Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Boys

Today's post is a little different for me. I have indulged myself with wanderings of the mind. Yesterday was a hard day because my son had to put his Dalmatian "Taz" to sleep. He is 32 years old but, when he called me yesterday & had that crack in his voice when he said Mama, I KNEW something was wrong. He said "Mama please help me do the right thing... I need to put Taz down but, I just don't want to have to do it... Don't let me chicken out & not do this" He proceeded to tell me all the things that had happened that day to make him decide that today was the day this had to be done. I had been telling him that this was needed for some time but, this must be a decision one must make for himself. I called the vet & made the appointment & went with him. IT BROKE MY HEART! To see that big o'le boy holding, petting & loving that poor old spotted dog with tears rolling down his cheeks. It just goes to show you that Mama will always be Mama & baby boys will always be their Mama's baby boys. No matter the age, distance apart, life, time... Until the end of time they are indeed your baby boys. Above you will see a photo of my sweet boy & his little ones.

And then this morning I was visiting some different blogs & got such a chuckle out of one by Alisa which shows yet another side of this Mother/Son relationship so many of us have. Alisa has a lovely Blog & she is very creative. She lives near me (if you call 100 miles near...) & I hope to someday meet her. Hope you enjoy her post for today & that it brings a smile to you as it did to me. I did reply to her & told her who I thought won that tug of war she was having with herself. As I told her from a quote that I had heard but can not remember by whom... "Children are your heart, walking around outside of your body" Oh how true that is.

Sorry if you were not looking for this kind of a post but, these type days happen to all of us I guess & I just felt like sharing some of the thoughts rambling around in my head. So now I am off to mail baby shower goodies to Dawn & hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh so sorry about that dog and your boy. That is hard.

Boys! I know them...maybe I've told you I have 3 brothers, 6 nephews and 3 sons!

My Vintage Studio said...

I am sorry to hear about your family pet. Hope you have a better day on Friday.
Hugs, Sharon

Allie said...

Your story about your son and his dog strikes close to home. I'm crazy about my dogs and through the years, it's always me that takes them in to be euthanized. My husband can't do it. I stay with my babies all the way to the end. Lots of tears.

On a happier note, the scrapbook convention is at the Mesquite Convention Center on 1700 Rodeo Dr. in Mesquite. It's 'til 5 on Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday. $6 entrance fee. Their website doesen't say too much but it's


Decor To Adore said...

My eyes are all misty. You did a good job mom. You have raised a sensitive & caring man.

Monica said...

I'm sooo sorry, Charlene. Will email later.
Monica x.

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