Monday, August 31, 2009

A Gemini Personality Goes to Art Group

This past Thursday was the first time we got together for our Art Group at Janna's shop Collected Treasures. WHAT FUN WE HAD! We don't have a name yet & that seems to bother Janna but, didn't seem to hamper any of the fun. We'll have to work on a name. Here is Carolyn painting her darling little pink house. She had one finished to show us when she came in & it is so cute. I made a couple of these last year to give as a Christmas gift to my friend Susan. They remind me of those wonderful glittery houses that my Grandmother used to have (from Germany). I had only met Carolyn a few times but really enjoyed getting the chance to visit with her & get to know her better during our get together. She is going to take the soldering class that I am going to teach at Collected Treasures. I know we will become friends & can't wait to get to know her better. And the other cutie in the photo is Lisa. She is working on totally cool soldered bottles. Go to her BLOG & check out the closeup photos of them.
Here is a little different angle of Lisa & Carolyn.
And our Diva Janna back there flipping that pretty blonde hair. She was working on a mirror that she wanted to Mosaic. And then there is Pat & her teapot that you can see in the photo. She drilled holes in it & strung silverware to make a wind chime. It did have a pretty sound to it. We were supposed to do a stool to use at the worktable & most of the girls finished theirs(no I didn't because I haven't found the stool I want yet but, it's coming) go check out the stool Pat did for this get together it was done in crazy quilt & she did an awesome job. If you enlarge the photo you might be able to see Janna's mirror better.
And here I am wrapping some items to solder. And my friend JoAnn (in the purple) working on her crazy quilt bracelet. It was kind of the style of Beth Quinn. She used sentimental fabrics (items from her Granddaughters) & buttons.
My silly wine glass with pink marabou & my wrapped solder pieces. My solder project is pictures of all of my friends when we had a Witch Party last year. Not sure if I will make a garland out of them or give each witch her finished piece. They are a little large 2 x 3 inches & done with beveled glass which makes them heavy to wear. But, they would make a fun necklace. ???? Who knows. And a mermaid there at the bottom(sorry the glare makes her hard to see). Now on about mid evening the girls all started teasing me about my stuff being so organized. That my glass was in a labeled case & the charms all lined up in a tidy work area...
Here's my glass case for my soldering. Glass is divided up & LABELED so I know what sizes & types I have.
Inside the case... Now they really start the talk. And then I tell them that I had been organizing my clear stamps at home & putting them in page protectors with little Velcro dots (so they don't fall out) & how they will be in a ring binder divided into subject so I can find what I'm looking for because I am sick of not knowing what I have or where it is.

At this time they are booing & hissing & about to throw me out of the group.
Here's my binder with the stamps. Looks good right As I said they are about to kick me out!!! And then I tell them HEY, WAIT! I AM NOT ALWAYS SO NEAT & TIDY!


To make this point I would like you to see my work table in my studio (I am ashamed & embarrassed but, it is true). This is one reason I could not participate in the great event when everyone showed photos of their perfect studios. TAKE HEART SISTERS! I'M NOT ALWAYS A NEAT NICK!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pink Saturday & Sunset at Lake Palestine

On my posts I usually give you a lot of details... I think this photo speaks for itself. Click it to enlarge & while viewing take a deep breath, relax & enjoy. Beverly, thank you for hosting another Pink Saturday! You girls know the drill... click on the button on my sidebar to see all the others playing this week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Gables Inn Pacific Grove, CA Part One

As promised yesterday, in my post (of the sail boat coming around Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, CA,)the B&B was by far one of the high points of this trip. It is called Seven Gables Inn & is really two Victorian Homes turned into one Inn Extraordinaire.
Here is the view of the main entrance & front door (where the white fence is). The window on the far right is the room we stayed in on the second night. More about that later.

Along the side of the house is a room surrounded by windows. And out these windows the view is the Ocean & the shoreline running along Lovers Point. It was close to July 4th so that is the reason for all the bunting on the side of the house. This area was one of our favorite places.

Here is a view taken from the boardwalk below (on the shoreline). But, it shows you both houses. The owners parents owned the first house I showed you. After the retired two of the three kids decided to keep the house & buy up the neighboring property to create the Inn. The first time I stayed here (12 years ago) The main house was painted yellow/white & the other house blue/white. Now, they have unified the look & both are yellow & white.

Welcome! This is the front door. I am a Stained & Beveled Glass FREAK & this door speaks to my heart. How about you?

Into the front parlor & the reception desk. Look behind the desk at that blue stained glass window... be still my heart! I took so many photos of stained glass, lamps, & chandeliers that it will be it's own post so come back Friday for a close up of this window & the dinning room.

Here is that same viewing room but, taken at night so you can peek inside. Between 4-5 PM every night they have a wine tasting in this area. About 4 -5 wines & 4-5 types of cheeses & fresh fruit. Off to dinner somewhere wonderful & back in this area for homemade cookies & milk (tea or coffee too). "Honey" wanted to know if he could expect the same when we got home. Funny Boy!

The entry into the viewing room from the front entrance & lobby area. Those two chairs in the distance were ours & the window behind us was always open for fresh breezes to blow through. Average temperatures in this area is 55 for the evening low & 70 for the highs. This is pretty much year round. Now, for two kiddo's from Texas that left 103 degrees... we were LOVING this!

A close up of the stained glass dividing those two rooms.

The mirror next to "Honey's" chair reflects the Ocean view we so loved! And the ART & some of the lamps can be seen. There was a lovely garden out the window behind us.

This is the side of the second house. The window at the top right was our room the first night. I wanted to stay at the front of the main house in the room I stayed in 12 years ago but it was booked the first night. We stayed in the Steinbeck Room that night & silly me forgot to take a photo of the room before all our junk got in it. So go to the website link above & find Steinbeck Room to view the actual room. The view out that big window looked right over Lovers Point where I shared the beautiful sunset & sailboat with you yesterday(be sure to visit that post if you didn't already it is stunning).

The drapes & chandelier in Steinbeck Room.

View of the outside of our second room. right at the front of the Main House.

A view from inside our second room. What a view!!!! Again, great stained glass.

A better shot at the view & our front door.

The final shot for today is of the stained glass in the second room. Come back Friday for the final part of the tour of this exceptional property. Have a wonderful Thursday! I will be at the very first meeting of our new ART GROUP meeting at Janna's shop Collected Treasures . We are all so excited. I'm sure I'll share more on that another day. HUGS!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovers Point & A Wonderful Give Away!

This is Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan (click on the button on my sidebar to visit all those playing this week). And I wanted to share a sailboat sailing around Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, CA. This was taken during our trip this summer & was one of our favorite places. Please enjoy today's photos & come back Thursday when I will post the photos of the actual B&B.
So few words needed!

And I have one more treat fro you so read below.
Margaret of the French Bear does some of the most wonderful things! And she is having a big Give Away I have seen her work & coveted her packages sent to my friend Monica at NOW I HOPE I WIN THIS WONDERFUL GIVE AWAY BUT, IF I DON'T I HOPE YOU DO!!!!! So, hurry over & sign up & let Margaret know Charlene sent you & be sure to visit Susan & all the others for Outdoor Wednesday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mermaid Cache Kit Has Arrived!

Ever since my trip to the California Coast I have been on search for PRETTY Mermaid things & all seashore themed things. I AM SO INTO THIS RIGHT NOW! So, when I saw the Mermaid Party that Heidi at had created I just flipped for all these treasures. I have borrowed a photo off her Post about this soiree. Be sure & pop over to visit. Didn't these ladies do a great job on the bottles (Click the photo to enlarge it so you can see the detail). So, when I went on to Heidi's Etsy site I saw that she had a Mermaid Cache Kit for sale & after a few magic clicks of the button, it was mine! I opened it today & inside I found the box with vintage teal floral wallpaper & a beautiful Mermaid tag. Also, at the bottom right you will see her pretty business card that was in the box too. Sorry the photo is a touch blurry.
The tag with the vintage paper in the background.
Contents included, small piece of sheet music, a bag of sand, vintage Mermaid images...
a small bag of mica flakes, sheet of ledger paper, a bag of mixed sea shells, a tiny bag of teal colored glitter, & a great big bottle. Oh I have so many ideas teaming in my head. Will I use this bottle? Will I do something else? Let's wait & see but, the big thing is that I am so excited to have something fun to work on other that my Income Tax extension. Overview of the whole kit. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Time at the Lake

Where have I been & what have I been doing? When I haven't had a new front door installed, or the main rooms of my house being painted? Completing the purchase of yet another "Toy" for "Honey" & the family. Here she is a new Lowe Deck Boat. She has a solid top that provides shade for all on board & serves as a diving deck for those who want to use the top. Or for me... I see floating in the lake looking at the stars at night. This past week we took off for a friends Lake House on Lake Palestine in East Texas near the city of Tyler. This is a photo of Jan's boat up out of the water in her boat house & ours out in front. My son is on the dock waiting to push his Dad off when ready.
And my "Honey" or otherwise known as "The CAPTAIN"! He so loves that!
And here... the other major reason for the purchase. My son (son's the other one is not on this trip but there will be another time for him & his family) & the GRANDS!
I don't usually do much with family details but, wanted to share this with you today. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday Everman,TX Parrots

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan. Click on the button on my sidebar to see Susan & all the others playing. On Monday I introduced you to my new friend Laverne that owns the awesome trailer Boss Lady that I introduced you to on MET MONDAY (for those of you that missed it GO BACK IT IS WAY WONDERFUL!) Oh My Gosh she is so unbelievably COOL!!!!! I just can't wait to tell you about Laverne & all that we saw & all that I learned! She is fascinating & sooooooooooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!! You will hear a LOT more about her! In the meantime... POLLY WANT A CRACKER????? I know you are thinking "WHAT IS THIS SILLY GIRL THINKING & WHAT IS THAT! Parrots! Green Parrots! And their NEST!

Yes, in Everman, Texas (located just south of Ft Worth) there was once a pair (mating pair) of Parrots that either got away or were turned loose. These two have now multiplied to well over 100. They all live within about a 3 city block area. The nests are built on the high line wires & you can hear the squawking (LOUD!!!!!) all around. They are on the wires & in the trees.

Here is a nest that has a trumpet vine that has grown up and around the entire nest.

Here you see it from a distance.

If you click on the photos to enlarge it you will see two birds peeking out at you! Have you ever seen anything like this before????? I sure hadn't! Hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boss Lady meets Met Monday!

Welcome to MET MONDAY! Susan always has so many different things to show when she hosts this each week. Click on the button on my sidebar & see who else is playing. But, for fun today I wanted to share my friend Laverne's trailer. It certainly qualifies for a metamorphosis! This is BOSS LADY when Laverne first bought her... Laverne belongs to Sisters On The Fly which is a group of gals that caravan around pulling the trailers to different events. The group here in Texas are not BIG Fisherwomen... More Shopper Women! Imagine going to Antique Fairs, Festivals, & other fun places. Pulling into a camp ground, putting out your rug & table under your awning, mixing a martini & just visiting with the other sisters! FUN!!! FUN!!!! FUN!!! I think the BUG has bitten me. Hee Hee I've already looked at four trailers that didn't make the grade.

OK... another before photo of Boss Lady. YIKES!!!! Kinda scares you doesn't it??? Laverne says you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince but, this frog would have had me running!

Here she is... after being all fixed up & her snazzy new graphics on the side... Yep, that's Laverne in the photo. ?????????? How did she get that wonderful paint work done? This is just to the left of the cute little wooden screen door that has Victorian gingerbread work on it. Be sure to click on each photo to enlarge it so you can see the details put into this jewel.

And the other side of Boss Lady.

And a front view.

Don't you love the stencil work of the bandanna on the side? This is the side with the Move'em Out sign.

And the back has this cute little covered porch with the Texas Longhorns on the rail & her saddle. ADORABLE!

As you step in the door this is what you can see. This is the stove with the little sofa's to the right of it. Below the stove is the ice box. It looks like old ceiling tiles but it's not.

Here's a view a little more to the left. You can see the tin counter top & the sink. Don't you love the wood & the stars used on the cabinet fronts? I did!

And every Cow Girl would have a Tiffany Lamp over her table & sofas right?????

This is the pillows on the sofa (which is covered in black embossed leather for the cushions) & the cute floral print curtains. Laverne made her pillows. And the photo on the wall... the Cow Girl on the left is her as a young girl. Too Cool to have such a treasure!

Not the best photo I have ever taken but, one of her pillows. Sorry for the glare.

The table & curtains, a hat hanging & the Tiffany lamp.

The top of the stove with a western tray sitting on the burners. And an overview of some of her pieces of western art & graphics.

Another view of the kitchen area & if you look to the left of the sink (the white in the photo) you will see the beginning of her bed.

The bed is like The Princess & The Pea Mattress! Soft & fluffy with lots of beautiful bedding.

The curtains cover little windows for her to PEEK out of. And didn't I tell you her bedding was luscious? And notice the horns for a couple of her hats. Hmmm remember my western post & the hat I bought for the Stock Show????? LOVING this idea! One less thing to have to buy. Well, that's the end of today's Met Monday Post. Have you got wheels turning? Can you see you & your girlfriends on the road to someplace fun with your own palace on wheels? I CAN! And... Laverne is working on yet another trailer & it will have to be posted on later. Check out a few more here Have a wonderful week!
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