Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodies From Yesterday!


All these goodies for $35.00! WOW!

Look at the sweet old photos of the children. They have a few damage spots that I am going to work on with Photoshop Elements. And the print of the little girl with the bird is in a damaged mat but, a little bit of dental floss & I can fix that.

These two photos are of an OLD post card. The front is in black & white. The first photo shows them with two fans I found on clearance at Garden Acres. I think they will look great together on some project. ???? Who knows where that will go but, I loved the vintage print.

This is a little pansy spoon that I found & hope it will clean up well. There was a set of 5 of these & if this one cleans up well the whole set will be mine. For a big $2.20 I could hardly go wrong. Below is a close up of the detail of the spoon while placed on that nasty mat from the print of the little girl & bird.

Two Heisey juice tumblers. These little beauties are small but so cute. A steal for $3.50 each. Heisey glass ware has such a great color & weight to the glass.
And this darling little doll head was a GREAT FIND. I will use it to make another necklace like I am going to make in Diana's class. And speaking of that subject... I went shopping this week for all of my supplies for that class. OH MY! Overload!!! I have so much to learn on that subject...That is another whole post. Chasing hammers, blocks, anvils, size/types of beads & wire. I am excited & inspired but OVER WHELMED!
On another note, I am very excited because I won the drawing from Sharon! See the post below. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHARON! This is the first time I have ever won a Blog drawing. I can't wait to receive my Sommerset Magazine. It inspires me so! As Dawn says "you have to get up from the computer to create". Have a great weekend my friends.


The Muse said...

im sooooooo jealous!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oooooooooo, you brought home the motherlode! Weeeeeee! Oh, speaking of, Harlow is not doing any better (see today's post). I just don't know why she can't get the hang of doing her biz OUTSIDE!

Sorry Miss Reba had to go to the vet. Is she feeling better? Babie (our Sheltie) loves going to the vet, the groomers, Pet Smart and loves riding in the car...weird, huh?

Congrats on being the winner of the giveaway!


Abounding Treasures said...

Wow Charlene!

You found some real treasures :o)

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh.. you did hit the jackpot girl! That a bunch of treasures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene~ You made out like a bandit. I love to have those kind of days when you seem to find everything. I envy you on finding that little doll head. I'm anxious to see it when you finish.

Tina(Taken over by her daughter, Nicole) said...

YOu found some real goodies there! thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Have a great day! tina

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