Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bottles & Treasures

In a corner of my Breakfast Room, I have a small white metal shelf that I have made a little vignette of a few of my current favorites treasures. It is just a little thing stuck there to fill that empty corner. I have a plate rack on one wall & I like to change out the plates as per the season or my mood.So, I thought I would share this little glimpse into a few of my whimsey's.
This shows a beautiful cut glass plate that has a few of my shaker bottles that I have collected. The tall dark blue with silver overlay (in the back center) was a gift from my friend JoAnn. To the right of that is an embellished bottle I bought from Tiffany when I went to her Holiday Sale in December.
And to the far right is another bottle with a tag filled with sparkle that was another Tiffany find as well. And the same for the two on the left of the blue & silver bottle. The one is kind of cloudy & is filled with glitter. Kind of a different look from the others. The little tiny one to the far left is part of a set of four that I found at an Antique Store & will share all four later. This one just seemed at home here with the others.
And this little treasure was something that brought back childhood memories. When I was little my precious Grandmother gave me an entire set of the Blue Willow Child's Tea Set. I have a cousin 2 years younger & that evening after playing Tea Party all day we were washing up the dishes as we had seen Grandma do a million times. Much FUN we were having until... DISASTER STRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane dropped the tea pot & broke many of the pieces. We both cried!
I happened upon this plate just like the plate from my original set in another Antique & Gift Mall. Not only was there the plate but a beautiful glass dome that fit over it. And sprinkled on the plate was the most beautiful glitter. IT HAD TO COME HOME WITH ME! And I know I will enjoy it for a long time to come.
And speaking of the much loved Grandmother... her every day dishes were none other than Blue Willow (I suppose that is why that Tea Set of all the tea sets I had was the most special). In dividing up Grandmothers dishes I am not sure who got hers. I did not. So, last week when I was out junking & came across the plate, tea cup & saucer in Blue Willow pattern, I knew it was meant for my little shelf.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my new goodies & hope you don't mind my ramblings as I walked down memory lane. But, isn't that what we should do... remember those we love & surround ourselves with things that bring us pleasure & happy thoughts. Have a happy Saturday. xoxo


Allie said...

What a pretty vignette you have in your kitchen corner. My grandmother had a few pieces of Blue Willow and I was only able to get one dish when she passed away....but I LOVE it dearly. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :D

Blondie's Journal said...

Charlene...what a sweet post. The memories you have of your grandmother are treasures you will always keep & thank you for sharing them.

I love the little corner shelves and the bottles! Blue is becoming one of my favorites very quickly! I have seen a lot of Blue Willow pieces but as of yet have not one piece. Hmmm...may have to start scouting.!! :-)

Thanks for a beautiful walk down memory lane. They are the best!


Thrift Store Junkie said...

Very pretty. I'm a love of all things vintage

TiffanyJane said...

Awwwww, I thought one or two of those looked familiar! What a beautiful gathering!
My mom had a whole set of Blue Willow dishes from her mother {a looong time ago}, I think she sold the whole set in a garage sale when she got tired of blues!
Hope your doing good!!!!

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