Thursday, October 30, 2008

Witch Party II

Oh my goodness... You missed the Witch of Politics! In my last Post of the 3rd Annual "Twitch" Party (called this because JoAnn's grandaughter could not pronounce WITCH) Crystal was missing as the Witch of Politics & also the group photo from dinner.
What made Crystals costume best of all is that she is a Republican & married to the most liberal (& Vocal)Democrat to be found. Originally she was going to be nuetral in her costume so as to not offend anyone at the party. But, in going outside prior to leaving... she finds that Dan had put an Obama/Biden sign in their yard. SHE WAS FURIOUS! So she stomped back into the house & put on her Sarah Palin/Rosie the Riviter T Shirt & covered it up with her coat. It was not until they arrived at the party that Dan realized he was to escort her with this shirt on!!!!! LOL The last laugh was indeed on Dan that night! And for the last photo we grabbed the chef & had him join us. Enjoy!


Allie said...

LOVE the politics witch! What a GREAT idea for Halloween this year!! Looks and sounds like ya'll had a really fun time.

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

That is so funny! I LOVE her costume- what a great idea! ...and the party looks like so much fun!
Love your new bloggy look!

TiffanyJane said...

What a Great photo of yall and Love Crystals costume and the story behind it, what a Hoot!!! Love that t~shirt!

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