREE & a sofa sits beneath the tree & everything is decorated around that.
The opposite side of the entrance has a brown paper flower & "stuff" to create the back drop for this Manni wearing some Magnolia Pearl signature pieces.
See the supports holding all the roof decor? AND THE MOB OF PEOPLE SHOPPING!!!! Pure craziness when the gates open women RUN to be the first in this shop. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes flock to purchase the items designed by Robin Brown under the name Magnolia Pearl.
See I told you MOBS!
Below you will see Krista. Isn't she adorable? Well, I had wanted a pair of Magnolia Pearl bloomers for awhile now but, just hadn't wanted to let go of the MEGA BUCKS required. But, in just LOOKING Krista helped me FIND a couple of pair I couldn't live without.
Yepp, that's me in the tangle of fringe showing you a couple of things I loved! And yes, the cute little top on the right happened to show up in my shopping bag! Susie took this photo for me(thanks girlfriend!)
Here's the Manni outside of the other door wearing MY bloomers & a top very similar to the one I bought. Both items were being discontinued so I got a "DEAL" on them (trust me when I tell you they were NOT cheap even with a "DEAL"but, I saw a pair of "Bo Peep Bloomers on a gal at the Blog Party & adored them) .
Another view of one of the huge flowers. Maybe you want to try your hand at a few of these???
Below is Robin Brown (thanks for sharing your photo Jill) showing off one of her tops. Check out her outfit, hair, style & the other metal Manni hanging from the rafters. As you look at the other photos you will see that Robin & all her sales staff have that Magnolia Pearl Look with clothes & hair.
And Robin's Hubby John in one of his "Johnny Shirts". You see Men & Women wearing these shirts over all types of bloomers, shorts, skirts or jeans. Well, my Hubby thinks he'll pass on a "Johnny Shirt" & for those of you who KNOW him, you're not suprised are you?
And here is a rack of her signature dresses & long tops. All of her items used to be made of vintage fabrics, trims & laces. Now... only a special few are done in this style. And this is where the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ really can add up.
More typical of her items now is shown on the huge cases in the photo below. The fabrics have changed & are much more casual now. Look at the HUGE PILES of items to sell & let me tell you there were women sorting through stacks of this stuff & it would pile in the straw hip high when a freenzy was going on. A SITE TO BEHOLD I CAN TELL YOU!
Amazing!!!! Go check out Robin's site HERE to see more of her creations. And look at the videos she has of her home, vintage Air Stream Trailer (all decked out MP Style) & her Rolls Royce Car that she has taken the body off & put onto a 4 X 4 Truck frame so she can tootle all over her farm outside of Bandera, TX where she lives & creates her lines of clothes, furniture & other items. Happy Looking, Hope you Enjoyed this & be sure to come back to see more of Round Top Antique Faire 2010.

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