Monday, November 16, 2009


Saturday morning Susan, JoAnn & I were off to Bloom & Bee Swanky for a look at Amy's Holiday wonders. Have you been to Bloom & Bee Swanky yet? It's in Waco, Texas right near the Baylor University campus. Lisa & I stopped by to visit the first time on our trip home from Round Top in October. The owner Amy Bradshaw has an excellent eye & a cute sense of merchandising. As you walk in the door you go under an arbor decked in rolls of sheet music but, I could not get a good photo of it because of the way the sunlight was streaming through the windows. But, I LOVED this angel just to the right of the door. Amy's Holiday Open House was Thursday night & she had ordered food for 75 people. She said she thought about 45 -60 would come but, the line was around the building when she opened the doors. She counted over 200 people in attendance. Good for you Amy!!!!!
Here is one of her mannequins that has a tree under her skirt like an old time bustle. Click on the photo to enlarge it so you can see the detail. Don't you think that is clever?
And on that bustle tree were silver baby spoons, old books, gloves, and other treats.
One of her fabulous beds done all in white. I love the way the skirt is done on this bed. On the bed & behind it are the most wonderful white linens from Europe. They are done in the Euro Sham size. Offered in both foam or down. They are a luxury that I want to put on my Santa List!
Another wonderful bed & bedroom vignette! That bed had a wonderful spread all done in white & gold. Regal for sure! And the shams on it would have been mine but, were sold to one of Amy's employee's. DARN!!!!!
A vintage trunk with lots of goodies in & around it. On the left side of the trunk was a black 1800's opera cape & the jet beads on it were divine. Yes, Lisa I here the scissors snipping the hats apart!
Another vignette for a living room area.
Lots of treasures lived on this table. I sorted through scrabble tiles & found words like Merry Christmas, Hope, Peace, Love... you get the picture. She has a great supply of letters on hand. A little piece of trivia for scrabble lovers - there is only ONE K in a scrabble set! Thanks for that tip Amy.
Amy has a lot of vintage lingerie. Here is one of her vignettes with another piece as a focal point. These little jewels are set up all over the store & each one is highlighted & shown in it's best possible light with plenty of room for viewing & not feeling cramped or crowded. I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into this jewel box of a shop. Be sure & visit Amy either in the store or drop her a note. I'm sure she would be happy to mail you anything you see that needs to be on your Santa list. Come back soon & see what I bought at Marta's Room in Belton (another tip from Amy for a sweet shop). Have a great week.



Charlene, such beautiful photos of a beautiful shop! The beds look over-the-top comfy. Looking forward to seeing what you bought in Belton. And thanks so much for your sweet visit today! ~ Angela

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Thanks for showing what I missed and so glad to hear it was a success! Love the tree with slip the most, too cute.

CIELO said...

Charlene.... a hug, my dear! Is always such a delight to see you at the house in the roses.... and I'm glad I was able to find some time to visit tonight.... what a delightful place to visit! so much prettiness to see in that store... I'd for sure spend hours in there looking around.... thanks for sharing your world with us!

Another hug my dear!


The French Bear said...

Fabulous!!! I love the linens, it is my dream to go to France and buy them!!! Let's go together? Wouldn't that be so grand, I will come and pick you up!!!!
Thank you for the wonderful pictures!
My little Bella wore the dangly earrings and I wore the other dangly ones, we went for lunch together. She was swinging her head and looking at herself in the windows, it was so cute! Then she very carefully put them back in my jewelry box!!!
She said my friend must love me a whole lot to make me three pairs of beautiful earrings!!!!
I think she wanted the necklace to add to her rock collection!!!
The fun never quits with grandchildren!
Margaret B

Diane said...

Oh, my! I would love to go to this store Charlene! The Christmas Tree bustle is amazing....
And, the linens, oh, the linens!

The Feathered Nest said...

What a gorgeous shop Charlene!!! You girls have the best stuff in Texas!! I love looking at all of the detail in each photo ~ such wonderful displays...xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Oh Charlene I am so glad you found me!! I am following you now so I won't loose you again friend!! We will have to hold hands so we don't loose each other again!!LOL

I did do a bit of changing on my armoire but still not there so haven't taken pics yet!!

Love this shop you showed us today!! Wow how fun would it be to shop there!!

I redid my booth and it is looking SOOOOO much better! Hope to have a few pictures about it soon! STill have tweaking to go on it too!Does it ever end?!!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Charlene, what a gorgeous store! The displays and vignettes are so creative, thank you for the wonderful tour!

The Rustic Victorian said...

What a wonderful shop. Texas is a must see and shop....Top of my list!
I love the ocean photos on your sidebar,,,are they available or private? Seems we love the ocean!
Happy in your Day!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Charlene ~
Oh my goodness !! How absolutely beautiful ! We just drove through there too a few days ago ~ Darn I wish I would have known about such a wonderful shop ~

Diana said...

This shop looks absolutely divine darling! If I make it down your way, you will have to share this special spot with me. Lot's of eye candy that is for sure.
Diana said...

I'm crazy about that skirt too!

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