Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Gables Inn Pacific Grove, CA Part One

As promised yesterday, in my post (of the sail boat coming around Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, CA,)the B&B was by far one of the high points of this trip. It is called Seven Gables Inn & is really two Victorian Homes turned into one Inn Extraordinaire.
Here is the view of the main entrance & front door (where the white fence is). The window on the far right is the room we stayed in on the second night. More about that later.

Along the side of the house is a room surrounded by windows. And out these windows the view is the Ocean & the shoreline running along Lovers Point. It was close to July 4th so that is the reason for all the bunting on the side of the house. This area was one of our favorite places.

Here is a view taken from the boardwalk below (on the shoreline). But, it shows you both houses. The owners parents owned the first house I showed you. After the retired two of the three kids decided to keep the house & buy up the neighboring property to create the Inn. The first time I stayed here (12 years ago) The main house was painted yellow/white & the other house blue/white. Now, they have unified the look & both are yellow & white.

Welcome! This is the front door. I am a Stained & Beveled Glass FREAK & this door speaks to my heart. How about you?

Into the front parlor & the reception desk. Look behind the desk at that blue stained glass window... be still my heart! I took so many photos of stained glass, lamps, & chandeliers that it will be it's own post so come back Friday for a close up of this window & the dinning room.

Here is that same viewing room but, taken at night so you can peek inside. Between 4-5 PM every night they have a wine tasting in this area. About 4 -5 wines & 4-5 types of cheeses & fresh fruit. Off to dinner somewhere wonderful & back in this area for homemade cookies & milk (tea or coffee too). "Honey" wanted to know if he could expect the same when we got home. Funny Boy!

The entry into the viewing room from the front entrance & lobby area. Those two chairs in the distance were ours & the window behind us was always open for fresh breezes to blow through. Average temperatures in this area is 55 for the evening low & 70 for the highs. This is pretty much year round. Now, for two kiddo's from Texas that left 103 degrees... we were LOVING this!

A close up of the stained glass dividing those two rooms.

The mirror next to "Honey's" chair reflects the Ocean view we so loved! And the ART & some of the lamps can be seen. There was a lovely garden out the window behind us.

This is the side of the second house. The window at the top right was our room the first night. I wanted to stay at the front of the main house in the room I stayed in 12 years ago but it was booked the first night. We stayed in the Steinbeck Room that night & silly me forgot to take a photo of the room before all our junk got in it. So go to the website link above & find Steinbeck Room to view the actual room. The view out that big window looked right over Lovers Point where I shared the beautiful sunset & sailboat with you yesterday(be sure to visit that post if you didn't already it is stunning).

The drapes & chandelier in Steinbeck Room.

View of the outside of our second room. right at the front of the Main House.

A view from inside our second room. What a view!!!! Again, great stained glass.

A better shot at the view & our front door.

The final shot for today is of the stained glass in the second room. Come back Friday for the final part of the tour of this exceptional property. Have a wonderful Thursday! I will be at the very first meeting of our new ART GROUP meeting at Janna's shop Collected Treasures . We are all so excited. I'm sure I'll share more on that another day. HUGS!


Lisa said...

Really great place! Thanks so much for the tour!
Hugs, Lisa

Holly Loves Art said...

Hello and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.

I have always wanted to take a Diana Frey class! I know it would be lovely... she is amazing.

You have such a beautiful blog and I'm happy to know about it now. :)

Love the parrots below... we had some traveling guys a couple weeks ago. They landed just for about ten minutes then went on. There were four of them and they were so funny to listen to.

Have a lovely evening and see you in blogland.


LuLu Kellogg said...

This place is amazing! What a view you had and everything looked so lovely.

Glad you and Honey had a great time!


Amy said...

Makes me want to drop everything and hop right on to a plane and go! Just Lovely and I'm glad you had a grand time! Thanks for sharing!!

Diers Eve said...

I'm atonished by the beauty of your pics!
Hugs from Chile,

Cassandra said...

WOW simply AMAZING! What lovely photos, thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

I have traveled through Cali and I have seen this establishment, but never stayed. I know the's gorgeous! I was woken up last week by a flock of parrots and it scared the bejebbers out of me they were so loud. Well, hot weather finally hit us here in L.A and of course the fires too. Air quality is terrible. Have a great day.


Karen Valentine said...

OMG! Charlene what a fabulous place to stay. The house is gorgeous and your view was to die for!!! I'm so jealous! My sweetie and I stayed in Motel 6's and Best Western's for most of the trip! LOL! Thanks for coming by!

My Desert Cottage

Donna said...

What a beautiful place! Love all the stained glass. Amazing view! Thanks for the showing.


Laura Goff said...

Wow! Those are some beautiful stained glass panels! Thanks for posting them.

Laura Parham
State of the Art, Inc.
Stained Glass Studio

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wow that is just beautiful~ It seems like the B & B's in California are so pretty ! I miss them ~

Monica said...

OH MY GOSH!!! It is just T*E*R*R*I*F*I*C! I wanna go there!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing, Charlene!

Eliza Winters said...

The home is absolutely stunning. I love the stained glass. Is it new or did you have someone do church stained glass windows ? If you did I would love to get their contact information. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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