Monday, October 20, 2008


When I started my blog I was searching for like "souls". Ones who saw the world in a different light. One that was creative, colorful, soft, warm, & kind. I am so new to this that I didn't know what to expect. I read, I dreamed, I wished (that someday my Blog would be as beautiful as some others I have enjoyed) but, most of all I was excited about meeting new friends & learning. In this I have been blessed in such a short time.

When visiting Madai I saw the most beautiful earrings that she had gotten from LuLu I commented to LuLu that I coveted the earrings I had seen & got the sweetest email requesting my email address for she had a surprise for me. Also in this email was this:
To those of you who aspire to be an artist, just be one.
To those of you who are an artist, be a friend - Wendy Prentice

A few days later... a package appears. And in it is my very own special creation by the sweet & talented Lu Lu! It brought tears to my eyes & joy to my heart to have made this new friend. She told me that after reading another blog that day about a woman doing a random act of kindness for someone shes didn't even know she was inspired to do the same. And the only thing she asked was that I "PAY IT FORWARD". To do something kind & unexpected for someone else. CAN YOU IMAGINE?????? WHEN THINGS ARE SO CRAZY right now there is still kindness, thoughtfulness, & creative lovely people.

LuLu you are truly an inspiration that I hope we can all learn from. Thank you Thank you my dear friend!!!!!! Enjoy the photo's & please visit LuLu & Madai to see LuLu (& Madai's) talent & beauty. Live a beautiful life my friends.

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present!


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Charlene, they're beautiful! What a sweetheart Lulu is! This land of blog is so full of goodness, I'm still in awe of it even after being here almost two years. Hope you're having a wonderful week, xxoo, Dawn

Allie said...

What a treasure! In my 5 months of blogging, I have met the most amazing women! There is indeed a lot of goodness is this world. Happy Tuesday!!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Awwww! How sweet! Those are some very sweet earrings...lucky you! ;)
Hope all is well with you dear... I was away in Nashville over the weekend with my husband and old friends. It was wonderful.
And to answer your question... no, I have not gone to the soldering classes... too much going on right now. ;) I AM going to though. Whenever she has them again later in the year or next year!

LuLu Kellogg said...

My heart is full of joy after reading your sweet words! I am SO very glad you will enjoy these earrings!

Much Love,

Gina said...

Such gorgeous earrings! You have a lovely blog..thanks so much for visiting mine recently :D

TiffanyJane said...

They are Gorgeous!!!! LuLu and Madai are Dolls!!!!! They are 2 of my Wonderful friend's :)
Yep, there are still wonderful people out in the world.....when we have bad days, I think we get pushed down paths to meet these wonderful women....and they never fail to put a smile on our face :)

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